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Games: Ziggurat 2, Godot Engine, Sunshine Manor and X4: Cradle of Humanity

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  • Ziggurat 2 - it looks awesome and it appears they're planning Linux support

    Milkstone Studios have announced Ziggurat 2, a follow-up to the excellent first-person dungeon-crawler and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

    In the sequel Milkstone say they've redesigned it from the ground up, with the aim to take everything good about the original and improve every part of it with a "smoother and faster experience, with quicker, more intense sessions, and more interactive and fulfilling progression".

  • Godot Engine pulls in another full-time developer to work on web infrastructure

    Sounds like things continue going well for Godot Engine, as a free and open source game engine it's made huge leaps over the last year and they're pulling in more developers.

    The next is Hugo Locurcio, also known as "Calinou" who has now been hired full-time to work on Godot's web infrastructure to ensure it's ready for future progress. Locurcio has been contributing to Godot for a number of years across various areas and they also developed things like the nightly builds, a build options generator and the class reference status viewer.

  • 8-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG Sunshine Manor gets a free Prologue and a Kickstarter

    Acting as a prequel to Camp Sunshine, Fossil Games have announced the 8-bit blood-soaked Horror RPG Sunshine Manor.

    You play as Ada, dared to spend the night in the haunted Sunshine Manor where Ada encounters ghosts, demons, blood-soaked horror and more. Unlike the previous game, Fossil Games will be supporting Linux directly this time and they've just released a free version with Sunshine Manor Prologue so you can try it right now to get a feel for it.

  • X4: Cradle of Humanity expansion delayed until Q1 2021

    Egosoft have confirmed that the huge upcoming X4: Cradle of Humanity expansion is going to see a delayed release as getting it out in 2020 is just not achievable for them.

    Why the delay? They didn't mention any specifics, just that since unveiling it they said it has "become clear" that the originally announced 2020 release goal just can't be hit. The delay will ensure they can "improve the quality of X4: Cradle of Humanity to meet both your and our own expectations" and they mentioned more information about it to come over the next few weeks.

New Steam Client Update Brings Linux Fixes, Other Improvements

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The October 8 Steam Client update is here a month after the previous update, which was a major release with many changes. This update isn’t that big, but it brings various improvements for Linux users, such as an updated ‘scout’ steam runtime to version 0.20200910.0, a much-improved container runtime mode, especially around shared directories and DNS resolution, and an improved runtime information tool.

For all supported platforms, the update changes the download throttling setting in the Downloads page to be a custom value in Kbps. It also updates the Library to fix an issue that prevented the achievement unlock percentage from being displayed on game pages, as well as to improve the alignment of controls in the play bar on game pages.

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Games: To Hell With The Ugly, Godot, Steam and ProtonDB

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  • To Hell With The Ugly is an upcoming adventure game about kidnappings and conspiracies

    Worker cooperative studio La Poule Noire have announced To Hell With The Ugly, an upcoming adventure that blends point and click mechanics with a combat system and it's now funding on Kickstarter.

    "To Hell With the Ugly is an adventure/narrative game set in a film noir atmosphere. Help Rocky find out why he was kidnapped and tortured in a hospital where strange things happen. Explore Los Angeles in the 1950s through bar fights, mysterious investigations, and a lot of twists."

    Just like with their previous title, Edgar - Bokbok in Boulzac (which I thought was great), it will support Linux.

  • Hugo Locurcio is hired to improve Godot's web infrastructure

    Hello! Calinou here. I've been a core Godot contributor for about 3 years now, working on the Godot editor, documentation and website. On top of that, I've developed many Godot-related tools such as the unofficial Godot nightly builds, Godot build options generator and the Godot class reference status viewer.

    This month, I was hired full-time by the Godot team to rework and improve Godot's web infrastructure. While Godot's core engine now has many full-time developers working on it, the website and hosted platforms aren't as well-maintained in comparison. Being a web developer by trade and a generalist at heart, this was a natural choice for me.

  • The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is up with fresh demos to play

    Another big event is happening on Steam now with the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition and there's plenty of new and improved demos to check out until October 13.

    Long gone are the days where a demo would be a given, as they're often replaced with paid-for Betas where you get access if you pre-order and all sorts like that. Still a few appear but not a whole lot and that's why events like this are so good for us, although it is a lot to take in with such a short amount of time.

    [...] If you're after titles that will offer Linux support, here's 10 I think are worth keeping an eye on and trying out...

  • The WRONG Experience For New Linux Gamers

    Linux gaming gets some tough love as Jason and Matt put ProtonDB under the microscope. Is this kind of rating system broken? Should we be telling new Linux gamers about it? Are there better alternatives?

