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Games: XDC 2020, Unvanquished and More Free/Libre Titles

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  • Valve developer shows off Gamescope for Linux at XDC 2020

    As we highlighted in our initial XDC 2020 article, one of the presentations this year was from a Valve developer who is working on Gamescope.

    Gamescope, something we revealed before across two articles (#1, #2), was started by Valve dev Pierre-Loup Griffais, who is one of the most prominent Linux people at Valve after joining them in 2012. Griffais has also been heavily involved in Valve's various external open source contracting, with this like ACO for Mesa and more.

    Created as an evolution of steamcompmgr, the original SteamOS session compositing window manager but it's come a long way since then. Being a rewrite to be based on Wayland (and XWayland for what doesn't work with Wayland directly) rather than GLX, giving them much more direct control over everything with Vulkan. From the talk, Griffais mentioned how they began with using wlroots (a modular Wayland compositor library), from there they hacked away at it and merged it with a bunch of what was in steamcompmgr.

  • Free first-person shooter-strategy 'Unvanquished' is now properly open source

    After a long period of silence, it seems a lot was going on behind the scenes for Unvanquished and it's now properly open source all the way through.

    Originally forked off from another game, Tremulous, which has a lot in common with the Natural Selection game. Two opposing sides of Aliens vs Humans that mixes first-person action with a little strategy with some building. Unvanquished was an effort to continue Tremulous with more modern features and it appears to be close to a new release.

    In a long round-up blog post, a lot of effort has been put into splitting up assets and tools needed for Unvanquished into their own respositories, making it easier to track down and properly sort out licensing. Lots didn't have a license, or one that was problematic for the project. Now though? They're announcing that Unvanquished is now "fully open source again, from engine to game code, from models to textures".

  • Unity 2020.2 game engine gets a Beta release

    Unity Technologies just recently released a brand new build of the Unity game engine, with a focus on performance, stability and workflow improvements.

    The Unity 2020.2 release is now in Beta, which follows their pattern of having two 'TECH' releases followed by Unity 2020 LTS which is due for March 2021. The TECH release are for enthusiasts who need the latest stuff, with the LTS builds aimed at everyone else. The full 2020.2 release should be later this year.

  • Get an early look at NO PLAN B, an upcoming tactical strategy planning game

    NO PLAN B from the developer of Gladiabots looks like it will be quite fun, blending ideas from the likes of Door Kickers and Frozen Synapse.

    The idea is that using a specially made timeline system, you plan out every member of your squad on where they go and what they do. You do this across a full 3D mission map, and watch as it all unfolds. If it didn't go to plan, you can go back and try again. NO PLAN B will also be open to plenty of community-created content with a map generation system, a level editor along with tools to adjust every part of the mission down to every detail.

    Across three new videos, the developer showed how the work in progress system will work. From planning, to execution and then a needed adjustment of the plan.

  • Mindustry, one of the best open source games around has a huge upgrade in testing

    Mindustry, a game that mixes in Factorio with Tower Defence and then goes wild from there is a fantastic example of how good a free and open source game can be. So good in fact, I wrote an article about my love of it and spoke in a video about it on Linux For Everyone.

Games: Left 4 Dead 2, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, and Gamescope

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  • Left 4 Dead 2 - The Last Stand releases September 24

    Left 4 Dead 2, the nearly 11 year old shooter from Valve now has a set release date of September 24 for the huge update made along with a community of modders.

    A collaborative effort from both Valve and over 30 different people from the community to improve on an already fantastic game. This update has been in progress for a long time now, and it will be available free to all owners of Left 4 Dead 2. Not only that, it will get a long free weekend when it goes live.

  • Beamdog just gave Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition a big graphical boost

    Beamdog have released the latest development updates to Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition for everyone, and it comes with some wonderful upgrades.

    As we reported on before during the Beta, several noteworthy graphical boosts have been added to it. These can really change and improve the RPG experience found here. Beamdog are absolutely comitted to making it the best it can be, with this update being the biggest since the Enhanced Edition release back in 2018.

  • Gamescope Continues Advancing As Wayland/Vulkan Compositor Backed By Valve

    Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais just provided an update during XDC2020 on the Gamescope compositor work as an evolution of Valve's prior "steamcompmgr" X11 window manager used by SteamOS.

