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Games on GNU/Linux and Android

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  • Sell stocks and get rich, The Invisible Hand has a Linux build on Steam ready for testing

    The Invisible Hand is a first-person stockbroker experience where you try and get rich quick, while you work for the trading firm FERIOS. Your only job is to make money and as much as possible.

    Just like the real thing you will buy when they're going up, sell before you make a big loss and make as much commission as possible. Of course, it's not that simple. This is, after all, a game. You can find ways to make things easier, like lobbying an influential group to affect the market or even drive down an entire currency to boost your margins. It's a cut-throat world out there.

  • Proton Experimental begins work to allow Resident Evil Village to run on Linux

    Excited to play Resident Evil Village? It may not support Linux but that isn't stopping Valve with a new Proton Experimental update out now.

    The latest update to Proton Experimental 07/05/2021 has a single line added in the changelog which notes "Beginnings of Resident Evil Village support.". With that in mind then, Valve's partner CodeWeavers and their Wine hackers are already hooking up whatever they can to get it working.

    From initial few reports, it looks like you can actually get in-game now thanks to Proton Experimental but there are plenty of issues like settings not being able to change and videos not yet showing up. So keep that in mind if you were planning to pick it up to play it on Linux.

  • 10 Best Rhythm Games for Android That A Music Lover Can’t Miss

    Music is now a part of our life, and some of us even love to play music a lot. We have instruments, both real and virtual, to play music. But what can be more interesting to create music while playing video games? Well, that’s possible. There is a genre of Android video games that lets you play different types of instruments in terms of playing a game. And we call it rhythm games for Android. Mostly, kids love to play this kind of game, but adults in their free time also love to enjoy playing these games too. However, if you plan to enjoy a rhythm game anyway, you are on the right track.

  • Best Free Android Apps: Vector Pinball – pinball game sporting simple vector graphics

    Vector Pinball is a pinball game.

    The graphics are deliberately simple; currently everything is drawn with lines and circles. The focus is on gameplay and accurate physics. The game uses the Box2D engine (via the Java wrapper in libgdx) to simulate its physics.

    The game begins with ball savers in the left and right outlanes, which disappear when used. You can restore the ball savers by hitting all the drop targets on the left or right side.

Best Steam Games That Work on Linux

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When someone thinks about gaming on a PC, most people believe that you have to have a Windows OS. Well, while that might be true for the vast majority of games, some of them offer full Linux compatibility. Steam’s push to include Linux games in the past few years has resulted in a long list of playable titles, including major games.

Moreover, Steam keeps adding new titles and optimizing existing ones to provide a better experience for all Linux users. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular titles you can play on Linux.

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Free and Open Source Game Engines for Developing Linux Games

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This article will cover a list of free and open source game engines that can be used for developing 2D and 3D games on Linux. There are numerous such game engines, some of them have been in development for decades. This article, however, will cover only those that are currently active in development. This article will also exclude game engines that allow you to create a specific type of game only (FPS only game engines for example) and ports of commercial game engines that require you to have original game files. In short, the article will feature those game engines that allow you to create a variety of different games with flexibility.


Godot is a free and open source game engine that allows you to create 2D and 3D games for a number of different platforms including game consoles, personal computers and mobile devices. It comes with a liberal license that allows you to monetize your game in numerous ways without much restrictions. It is one of the fastest growing open source game engines available out there today, with good documentation and ever growing community. Some people also term it as the best open source alternative for the proprietary Unity game engine.

Godot comes with a visual game editor having a built-in scene, code and script editor. Other main features of Godot include predefined and user defined nodes, live editing, pipelines, custom tools, shader editor, post-processing effects, advanced lighting, tile based map editor, predefined and user made animations, advanced debugging tools, built-in profiler, multiple scripting languages and so on.

You can download the latest version of Godot game engine for all major Linux distributions from here. Official documentation is available here.

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Games: Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager, Valve Issue and More

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  • Defend your dungeon in Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager out now

    For the Linux version, one issue encountered is that the intro video is a black screen, which is likely a Unity codec issue - they developer has been made aware of it. It's quite short anyway and doesn't break the game, as you can just skip it.

