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Games: Ninja Pizza Girl, Serious Sam Collection & Panzer Dragoon, Librem 5 Game Development

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  • Delivering the goods with "Ninja Pizza Girl" on Linux and Steam

    Like me, you probably have a bunch of games in your Steam library that you picked up at some point, but have never played. Such is the case for Ninja Pizza Girl which I probably got through a Humble Bundle, however long ago.

  • Serious Sam Collection & Panzer Dragoon announced for Stadia plus some timed exclusives

    It might still be rough but Google's Stadia game streaming service is starting to pull in more games, with a bunch being announced today that look interesting.

    Firstly and perhaps unsurprisingly, The Serious Sam Collection which will blend Serious Sam 1-3 into a single experience was announced for Stadia. Not surprising since Croteam spent a lot of time getting Vulkan support in with Serious Sam Fusion, plus Alen Ladavac co-founder of Croteam went over to Stadia. No exact date yet for The Serious Sam Collection.

  • Librem 5 Game Development

    Many people learn to code through making games for their computer or phone. One of the things I love most about the Librem 5 is that it’s a full computer in your pocket that isn’t locked-down like Android and iOS. This means you get access to more programming languages, tools, frameworks and engines than they do. In this post I’ll showcase popular free and open source game frameworks and engines running on, or building games for, the Librem 5. I’ll be continuously testing new projects and adding them to the list, so if you have a favorite that’s not here yet let us know and I will get to it.

Games: dont_forget_me, Death and Taxes, Project Heartbeat, Suicide of Rachel Foster, LUNA The Shadow Dust, Until Then, Warfork

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  • dont_forget_me is an upcoming cyberpunk adventure game about exploring memories that looks promising

    Expect megacorporations, lots of neon, noir, jazz and synths and more in this adventure. A short prototype demo is available so you can get a little taste of uncovering memories.

  • The narrative-based game 'Death and Taxes' puts the grim reaper in an office job - demo available

    Inspired by the likes of Papers, Please, Animal Inspector, Beholder and Headliner we now have 'Death and Taxes', a game with plenty of hard choices and a morally gripping story with a rather stylish grim reaper.

    Arriving on Steam with Linux support on February 20, the developer said to expect "a ton of post-mortem bureaucracy"—oh my, whatever will people think up next. Your job is to decide who lives and who dies, with your decisions affecting the world around you.

  • Project Heartbeat is an upcoming sweet community-driven rhythm game developed on Linux

    Stretch your fingers and get ready for a workout, as a new rhythm game is in town named Project Heartbeat.

    Inspired by titles like Clone Hero and Project Diva with a sweet style and plenty of Eurobeat music, Project Heartbeat will be entering Early Access relatively soon on Steam.

  • Looks like the narrative thriller 'The Suicide of Rachel Foster' will come to Linux

    Releasing next week on February 19, it's looking like 'The Suicide of Rachel Foster' will also be coming to Linux although it's not clear yet exactly when.

    An eagle-eyed user spotted Linux being noted on SteamDB, which the developer ONE-O-ONE GAMES then did a little teasing with a Twitter post quoting it to say "seems that way" with a little party emoji included and then some teasing towards us. So it certainly seems like we're getting this narrative thriller.

  • LUNA The Shadow Dust looks seriously beautiful and this point & click puzzler is out now

    LUNA The Shadow Dust from Lantern Studio and Application Systems Heidelberg has released today and certainly seems like a worthy point and click adventure to add to your collection.

    Inspired by classic adventure games, LUNA The Shadow Dust was funded on Kickstarter (like many others) by the small Chinese team from Lantern Studio with this being their first game together. A tale of two playable companions drawn together in a hand-animated puzzle adventure.

  • Contemporary adventure game inspired by the Philippines 'Until Then' announced

    This definitely has my attention, as I really do love seeing more games made in settings not too often explored in games. Until Then is inspired by the Philippines including its lifestyle, and culture.

  • A tournament for the lightweight free FPS 'Warfork' is happening Sat 15 February

    If you’re interested to join them, don’t forget to formally confirm your attendance through the following link, where you’ll also find some general rules and other information, like the maps where the action will take place.

    This isn’t the first time this community hosted a tournament, as you can see in this previous announcement, and hopefully they continue doing them so that there are incentives to keep pushing the progress on the game – remember that, although perfectly playable, it’s still in Early Access.

Games: Mutazione and Valve

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  • Mutant soap opera adventure 'Mutazione' now available for Linux

    Nominated for multiple awards so it must be a little bit special, the mutant soap opera adventure Mutazione has today been released for Linux.

  • Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection

    Unfortunately, in any online game (especially a free one) you're going to get many forms of abusive behaviour. One such problem in Dota 2 is 'smurf' accounts and Valve are attempting to deal with it.