    Pierre-Loup Griffais has been working on Gamescope for a number of months now as a Wayland-based, Vulkan-minded compositor for use in potential new SteamOS releases but it's also beginning to work well for desktop use-cases. Gamescope is much more efficient than steamcompmgr thanks to Wayland efficiencies, aims to remove excess copies on present, and for any compositing it makes use of Vulkan async compute. Gamescope in part leverages the WLROOTS Wayland library. XWayland is supported by Gamescope for games lacking native Wayland support.

Games: Slime Rancher, Dicey Dungeons, Everafter Falls and Epicinium

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  • Slime Rancher hits 3 million copies sold, gets a big discount

    Slime Rancher is quite possibly one of the sweetest games around, and it's clearly something a lot of people enjoy.

    It's now another indie team success story too, as Monomi Park have announced that Slime Rancher has officially blown passed 3 million sales. A game about exploring, sucking up slimes with your 'vacpack' and selling their shiny poop for profit. That's a slightly amusing way to explain it but it's pretty accurate. You capture the slimes, put them into your nicely built fenced-off areas, feed them and wait for the shiny Plorts to pop out of them to collect.

  • Dicey Dungeons, the innovative and great fun deck-builder has a huge update out

    Modding also gets a big upgrade here too. While Dicey Dungeons already had a modding API, and plenty of mods available, the 1.9 update delivers "a massive number of features that modders have been requesting for a while". This means future mods can do a lot more and hopefully be more compatible with each other. Some great mods were also pointed out like Floorplan to add more floor layouts and Pyromancer which adds a whole new character. Perhaps you want bigger though? There's also Cauldron Mania which adds whole new episodes and equipment.

    Additionally, over 200 issues reported have been closed on the bug tracker so it should be better than ever. Some new content even made it in with 9 new remix rules for the Bonus Round episodes.

  • Everafter Falls looks like another absolutely charming casual crafting adventure

    Another game coming to Linux that mixes in cute graphics, a casual theme, plenty of crafting and something about eating cards? Everafter Falls looks like another absolutely charming casual crafting adventure.

  • Free to play strategy Epicinium releases October 12 with a climate change gameplay twist

    Fast turn-based strategy where the map changes along with the climate, Epicinium could be interesting with its fresh take on tactical battles.

    War, war never changes. Except when it does and the land around you is ruined. That's what Epicinium will have a focus on when it releases free on October 12. The idea is that you need to be seriously careful to balance firepower against the enemy, and damage to the environment. There's a 'global warming' system that will also include a multitude of different weather effects adding to gameplay depth and variety.


    You win by being careful. Combat will destroy grass, crops, trees and so on. Building industry will accelerate the global warming system and more environmental destruction will happen as battles go on. Players get a score based on how much of nature is left at the end of the war. While it's turn-based it does have a simultaneous turn system so no one should be left waiting around too.

Games: Jackbox, GLITCHED, Death Road to Canada, Hard Vacuum and More

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  • Jackbox Party Pack 7 Launches October 15 on Windows PC, Linux, Mac, and other “Major Platforms”

    They announced the game would launch October 15th for Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via Steam), and other “major platforms”- assumedly Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    For those unfamiliar with prior Jackbox games, only one player needs to own the game to host, while other players can play via their smartphone or any device that can connect to the internet. This means people sitting in the same room with friends, or across the internet can join in wacky word, doodle, and speech based games.

    Along with the returning Quiplash (challenging players to give hilarious answers which are then voted on), new games include The Devils and the Details, Champ’d Up, Talking Points, and Blather Round.

  • Modern point and click adventure Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit gains a demo

    Until September 18, you can try out a demo for the upcoming modern point and click adventure Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit. The demo going live for a limited time is part of the event season, specifically for the Europe focused Digital Dragons.

    "Crowns and Pawns, inspired by point-and-click classics such as Broken Sword, Still Life, Syberia and others, brings the less explored history of Europe to the world of adventurers. Experience the legendary stories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, beware of the villainous branch of the KGB, solve puzzles and follow hints to reveal the secrets of the king who was never crowned."


    Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit will be supporting Linux at release, and it seems like it's in pretty good shape already going by some time spent in the demo.