DXVK 1.7.2 Released

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  • DXVK 1.7.2 Released With Many Fixes For Direct3D Atop Vulkan

    DXVK 1.7.2 was just released as this popular library for mapping Direct3D 9/10/11 atop the Vulkan API primarily for accelerating Windows games on Linux via the likes of Steam Play (Proton) and Wine.

    DXVK 1.7.2 brings fixes for various Direct3D 9 crashes, workarounds for rendering issues with AMD drivers for some Unity games, support for disabling log files, and various game-specific fixes/improvements.

  • D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 to Vulkan translation layer DXVK release 1.7.2 is up

    Developer Philip Rebohle announced today the release of DXVK 1.7.2 to further improve the D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 to Vulkan translation layer.

    Used with Wine, and part of the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer, it's great to see it still moving along. This is the first release since August and while it's technically a minor release in versioning, the actual fixes included look to be quite important.

    There's a "major" regression fixed for D3D9 titles that caused crashes in many games, a fix for D3D9 crashes on AMDVLK due to invalid Vulkan API usage, they've worked around some stack overflows in some 32-bit D3D9 games, a workaround is now in place for rendering issues on AMD drivers in some Unity Engine games, another workaround is added for Unicode on Windows "being garbage" and you can disable log files being created.

Games: Them's Fightin' Herds, The Fertile Crescent, GamerOS, Steam Chat Filtering and Desperados III

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  • Them's Fightin' Herds getting real close to Linux support, with macOS to follow after

    It's been a long time coming but it sounds like it's seriously close now, with the major OpenGL rendering work for Them's Fightin' Herds on Linux being done.

    Reminder: originally funded during an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign with an initial funding goal of $436K, which was way back in 2015. Linux and macOS support were stretch-goals at $486K, meaning they would only happen if it hit that goal. Once the campaign finished, they managed to raise around $586,346. It then went into Early Access in February, 2018 and released proper in May, 2020 for Windows.

  • Free pixel-art RTS 'The Fertile Crescent' adds walls, gates and siege units

    Continuing to be one of the most interesting traditionally-styled real-time strategy games in development, The Fertile Crescent has a major new release available.

    This latest release has been in development for a little while, as it expands the gameplay quite a lot. You can now build Walls, Gates and Siege units giving you many more strategic options. The wall system fits in with their watch towers too, so you can connect it all up.

  • SteamOS-like Linux distribution GamerOS has a new release, adds in Epic Game Store support

    If you need an easy full-screen gaming experience with Linux, perhaps with your main big TV then GamerOS looks to be the next best thing to SteamOS (since Valve aren't currently working on it).

    GamerOS, despite the naff naming, is actually genuinely good. An up to date Linux distribution ready out of the box for a somewhat console-like experience. GamerOS 20 was just released, bringing the usual upgrades to things like the Linux Kernel to 5.8.10, Mesa drivers 20.1.8, NVIDIA drivers 450.66 along with updates to their own software and RetroArch 1.9 is included too.

  • Steam Chat Filtering is now online for everyone as it exits Steam Labs

    Using the tech built for the likes of CS:GO, Destiny 2, and Dota 2 - Valve has officially rolled out the new Steam Chat Filtering across the rest of Steam.

    So now this means you can have a consistent experience across supported games, the Steam desktop client, web, and mobile chat experiences. The key thing is that it's optional, you can turn it off or turn it up as the choice is still mostly down to users on what they want to see. As a default, Valve has turned it on to block "strong profanity and slurs" from people you don't know. These settings can be changed any time here.

  • Desperados III sees a second DLC episode of Money for the Vultures

    Desperados III: Money for the Vultures - Part 2: Five Steps Ahead is out now, further expanding the already fantastic game with more content.

    It's the second of three parts that tell the story of a new adventure called "Money for the Vultures", which takes place after the events of Desperados III. So you should have finished the main campaign to enjoy this DLC set, which forms part of the Season Pass or you can buy individually.

    With Five Steps Ahead the gang returns to Louisiana to challenge a new member of the DeVitt family. You get to explore a brand new location in the Bayou State, reunite with Isabelle for more Voodoo awesomeness and encounter cunning enemies worthy of your talents.


    If you missed it, official Linux support for Desperados III released back in early September. Our own thoughts on it are still to come later this month after we've played more.

Games: Scratch, Stadia, Stranded Deep and More

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  • 5 Scratch code blocks to teach kids how to program a video game

    In the second article in this series, you created your first few video game scripts in Scratch. This article explores ways to expand programming's possibilities to create more advanced code.


  • Tactical action adventure 'I told you' gains a Linux demo ahead of a Kickstarter

    Developer Juan Lao Tebar recently announced the release of a Linux demo for their upcoming tactical action adventure I told you.