    A smurf account is where an experienced player will make another account, to then stomp all over less experienced players and ruin their fun. It is a nuisance, it can completely ruin games and no doubt turns away plenty of potential fans. Valve are aware and they've blogged a few times recently about their plans to improve Dota 2's matchmaking and detection systems a lot of which is already live.

  • Valve released a new Stable version of the Steam Client - Steam Play filter for Big Picture Mode added

    Yesterday, Valve released an update to the Steam client pulling in a whole bunch of features changes and a visual visual adjustments from the recent Betas.

    Big Picture Mode also saw a few handy tweaks. For Linux, there's a new filter for Steam Play white-listed games that shows as "Steam Play Certified".

Games: Oversteer, EndCycle VS, The Fertile Crescent and Besiege

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  • Logitech Wheel manager 'Oversteer' has a huge new release - also check out 'new-lg4ff' for more features

    Oversteer is quite possibly one of my favourite open source applications, as it's made working with my own Logitech G29 a really great experience.

    As a reminder, it supports a ton of Logitech wheels on Linux including the G25, G27, G29, G920, Driving Force Pro, Driving Force GT and so on. If the Logitech Linux driver works with it, then Oversteer should be good to go.

    Within the last week, the developer put up quite a big new release. This includes a new interface, settings you can't use are now disabled, it has integrated tests so you can ensure everything is working without the need for another application, Wheel Range can now be adjusted using buttons on the wheel which can be configured and changing compatibility modes is faster.

  • Fun looking fast-paced grid-fighter 'EndCycle VS' plans to support Linux

    With combat looking similar to (and likely inspired by) Mega Man Battle Network, EndCycle VS is another modern attempt to create a fun grid-fighter. Reminding me instantly of One Step From Eden as well, another upcoming game but EndCycle VS looks unique enough.

    A fast-paced fighting game, that needs you to use your head a bit with the battlefield grid. With both single-player and multi-player, it's definitely sounding good. The great news is that they're planning Linux support too, as confirmed on Twitter.

  • Bronze Age pixel-art RTS 'The Fertile Crescent' has a bunch of visual upgrades

    Continuing to grow into quite a fantastic little free real-time strategy game, The Fertile Crescent has gone through a few visual upgrades lately.

  • Medieval siege engine builder 'Besiege' leaving Early Access on Feb 18 - price to rise

    Spiderling Studios have announced their physics-based medieval siege engine builder, Besiege, is leaving Early Access on February 18 and the price is going to rise.

    The big 1.0 update is going to finish up the single-player campaign with a whole new island named Krolmar. What they say is an "ancient & mysterious desert island" full of more fortresses for you to annihilate. They're also promising "secret magics to unravel" along with "stunning visuals and challenging levels".

    We're also going to get a bunch of new blocks to play with in a whole new category, with Logic and Automation. So we will be able to push a button and have things run in a sequence or use sensor blocks to pick things up and then cause mayhem. Sounds like a blast.

Games: Dead Cells, Mayhem in Single Valley and Steam Soundtrack Sale

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  • Prepare for another run as Dead Cells: The Bad Seed is out

    Fusing elements of a rogue-lite metroidvania and a serious action-platformer, Dead Cells, today has the first paid DLC expansion out with Dead Cells: The Bad Seed. Cutting right to the chase here, The Bad Seed has totally pulled me back in.

  • Mayhem in Single Valley is apparently Stranger Things meets Zelda with radioactive squirrels

    After being teased last year which we picked up on, the action-adventure Mayhem in Single Valley has now seen a full announcement and a publishing partner.

  • The Steam Soundtrack Sale is now live to celebrate the new dedicated Soundtrack feature

    What was originally supposed to launch last month, the Steam Soundtrack Sale is now live as Valve celebrate the new feature of the Steam store and client dedicated to Soundtracks.

    As a brief reminder, for developers who do upgrade their DLC to a Soundtrack it means that people can purchase it and download without needing the whole game. It's a nice touch and a much better way to do it, might even give developers a boost in sales. Having a dedicated music folder is nice so you don't need to hunt down inside each game to find the files. Anyway, it's a massive improvement on the old system and shows how Valve keep improving for the benefit of users.

5 Tips for Better Gaming Performance on Linux

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Linux has been historically known for its less-than-Windows performance in terms of gaming. We have drivers issues, game platforms issues, and performance issues altogether everywhere. Still, having an OK-ish gaming experience on Linux is quite possible. And this is nice for people who do not want to dual-boot both Windows and Linux to do different tasks.

Most Linux users today either enjoy their games via Steam, which has 25% of its games supporting Linux out-of-the-box and the other 75% possibly supporting it with Proton, or with Wine and complement libraries and software. There are some other gaming platforms on Linux such as GOG and others. We won’t talk about how to install those platforms on Linux now, but instead, in today’s article, we’ll give you some tips on how to enhance your gaming performance regardless of how you are running them.