  • GLITCHED is a slick-looking upcoming 2D RPG where an NPC becomes aware of you - the player

    A game where the unexpected hero is an NPC inside a game world that's glitching out so badly the NPC becomes aware of you? GLITCHED sounds pretty wild.

    "When a glitch appears in the video game world of Soren, an NPC named Gus becomes aware of you- the player. Travel together to solve the mystery of the glitch and save Gus's friends, hometown, and digital world. As the story unfolds, Gus might start to question what role you play in his world."


    As it turns out, it actually had a Kickstarter campaign way back in 2016 which clearly mentioned Linux support. Since it had been a long time, and it has now appeared on Steam as an upcoming title we reached out to the developer about this. They confirmed Linux support continues, although they will be officially only supporting Ubuntu.

  • The Humble Better Futures Bundle is up for more budget gaming

    Gaming on a budget? Humble Bundles are a good way to fill your library and there's a new one up with the just launched Humble Better Futures Bundle.

    As usual, Linux supported / Linux builds will be highlighted.

  • Death Road to Canada gets a major upgrade with more to come

    Face off against large groups of zombies while taking a scenic road trip with Death Road to Canada, which just had a big upgrade and there's more confirmed on the way.

    The 'KIDNEY Update' adds in a few big improvements for multiplayer co-op play, with a complete revamp of the character selection screen. They said it originally confused everyone so they remade it. Now any other player connected locally (or Steam Remote Play) can hit start and bring up a character select menu. Sounds great.

    Additionally, if you're out or normal recruits the new player can pick the '?' icon to be a 'Vermin Recruit' which has low stats but they regenerate every mission so anyone can still take part. They said they plan to expand this feature if it proves to be popular.

  • Try the demo for Scrabdackle, a 2D action adventure starring a novice wizard

    If the fullscreen mode for you only gives you a small window, simply toggle it in the options and for me that seems to sort it out properly into fullscreen. It's obviously an early work in progress, and it's a demo so issues are to be expected. Other than that, it worked great. Scrabdackle is another game made with the free and open source Godot Engine, awesome to see more developers go for it.

  • Amnesia: Rebirth from Frictional Games confirmed for launch on October 20

    The latest horror experience from Frictional Games with Amnesia: Rebirth now has an official release date of October 20 with Linux support.

    Just when you were planning for a quiet and casual 2020 Halloween right? Well, think again. Time to get your spare pants at the ready. Amnesia: Rebirth is a sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent released back in 2010 so it's releasing not too far off the 10th anniversary.

    In the new trailer to go along with the announcement, we get a short look into the twisted story behind Amnesia: Rebirth. The protagonist, Tasi Trianon, finds herself in the desolate landscape of the Algerian desert, battling against her fears and pain as she seeks out answers. She must do everything and anything to survive. She is Tasi.

  • Vibrant twin-stick slasher Breakpoint releases September 24 - you need check it out

    We need to talk about Breakpoint because it's now confirmed to be releasing with Linux support on September 24 and I think you need to put this on your wishlists. Mentioned before here on GOL early in August because it looked interesting but I didn't realise just how brilliant the idea actually was.

    You've played twin-stick shooters but what if they took away ranged weapons? There's no pew-pew lasers or firing tons of rockets here. Instead, you get an axe or a sword, it's a melee twin-stick slasher soaked in neon and your weapons explode destroying things around you after building up power. What more do you need?

  • A cancelled old RTS named 'Hard Vacuum' gets revived with OpenRA

    OpenRA, the highly versatile open source game engine you can use to play Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Dune 2000 and more is bringing a game back from the dead with Hard Vacuum.

Games: Godot Engine, Kind Words, FOBIA - St. Dinfna Hotel, Albion Online and More

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  • Godot Engine documentation is about to get much better with a new hire

    Godot Engine is one of the most exciting, most advanced free and open source game engines around and it's improving when looking at all angles.

    While the continue polishing the current 3.x release series, and working continues on Godot 4 which will bring with it a huge advancement to their 3D rendering with Vulkan, there's a lot more going on.

    Recently, it was announced that they've hired Nathan from GDQuest in a part-time basis to go over all of the existing documentation and just make it better.