  • David Rosen of Wolfire Games explains why they're taking on Valve in a lawsuit

    Recently we wrote about how Wolfire Games (Lugaru, Overgrowth, Receiver) engaged in a legal battle with Steam owner Valve in regards to alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

    Wolfire's David Rosen has now written up a blog post to explain their feelings on why. It's worth noting that Rosen was one of the original founders of the Humble Indie Bundle, later spun off into its own Humble Bundle company and then sold to IGN. Rosen then, you would think, has a reasonably good grasp on how all this works on the business side. It's somewhat amusing that the blog post starts with "Dear gamers", which probably isn't going to do them any favours in such a legal battle.

  • Railway Empire heads to Japan in the latest expansion pack out now | GamingOnLinux

    Gaming Minds Studios and Kalypso Media have released Railway Empire - Japan, the latest DLC pack for the popular rail-network building and management sim.

    Railway Empire - Japan transports the series to late-1800s Japan where an industrial revolution is booming and the people are crying out for a nationwide railway. After the successful restoration of the Meiji rule, the Land of the Rising Sun’s long-term ambition to develop its own modern, nationwide railway network has become a reality and people from formerly feudal regions are yearning to travel to booming metropolises. Players can lay tracks between mountains and hot springs, using foresight, planning and clever strategy to establish a railway network and facilitate the 'great commute', moving Japan into a new industrial age.

  • Aolta is a unique casual adult-themed RPG where you explore a romantically wretched city | GamingOnLinux

    Exploring a romantically wretched city as a strange alien creature, Aolta is a thoroughly weird casual experience for those of you who like games aimed at an adult / mature audience.

    "Aolta is a casual RPG where you play as an eponymous alien who lives in a romantically wretched city. Sit back and enjoy the game world... relax at the night club, stroll down the streets and meet interesting creatures and discover their stories. You can find a job that suites your abilities or you can skip work and resort to foraging. Meet someone to love, become the lord of the local music industry, retire to another planet, and/or maybe get married."

  • EXsynchronos is a wild and completely bizarre free transhumanism cyberspace metahorror | GamingOnLinux

    Free Game Friday! Fancy trying out something completely bizarre? EXsynchronos from developer Ravee is a true cyberspace adventure and it looks fantastic visually.

    The developer describes it as a "transhumanist action packed cyberspace metahorror" and frankly that's about as good a description as you're going to get on this one. It's a complete visual overload on the senses with puzzles, exploration, platforming and shooter elements, all wrapped in a dense atmosphere. You control a Pr0x (Process Resurrective gh0st eXistence), "one of the most advanced virtual technologies that was ever developed" possessed by a human soul.

Games: Oddventure, Griftlands, and Linux 5.13 Adds Support For The Amazon Luna Game Controller

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  • Oddventure is an indie RPG that follows a girl trapped in a cursed fairy-tale world

    This looks absolutely brilliant. Oddventure is an upcoming adventure RPG from Infamous Rabbit and Pineapple Works that follows a girl trapped in a cursed fairy-tale world.

    "Oddventure is a JRPG about the misadventures of Charlie - a nihilistic and rebellious teenage girl with anger issues and social awkwardness. Charlie searches for her troublesome brother Bonzo and ultimately for a way back home. The setting is the Kingdom of Luxia, a land straight from original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales with a dark, Nietzschean twist."


    For Linux fans, it's good news too as they're supporting "PC (Windows, Mac & Linux) and Nintendo Switch" with it being "actively developing and testing the game on all platforms".

  • Conversational deck-building roguelite Griftlands from Klei is now on Linux

    Klei Enterainment deliver again, adding the conversation-based deck-builder Griftlands to their list of Linux supported games. It looks brilliant too and it has received an Overwhelmingly Positive view from users on Steam overall.

    "Griftlands is a deck-building rogue-like where you fight and negotiate your way through a broken-down sci-fi world. Every decision is important, be it the jobs you take, the friends you make, or the cards you collect. Death comes quickly, but each play offers new situations and strategies to explore."

  • Linux 5.13 Adds Support For The Amazon Luna Game Controller - Phoronix

    The input subsystem updates were sent in today for the Linux 5.13 kernel and include support for the Amazon (Luna) Game Controller. 

    Amazon's Game Controller (also known as the Luna Controller) is for the company's cloud gaming service. While geared for use with their cloud gaming service, the Luna Controller can work with Windows / PC / Mac / Android outside of Luna via Bluetooth or USB interfaces. The controller retails for $70 USD and can also work with Fire TV devices.