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Godot Engine: Vulkan Plans for Godot 4.0

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  • Godot Engine - Headsup: Vulkan merged, master branch unstable

    In most Git-based development workflows, the default master branch is where most of the development happens. It can be from well-defined feature branches (or in our situation Pull Requests) that are merged into master once ready, or with development work happening directly on this branch. Whatever the workflow, the master branch will rarely be meant for use in production, and end users are only encouraged to use it if they want to help with day-to-day testing, not if they want to get some work done Smile

    As we do our releases directly from the master branch after a stabilization period (feature freeze, release freeze and then branching off to e.g. 3.2 when releasing), many of our users are used to running the master branch or a nightly build as a daily driver.

    This changes today as we merge our work-in-progress Vulkan port (until now in the vulkan branch) in the master branch.

  • Godot Engine enters new territory with Vulkan API support merged in for the upcoming 4.0 release

    While not actually released yet and not due until later this year with Godot Engine 4.0, the Vulkan parts have now been merged into the main Godot project.

    In a new blog post on the official site written by Godot's Project Manager, Rémi Verschelde, it goes over what this means. In short: it's all highly unstable but now it's in the main branch, they can continue pushing Vulkan forwards and updating all parts of Godot required for it.

  • Godot Merges Its Vulkan Renderer Ahead Of The v4.0 Game Engine

    While the Godot 4.0 release is still months away from seeing its stable debut with the new Vulkan renderer, the Vulkan renderer branch was today merged to mainline.

    Vulkan is finally happening for Godot! The Vulkan rendering code for this open-source game engine is now at a stage where it's being developed on Git master rather than the separate branch. By merging the work to Git master now, other Godot 4.0 changes like code clean-up and restructuring can more easily happen for items that touch the entire code-base.

Best Command-Line Games for Linux

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The command-line isn’t just your biggest ally when using Linux—it can also be the source of entertainment because you can use it to play many fun games that don’t require a dedicated graphics card.
Despite their seemingly simple nature, some console games for Linux are surprisingly complex and more than capable of sucking you in for hours at a time. Yes, you will need to use your imagination to fill in the blanks created by their rudimental graphics, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In this article, we review and demo the top 7 games you can play on the Linux command line. Enjoy!

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Games: Geneshift, OpenTTD, Humble Bundle and FS2 Open

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  • Top-down Battle Royale 'Geneshift' has a new trailer and tutorial as it moves closer to F2P

    Geneshift has been through an evolution over the last two years. It already had a single-player and co-op campaign, tons of online modes and then a Battle Royale mode was added which has been the newer focus. It's coming closer to completion now too.

  • Open source sim 'OpenTTD' enters feature freeze for the next major version

    The classic free and open source sim OpenTTD, based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" has now entered a feature freeze period with the first Release Candidate out for the upcoming major update.

    OpenTTD 1.10.0-RC1 went out a few days ago and while they're now not including new features due to the freeze, this version does have plenty in it. Features like supplying a reason to people who get kicked/banned when playing online, item highlighting under the mouse cursor in the file browser, a separate window for taking screenshots, the ability to configure the game ending year, the ability to take a full mini-map screenshot, logic improvements for sharing industry production between 3 or more stations, a cargo filter for the industry directory window and there's plenty of crash-bugs that got solved.

  • Humble Bundle introducing regional pricing for bundles - also running a Valentines sale

    Humble Bundle announced yesterday that they're bringing in regional pricing for their bundles to make their whole store more "consistent".

    Before this change you would have the Humble Store in various currencies, Humble Choice was also in different currencies and then all their other bundles were in US Dollars.

  • FS2 Open for playing Freespace 2 on modern systems had a big update

    One I'm genuinely surprised I missed (Hat tip to Timo) is a big update to FS2 Open, the project that continues updating the game engine for Freespace 2 - one of the best space action games ever. While it's not technically open source, Volition did give the code to the community to keep it alive.

    Version 19.0.0 went up in January and it's quite a big one too. It pulls in various OpenGL optimisations with animations now using texture arrays and "model uniforms get sent to the GPU using uniform buffers for less overhead" plus other minor changes. There's also now full Unicode text support, pilot files now use JSON instead of the old custom binary format, support for the Discord Rich Presence API, they added support for displaying decals on the surface of an object and loads more. Wonderful to see it alive and well!

A note on using Steam Play Proton and counting the sales for Linux

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Back in August 2018, Valve announced their new Steam Play feature with the Proton software in the Linux Steam client to play Windows-only Steam games on Linux. A little note about what platform is counted for sales.

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