  • Kind Words, the game about writing nice anonymous letters gets a little sweeter

    2019's Kind Words from Popcannibal is probably one of the sweetest ideas for a game ever made, and with it being a year old the developer went back to give it a bit of an upgrade.

    The full title, Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to), is a bit of a mouthful but that's pretty much exactly what it is. A simple game about getting help and helping others, while you listen to some soothing tunes. I genuinely love it and funnily enough, I've left it open plenty to have some chill out beats to write to so it works as advertised for sure. As a game though? Surprisingly people are very nice inside it.

    Popcannibal mentioned that over two million messages have been exchanged, so they came back to update it. There's a brand new Evergreen room if the others weren't to your liking. This comes along with a bunch of new sticks too because you can never have enough.

  • Stadia is getting Risk of Rain 2, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Scott Pilgrim and more

    Google have announced multiple new titles are coming to their Linux and Vulkan powered game streaming service, Stadia. This includes some pretty big and popular titles.

    First up is the thoroughly challenging and extremely popular third-person action roguelike Risk of Rain 2, this one was actually confirmed directly by Hopoo Games. They may be a smaller studio but it's one of 2020's biggest Windows releases. No word on them supporting the Linux desktop with it but it does work with Steam Play Proton. Since it's primarily an online game though, there's always the chance it will break with Proton. Interestingly, Hopoo Games said the Stadia version was thanks to support from Google and it will have an exclusive bonus map called 'Sundered Grove' made by their partners at Ghostpunch.

  • FOBIA - St. Dinfna Hotel is an upcoming psychological horror - try the demo

    Pulsatrix Studios are working on FOBIA - St. Dinfna Hotel, an upcoming psychological horror and it appears a number of readers are excited about this one. We've had quite a few emails and notifications about it, as they recently put up a demo with Linux support on Steam.

    Fobia is a first-person experience that focuses on mixing together environmental exploration, a little survival and some puzzle solving. You assume the role of a young journalist named Roberto, investigating supernatural events to get a bit of a career boost which leads you to the Santa Dinfna Hotel.

  • Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure now has a Linux Beta

    Video game developer Ron Gilbert of Terrible Toybox has now put up an official Linux Beta for Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure.

    This follows on from Gilbert's adventure with switching to Linux, with them also getting their newer custom game engine running on Linux. You can actually see the source code used for Delores on GitHub. Seems things must be going well, since they made a new post on the official Thimbleweed Park forum which announced a Linux Beta.

  • Albion Online continues pulling in record player counts

    Albion Online is a 'sandbox' style MMO where you pretty much do whatever you please, and it's proving to be quite popular with a healthy growth in players.

    In early May of this year, the team at Sandbox Interactive mentioned how the player-count was continuing to rise with a it seeing a large jump in regularly players from March onwards. As of the latest update to how they're doing, things are looking really good for Albion Online. The post mentions how the population growth has continued, with a new peak 'Daily Average User count' of over 125,000 players.

Games: Bounty Battle, Battle for Wesnoth, PyGame and More

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  • Bounty Battle: No Bounty to be Found Here

    Bounty Battle was something I was looking forward to: a 2D crossover indie fighting game that features characters from a bunch of different indie titles, such as Juan from Guacamelee!, Trace from Axiom Verge, and Otus from Owlboy. And, sad to say, I’m debating whether I should request a refund.

    After reading some of the negative reviews on Steam, I was hoping I could find something in the game that would prove some of the reviewers wrong, but, suffice to say, after several delays and three years from their initial crowdfunding campaign, we still have a half-baked product. Something that probably should have been labeled as Early Access.

    As I’m trying to keep my time on the game under two hours to meet the refund requirements, my thoughts on this game will be brief.

  • Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.14 Released with Add-on Improvements

    Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.14 was released one day ago as the latest maintenance release for the turn-based strategy game.

    In the new release, translations for add-on titles and descriptions now are used in Add-on client when available, and provided via Add-on server at upload time in the .pbl.

  • Building A Color Picker in PyGame using Hooman

    In this tutorial we'll be building a color picker in PyGame using the Hooman library:


    Hooman is a library which simplifies PyGame coding.