Games: Office Point Rescue Deja Vu, ComPressure, Godot, Nebuchadnezzar, and Green With Energy

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  • Free Game Thursday - check out Office Point Rescue Deja Vu a new retro FPS

    Office Point Rescue Deja Vu is a brand new retro-themed first-person shooter from Magellanic Games, a bigger expanded version of the original from 2020.

    "Terrorists have invaded and taken hostages in the Emeraldalo Corporation's headquaters. Agent Foldon is assigned to infiltrate the building, dispatch the terrorists, rescue any surviving hostages and gather intel."

    Check out our gameplay footage below to get a taste of it. The gameplay was on Easy mode, as I didn't want to spoil any surprises and difficult in the other modes. It gives you a good idea of what to expect though, thoroughly reminding me of some retro arcade shooters that took way too many coins.

  • ComPressure, a complex pipe-building puzzle game is out now

    After a relatively short stint in Early Access, the Zach-like puzzle game ComPressure is officially out now.

    ComPressure has you building complex computation units powered by high pressure steam, which you do by place and moving pipes around to direct this steam where to go. It definitely has a feel like some earlier Zachtronics titles and it's a pretty unique game overall.

  • Go Godot Jam is an upcoming Godot Gamedev Festival between May 6 - June 9

    Learn more about the free and open source Godot Engine during Go Godot Jam, part of the Godot Gamedev Festival running from today May 6 through to June 9.

    Sounds like a fun idea to help show off Godot to even more people. It's packed full of "one month of quality streams and a game jam aimed at celebrating and expanding a vibrant Godot community" and it's entirely open to everyone as this is a free online event.

  • City builder Nebuchadnezzar is getting fire, crime and disease in the next free update

    After launching with Linux support back in February, it seems a lot of people really loved the style but there wasn't enough substance to it. Thankfully the first update addressed some of the issues adding in big freeplay maps, new difficulty modes and a tax/wages mechanic too. Now they've teased the 1.2 update with no current release date which will bring in Fire, Crime and Diseases to add a little more challenge to it.

  • Hook up cities with power to create a sustainable future in the upcoming Green With Energy

    Green With Energy from developer Orbifold Software is an upcoming casual puzzle building game, that sees you become an engineer to design a sustainable power grid.

    Through various contained levels, it acts like a puzzle game that pulls in small elements from a city-builder while you design your grid and place down power structures. It's supposed to be somewhat relaxed while you iteratively design, test and build power grid designs while balancing budget, efficiency, and environmental impact through different levels and biomes.


    The developer mentioned Linux will be a first-class platform for it.

Games: Humble Bundle, Don't Starve Together, and Steam Machines

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  • Humble Bundle plan to put the much loved sliders back on bundle pages

    After a bit of an uproar from customers, Humble Bundle have decided to ditch their idea of replacing sliders that let people customize where their money goes.

    In their original blog post, they mentioned the sliders that let you adjust the amount you give to Humble, Developers, Charity and Partners would be replaced with a static two-tier system that was giving a lot more to Developers and Humble. Now though, in a fresh blog post they're backtracking.


  • Don't Starve Together season finale out in Return of Them: Eye of The Storm plus big sale

    Return of Them: Eye of The Storm is the final update of the season for Don't Starve Together and so it's going off with quite a big bang along with a good discount too.

    "With the three lunar altars now complete, the truth at the center of this ancient mystery will finally come to light...
    They've been here all along. Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Eye of the Storm is now available for all players. With this conclusion of the Return of them Story Arc, worlds collide as old threats and familiar faces make themselves known."


    A fantastic time to get into a thoroughly enjoyable co-op survival game, from Klei Entertainment who have been a very Linux-friendly developer.


  • The Quest to Build a Portable Steam Machine - Boiling Steam

    There’s something about having a portable Steam machine that fascinates me. Being able to play desktop, non-mobile games on the go is a concept that few seemed to have accomplish. The Smach Zero held a lot of promise, but I haven’t heard anything from the team in a long time, and who knows if the poor backers of the project will ever get their hands on it. There’s the GPD Win, and it looks great, but the thing is just too darn expensive. Finally, while the Aya Neo looks fantastic as well, it’s another big-budget gadget that I personally don’t want to spend that much on.