    "I told you is a tactical action adventure set in a southern European country that just suffered a coup d'état. Using stealth, interacting with the environment and making a good use of the few resources and homemade weapons you have at your hand, you must fight the forces of a regime that took away the only thing you had left."

  • Google finally made a Stadia advert that doesn't suck

    It's genuinely amazing that it's taken Google, a company that runs an entire platform dedicated to video (YouTube), almost an entire year to get their message clear on Stadia.

    Originally known as Project Stream, the game streaming service Stadia released to Founders originally back in November 2019. At the time you had to have access to Stadia Pro to do anything with it, which is a monthly subscription to get access to free games and 4K output. It took until April 2020 for the service to become open to everyone, countries supported permitting, and since then so many videos and articles have been released that didn't understand the service and how you use it. People continuously gave out wrong information on, saying it required a monthly fee but across the entire time you could stop paying for Stadia Pro and simply use Stadia as a normal store.

  • Johnny Lionface is an upcoming twisted story-driven action RPG

    The studio Myroid-Type Comics have announced Johnny Lionface, an upcoming twisted story-driven action RPG with a colourful animal cast.

    "Johnny is the ultimate fighter, destined for greatness — at least he seems to think so. After getting rejected from the Gladiators' Guild tryouts once again, he sets off on an adventure to become the gladiator he knows he can be. Along the way he'll team up with a shotgun-toting schizoid mouse, a dancing kung-fu cat, and other colorful combatants."

  • Island survival game Stranded Deep gets a huge update expanding the world

    Stranded in the middle of the ocean, in Stranded Deep it's a struggle to survive from the moment you hit play as you swim across to various islands - and now it's a lot bigger.

    This week, October 5, they released build 0.74.00 for everyone and it comes with some pretty huge changes to the game. One of the major enhancements is the world generation, as they've said it's now twice the size of the previous versions with more randomly positioned islands instead of the old fixed 5x5 grid. That should make it a lot more interesting to explore for sure.

  • A Brand New Channel For Gamers On ALL Platforms

    Throughout my "professional" career, I've taken several detours. But I've always come back to gaming. In this video, a brief tour through all the places I've covered video games. Plus, details about the brand new channel designed for gamers on ALL platforms! 

  • Paint the Town Red has a major update out with the price to rise really soon

    First person melee combat game Paint the Town Red just recently had a huge tech upgrade release, and they've announced the price will be rising.

    Never played it? It's a pretty ridiculous game and highly entertaining. Spread across various scenarios you get to engage in highly chaotic brawls. Run through a bar picking up stools and throwing them at people, run onto the stage at a disco and chuck a throwing star at the DJ and so much more - it's insane.


  • Prison Architect turns 5 and gets two classic editions available to download

    Today, October 6, Paradox Interactive are celebrating Prison Architect turning 5 years old so they've done something a bit special to mark the occasion. Something of a special case as this is not an original Paradox title. It was originally made by Introversion Software but the rights were purchased by Paradox back in early 2019.

    A game that speaks for itself, you're building and managing prisons. It's changed a lot over the years, through many small and big upgrades and now some paid DLC too.

Games: Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp, Scarlet Hollow, Superliminal and Farmer Supreme

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  • Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Launches October 2020 on PC, Linux, and Mac

    Developer Beautiful Glitch have announced a release date window for competitive monster dating-sim Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp.

    The sequel will be coming to Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (via Steam) during October. The game’s official Twitter account also stated “Just to be clear: it’s coming out on PC first. Consoles may happen later.” The original Monster Prom later came to Nintendo Switch.

  • Choice-driven horror adventure novel Scarlet Hollow funded in a single day on Kickstarter

    After releasing the entire first episode free, Black Tabby Games now have Scarlet Hollow live on Kickstarter and it appears they're onto quite a success.

    Scarlet Hollow is a choice-driven horror adventure game and visual novel brought to life by critically acclaimed graphic novelist Abby Howard who is known for The Last Halloween, The Crossroads at Midnight, Junior Scientist Power Hour and more. Linux is a clearly confirmed platform for support.

  • Perception puzzler Superliminal comes to Steam in November, along with Linux support

    After seeing success on the Epic Games Store, and then consoles it's now confirmed to be launching on Steam on November 5 along with Linux support.

    What is it? Superliminal is a single-player first-person puzzle game that uses perception as a mechanic. You play as someone who wakes up in a surprisingly lucid dream. As you complete puzzles to get to the next exit, certain patterns and truths become more apparent. It sounds like a genuinely brilliant idea, that involves plenty of thinking outside the box. What you see, is what you get.

  • Farmer Supreme offers a very different and super adorable take on the casual sim

    Do you have what it takes to become Farmer Supreme? This isn't another Stardew Valley, as Farmer Supreme offers up a genuinely unique looking take on the casual farming sim.