  • Jussi Pakkanen: Proposal for a computer game research topic: the walk/game ratio

    I used to play a fair bit of computer games but in the recent years the amount of time spent on games has decreased. Then the lockdown happened and I bought a PS4 and got back into gaming, which was fun. As often is the case, once guy get back into something after a break you find yourself paying attention to things that you never noticed before.

    In this particular case it was about those parts of games where you are not actually playing the game. Instead you are walking/driving/riding from one place to another because the actual thing you want to do is somewhere else. A typical example of this is Red Dead Redemption II (and by extension all GTAs). At first wondering the countryside is fun and immersive but at some point it becomes tedious and you just wish to be at your destination (fast travel helps, but not enough). Note that this does not apply to extra content. Having a lush open sandbox world that people can explore at their leisure is totally fine. This is about "grinding by walking" that you have to do in order to complete the game.

  • The weekend chat - what have you been playing?

    The ending of another week is just about here, ready to begin anew. Before Monday comes knocking, it's time for the usual GOL community chat post.

    For us over here at GOL, there's been plenty of Left 4 Dead 2 while we wait for the upcoming community expansion with The Last Stand. Our streamer Sin has been doing a bunch live on our Twitch Channel and it's been absolutely hilarious. Left 4 Dead 2 released around 11 years ago and it holds up incredibly well. Still hugely popular overall too, with it regularly pulling in close to around 20K players each day.

Games: Wine, Online Cloud Gaming, GameMode and More Titles on GNU/Linux

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  • old but still rocking games – Severance – Blade of Darkness

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 2020 platformer battle royale game. It is developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The premise of the game is to complete various solo and team-based challenges, all while avoiding being disqualified.

    The game was announced in June of 2019 and came out on August 4th, 2020. Currently, the game is on Microsoft Windows 10 via Steam and Sony PlayStation 4. However, it is possible to play the game on Linux as well. In this guide, we’ll show you how!

  • How to play Fall Guys on Linux

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 2020 platformer battle royale game. It is developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The premise of the game is to complete various solo and team-based challenges, all while avoiding being disqualified.

    The game was announced in June of 2019 and came out on August 4th, 2020. Currently, the game is on Microsoft Windows 10 via Steam and Sony PlayStation 4. However, it is possible to play the game on Linux as well. In this guide, we’ll show you how!

  • 5 Best Online Cloud Gaming Services Start for Free

    Online Cloud Gaming services is one of the biggest experience in the gaming industry. Cloud gaming technology has allowed gamers and developers to achieve new heights. We have explain here best 5 best Online Cloud Gaming Services Start for Free.

    With its roots extending back to 20 years ago, gaming on-demand or cloud gaming has become a source of interest for people worldwide. The approach of making games accessible with very few hardware and software limitations makes it easier to play games that don’t limit you to the “box” you always play them in. Whether you are new to this concept or are interested to know more, let’s delve into ‘The Future of Computer Games by looking at the top 5 spot holders in today’s cloud gaming services!

  • Linux gaming optimization kit 'GameMode' has a new release up

    Need an easy way to run a bunch of system enhancements? GameMode, originally made by developers at porting studio Feral Interactive has a new release out.

    While all of the tweaks can be done by themselves, the point is to have an easy place for anyone and everyone to kick their Linux system into the highest performance possible. A great idea and it's getting quite featured-filled too.

  • Check out the latest demo of the couch party game Unspottable with new levels

    Unspottable is an absolutely fantastic local multiplayer game about picking out your opponents from a crowd.

    Covered here on GOL back in July, we had a huge amount of fun testing out the few levels it had available in the original demo and it worked great. The idea is that you each walk around various levels, trying to figure out who is not a bot and then give them a good punch. Last person standing out of actual players wins a point. With EGX / PAX now going on, the developer updated it to add in an extra bunch of levels and they're all thoroughly entertaining.

  • With PAX Online here, you can try out the demo of zen-puzzler Unpacking

    After a long day hack away at some code, a game about unpacking a bunch of boxes would usually be the last thing I would want. However, Unpacking (the actual game) is genuinely lovely.

    We only mentioned this a few days ago, as the team at Witch Beam showed off a wonderful new trailer with the announcement that Unpacking isn't releasing until 2021. Now though you've got a chance to try it out early, as there's a limited time demo available on Steam. It's very much as you might expect from a "zen" puzzle game where the name directly matches up to the gameplay. Calming, weirdly relaxing and so very gentle.