    I’ve looked into making tablets/gaming handhelds in times past, but often transforming that project into reality requires a lot of tinkering. A lot of tools that need to be used that I don’t have. Soldering, splicing, 3D printing, scripting, hot gluing…the list goes on. Another problem that I had was, while the electronics market is littered with ARM-powered SBCs, especially from the likes of the Raspberry Pi, exploring into the x86 world was relatively untouched, as far as handhelds go. I wasn’t content playing retro games by means of emulation. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t play my games on Steam on native hardware; it had to be done through streaming. I wanted something more, and I knew the only way I could do that was use an x86-based computer.

Games: DUSK, LightBreak, and More

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  • Awesome fast-paced FPS DUSK gets a helpful update with more to come like Steam Workshop

    David Szymanski and New Blood have updated DUSK to include some helpful UI updates, along with 40% off and there's plenty more to come for this brutal retro FPS.

    For the main menu UI you can now delete saved games (hooray!), and there's a Continue button now to jump right back in a little easier for your current run. There's also a Max Loadout button for when you just want to bring on all the toys a little easier without lots of clicking.

  • LightBreak is a very unique looking upcoming story-driven musical game

    With gameplay that looks equal measures confusing and intriguing, LightBreak is a musical game where you get the story by following this music and creating it as you go along.


    It's currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with full Linux support planned. Deev Interactive are hoping to raise a minimum of $10,000 USD by June 3, 2021.

  • Free Game Wednesday - check out MannaRites, a retro beat'em'up with modern touches

    Something I've been meaning to post about for a while is the beat'em'up MannaRites, a completely free game you can grab on Steam that's surprisingly great. The developer mentioned in an email to us that it's free because they're "just a big fan of beat-em-ups from before and wanted to share my vision of the genre with other fans".

Games: GamerOS, Wolfire Games Lawsuit and More

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  • Big screen gaming distribution GamerOS continues picking up the SteamOS slack | GamingOnLinux

    While Valve continue ignoring SteamOS for now, GamerOS continues to mature the big-screen Linux experience with another big release available to download now.

    It's a genuinely good Linux distribution if you want a console-like experience. Giving you the Steam Big Picture mode, along with their Steam Buddy tool that allows you to install from other sources. GamerOS 24 upgrades some of the main components of Linux including Kernel 5.11.16, Mesa drivers 21.0.3, NVIDIA 465.27 along with upgrades to their compositor, their Steam Tweaks tool and their Steam Buddy tool.

  • Valve's anti-competitive nature?

    Wolfire Games has taken Valve to court in a class action lawsuit over the allegation of unfair business practices

  • Check out Eudora, a lo-fi real-time strategy game inspired by classics like Dune 2 and C&C

    I'm such a sucker when it comes to traditional styled RTS games so I couldn't pass up on checking out Eudora. Originally made for the DOS Games Jam back in early 2020, it's continued to be polished up and is a surprisingly great little free RTS.

    "As was common with games of this era, gameplay focuses on resource collection, power management, and basebuilding (including walls and other base defenses). A clickable minimap is enabled after building the Radar structure.

    Ten buildable units (plus a superweapon ability) can be used to destroy the enemy forces across seven maps, including special stealth and survival scenarios, with some featuring bonus units not normally accessible without cheat codes.

  • After many years, Switchcars is done and has left Early Access

    Switchcars is a very strange game. One where you run along, throw a hook into cars to speed up, pinch all sorts of vehicles and try to outrun strange alien creatures. After being in development for eight years, with at least five of those in Early Access on Steam the 1.1 update is out now and so it's finally left Early Access.

    This is the biggest update to the game in its history adding in loads of new content including almost 200 new vehicles, a full editor to make your own vehicles and props, a "rally" game mode, a mod manager, new engine sounds plus tons of other improvements and fixes.

Lucas Chess Now Available On Linux, Here Is How To Install It

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One of the most amazing piece of free chess software now has an experimental binary version to Linux.

Lucas Chess is a free, long standing, chess training and playing program that is suitable for absolute beginners, grandmasters, and anyone in between the two extremes. The program has 61 engines prepared to play from the start, and with very different levels, from 0 to 3300 elo.

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