    In a world where monsters, villains and heroes are the norm, heroes rise and kingdoms fall with children dreaming of becoming a hero. Not Maximus Abico or "Lil' Max", an orphan who has decided to find the last known survivor of a long line of great farmers to feed hungry townsfolk and perhaps become the last Farmer Supreme.

Games: Legend of Keepers, Bonfire Peaks, Crusader Kings III and More

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  • Protect the dungeon in the biggest update to Legend of Keepers yet

    In preparation for the full launch planned for next year, the rogue-lite dungeon manager Legend of Keepers gets a massive upgrade with plenty of new content.

    Legend of Keepers is a tactical dungeon management game where you play as the bad guys. You're the Boss of the Dungeons Defending Department and you're in charge of protecting the company's treasures against pesky heroes! Plan your defences by placing traps and monsters across various rooms and in between battles deal with all the team management issues.

  • Check out the demo for Bonfire Peaks, a beautiful upcoming voxel-art puzzle game

    Coming to Linux sometime in 2021, Bonfire Peaks looks absolutely gorgeous. Set in a world with seriously lush chunky voxels, it's going to be good.

    Bonfire Peaks is the latest puzzle game designed by Corey Martin, developer of Pipe Push Paradise & Hiding Spot, with art by Mari Khaleghi and Zach Soares. They also recently announced that Draknek & Friends, the publisher and developer of A Monster's Expedition and Cosmic Express will be publishing it as their first external title

  • Crusader Kings III is quite a joy to learn, even if you're not particularly smart

    Crusader Kings III has been out for little over a month now and it's probably one of the most successful release from Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios.

    Ushering in a new era of grand strategy, Crusader Kings III much like the game before and other Paradox titles have a crazy amount of depth to them. To newer players, Paradox strategy games can often feel ridiculously overwhelming. For me personally, the only other Paradox title I've ever gotten into was Stellaris - because it nicely eased you in.

    For Crusader Kings III it seems like Paradox have learned many great lessons on how to handle newer players since Stellaris. Crusader Kings III is still a massive game, and our contributor BTRE went into some detail as a veteran of their games in a previous review. I, however, am something of a dummy. An idiot you might say when it comes to these big complicated world-spanning grand strategy games. So what's it like for a true beginner?

  • Girl Genius - Adventures In Castle Heterodyne gets fully funded

    After what seemed like a crowdfunding campaign that might struggle, Girl Genius - Adventures In Castle Heterodyne was comfortably funded passed the initial goal.

    Coming from Rain Games creators of Teslagrad, World To The West and the soon to release Mesmer, Girl Genius - Adventures In Castle Heterodyne is their upcoming character-driven action-adventure metroidvania. You play as the main protagonist in the Girl Genius series, Agatha Heterodyne.

  • Nonsense Soccer is a pretty hilarious upcoming 'platformer-soccer-hybrid' with a demo up

    Nonsense Soccer turns the game of Soccer (well, Football if you're not an American) into a pretty great competitive local multiplayer experience.

    A nice simple idea that puts up to 4 people into a side-view platformer arena, with each side jumping around trying to kick the ball into the goal. That's Football alright, and testing it out it's a huge amount of fun and certainly does get quite chaotic quickly.

The Failed OUYA Game Console Seeing Work For Mainline Linux Kernel Support

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It's been eight years already since the launch of the OUYA game console built atop Android and initially driven up by hype as a new low-cost gaming platform only to turn out to be a commercial failure. Razer bought out OUYA's software assets in 2015 and last year finally shutdown all of the console services. But if you still have the OUYA hardware it soon may start running off the mainline Linux kernel.

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Also: Intel Meteor Lake Architecture Added to Linux Kernel

Games Leftovers

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  • Action-packed roguelike Burning Knight gains local co-op with a big content update out now

    The first major post-launch update for the action-packed roguelike Burning Knight is out now. On top of new content, there's also now local co-op support.

    What is Burning Knight? It's a real-time action roguelike built in the spirit of Nuclear Throne, Enter The Gungeon and others like it. You get a different area to run through each time, facing off against various enemies and traps as you progress through a castle.

  • Wildermyth to get a live-instrument OST recorded thanks to a Kickstarter campaign

    Currently available in Early Access, the game Wildermyth is a very impressive mix of an RPG with turn-based tactical battles with a brilliant papercraft style. It also appears to be getting a slick new soundtrack.

    We all know that a good soundtrack can really get you personally engrossed a game, and it can be the difference between being a good game and an awesome game you tell people about. One of those essential parts of the experience and composer Candy Emberley is very aware of this. Therefore they wish to get funding together to record properly with live instruments, instead of mixing together samples to produce a much richer soundtrack.

  • Minecraft is getting another big upgrade with the Caves & Cliffs Update
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