  • Dino MMO 'Path of Titans' has a new playable demo for PAX Online

    Ready for some dinosaur action? Path of Titans, the hugely successful crowdfunded indie MMO now has a demo you can download and try out.

    As a refresher - Path of Titans is a multiplayer dinosaur survival game, one where you're playing as an actual dino. With detailed environments and lots of different species to choose from spread across herbivores, carnivores, aquatic, terrestrial, gliding, and flying species. There's even so customization you can do. Servers will support up to 200 people playing and that's on top of AI creatures running around too.

    Their original IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in 2019 pulled in nearly $100K AUD, and that amount has only continued to rise with over 25K backers given them over $640K!

Games: GameMode, Soldat 2, Borderlands 2 and APICO

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  • Feral's GameMode 1.6 Released For Optimizing The Linux Gaming Experience

    GameMode 1.6 is out as the Linux daemon developed by game porting firm Feral Interactive for setting the CPU frequency scaling governor and other helpers when launching games in an effort to enhance the Linux gaming performance and then returning the system to its prior state after the game has quit.

    With GameMode 1.6 there is optional support now for elogind integration, new documentation, the ability to change the library directory for gamemoderun, allow LD_PRELOAD to be overrode in the $GAMEMODERUNEXEC variable, minor bug fixes, and better dependency handling.

  • Get ready for action as SOLDAT 2 enters Early Access on September 22

    The next generation of the side-scrolling action shooter is almost here, over 18 years later Soldat 2 will arrive in Early Access and Transhuman Design has big plans. With an aim to be a direct successor to the 2D multiplayer shooter Soldat which took the Internet and LAN parties by storm in the early 2000's. Something I remember greatly, it was very popular.

    Currently in the final phase of several weeks of multiplayer testing, the "one man army" creator of Soldat is nearly ready to unleash Soldat 2. "Soldat 2 aims to recreate the classic experience of online deathmatch famous in Soldat, with the same physics-based movement, violence and guns. But it is much more than that with a new 2.5D look, weapons, customizations, gamemodes and experimental features such as motorbikes, battle royale and an inspired gamemode!" - says the creator Michal 'MM' Marcinkowski.

  • Borderlands 2 will see no further updates for Linux / macOS from Aspyr Media

    After repeatedly trying to get an answer, we now finally have it confirmed that Aspyr Media will be doing no further updates to Borderlands 2. While Aspyr Media are still continuing to update their ports of Civilization VI for Linux / macOS, the situation with the Borderlands series is just sad.

    You might be confused, since Borderlands 2 is from 2012. So why are we mentioning this now? Well, it came to Linux later in 2014 and last year it gained one final DLC with Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary plus the Borderlands 2 Ultra HD Texture Pack. Both of which are missing for Linux and along with those and updates to support them, this broke cross-platform play between Linux, macOS and Windows.

  • APICO is an adorable upcoming casual sim about breeding and collecting Bees

    Beeautiful. That's what APICO is. A recent discovery and I have a feeling it's going to bee something quite big.

    It's a casual crafting and exploration sim with Bees. Well, you're not a bee, you're something of a bee keeper. You explore, cut down trees, craft, build machines and more all towards the aim of collecting and breeding Bees. Combining well-known gathering and crafting elements from other popular casual and not-so-casual games, APICO is absolutely overflowing with wonderful charm. I'm a little in love, can you tell?


    Linux is a confirmed supported platform and there's even a demo you can try.

Games: Humble Store, The Caribbean Sail, Goner, Colmen's Quest and More

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  • Humble extends their End of Summer Sale, here's some of the best Linux games

    Humble Store is doing an encore for their End of Summer Sale, which will now run until September 14 so you can get big discounts on lots of games.

    Time to pick up something for the weekend perhaps?

  • Shell Shuffle looks like a super sweet matching game from The Caribbean Sail dev

    After finishing with The Caribbean Sail their dark 8-bit adventure about sailing the world in the 1700's, Victorian Clambake has announced their next game with Shell Shuffle.

    Shell Shuffle looks like a chilled out match-5 puzzle game, about filling a jar full of shells. It probably doesn't need much more of an explanation than that. You move lines, match up shells and they get removed from the board and place into the jar. You can play it alone in multiple single-player modes or in a competitive multiplayer mode that will require some quick thinking to beat your opponent.

  • Single-player dino survival horror 'Goner' is a success on Kickstarter, coming to Linux PC

    Goner, what could end up being a very interesting survival game for Linux PC has managed to run a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. 682 backers pledged €30,703 to help bring Goner to life and it's a campaign that clearly listed Linux as a release platform in the FAQ.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York out now for Linux PC

    Draw Distance has released their latest stylish visual novel with Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York, acting as a stand-alone expansion and a companion piece to our previous title, Coteries of New York.

    What's really striking with Shadows of New York (and Coteries before it) is the artwork, it's absolutely brilliant. Rich details and overall just a fantastic style. They are probably some of the absolute best looking visual novels around. It's good to see more like it too, opening up a rich genre to more people just like Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest will hopefully too.

  • Colmen's Quest is a very promising Early Access fantasy turn-based RPG

    In the mood for a new adventure? Colmen's Quest looks very promising. A fantasy pixel-art turn-based RPG that's refreshingly not a roguelike.

    We have enough random generation and permanent death everywhere, some of us want games that allow us to progress through properly and save / quit whenever we want. Colmen's Quest offers that up. Unfinished, Early Access and yet still has hours of content already. Inspired in parts by classics like Diablo but also more modern turn-based stuff like Stoneshard. Colmen's Quest is a turn-based fantasy RPG. You play as Colmen, an aspiring monster hunter, who is on a quest to unveil a dark threat that haunts the village of Valkirk. You will explore Valkirk and its villagers, descend dusky dungeons, fight monsters and eventually collect a bunch of loot and treasures.

  • Deleveled is a clever platformer with no jump button where you use bouncing momentum

    Platformers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are about hacking and slashing, some are about precision and some like Deleveled take almost everything away from you. Note: key provided by the publisher.

    It's a puzzle platformer, one with a simple aim but it's been perfected. All you have to do is reach the exit. Simple enough? Except, there's no jump button and there's plenty of platforms around both high and low. Oh, you're also controlling more than one thing at a time. You have two little squares, above and below, which you need to use falling momentum from one to bounce up the other. It's actually quite brilliant, inspired by Newton's third law of motion. Simple and very effective.

Games: Civilization VI, X-Plane, Terminal Games on GNU/Linux and Steam With Chromebooks

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  • Cross-play should once again be back online for Civilization VI

    The ongoing saga of Civilization VI seeing online cross-play broken between updates continues, with it now once again back online as of the update today, September 10.

    A repeating issue: the game updates like most recently with the August 2020 release, cross-play has issues and gets disabled, then eventually it's sorted again. Hopefully at some point they will find the real cause of the constant breakage and actually sort it. Firaxis Games, the original developer, sent word yesterday that Aspyr Media were on it and today it's back online.


    Sid Meier's Civilization VI is for Linux PC is available on the Humble Store and Steam.

  • X-Plane 11.50 Officially Released With Its Vulkan Renderer

    X-Plane has long been Linux-friendly and one of the most realistic flight simulators available while today it's taking a big step forward with its 11.50 release and the much anticipated introduction of its new rendering engine with Vulkan support.

    After being in public beta for months, X-Plane 11.50 is now official as the latest stable version of this high quality flight simulator.

  • Best Terminal Games on Linux

    GNU/Linux gaming has come a long way over the past decade. We are lucky to live in an age where there are a number of native linux games including AAA titles to choose from on the platform. Steam has also vastly increased the number of games available on Linux. Despite the vast availability of GUI based games, sometimes it can be more relaxing and entertaining to play terminal based ones. This is not so surprising considering the fact that most Linux users spend a lot of time on the command line and feel at home there. Luckily, there are a number of great terminal based games available on the platform as well.

  • Lilbits: Access Linux files in Windows, sync your Steam games with Chromebooks (in the cloud)

    Last month NVIDIA announced that its GeForce Now game streaming service was adding support for Chromebooks, allowing you to stream PC games through a web app, even if you’re using low-end hardware. Now NVIDIA is making it easier to access games you already own, by allowing Chromebook users to sync their Steam game libraries.

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