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Games: Benchmarks, Stoneshard, Skeletal Dance Party, OpenRCT2 and More

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  • Ubuntu 19.10 Radeon Linux Gaming Performance Plus Linux 5.4 / Mesa 19.3 Benchmarks

    For those curious about the performance of AMD Radeon open-source Linux gaming out-of-the-box on the newly released Ubuntu 19.10, here are those benchmarks compared to the Radeon driver state on Ubuntu 19.04. Additionally, there are benchmark results if manually upgrading your Ubuntu 19.10 installation to using the in-development Linux 5.4 kernel and Mesa 19.3 for the very newest AMD Linux driver support.

  • Challenging open-world turn-based RPG 'Stoneshard' delayed until February 2020

    Ink Stains Games recently announced their impressive looking open-world turn-based RPG, Stoneshard, will be delayed until February 2020.

    While it sounds like development is going well, as they've been doing closed-beta testing and they say the quality is up to their standards, some apparently important mechanics aren't yet implemented. They said it's already fun to play but it can end too quickly so they're working to expand the core gameplay loop with more of everything.

  • Bake 'n Switch looks like a ridiculously fun couch co-op and PvP game coming to Linux

    Overcooked isn't the only multiplayer cooking game around now, as Bake 'n Switch has been announced and it's going to be supporting Linux too.

    Bake 'n Switch seems quite different to the Overcooked series though, it's not all about preparing special dishes against a timer. Instead, you work together or against each other to combine the doughs and the bigger the dough the higher the score. You also need to fight off "Spores and Stickies" which might give you some sort of power-up. It seems to be a lot more crazy-action orientated, rather than worrying about overcooking items and combining dishes.

  • Survival Vacancy looks like a mix of Factorio and Terraria and it's now in Early Access

    Survival Vacancy follows a nuclear apocalypse and it's your job to save as many people as possible. To do so you need to explore the ruined world, mine for resources and build up an underground city.

    Arriving on Steam in Early Access a few days ago, Survival Vacancy from developer Mind Leak looks intriguing as it really does seem to mix the styles of both Factorio and Terraria. It looks a little rough right now but it has a nice idea.

  • Eight Dragons brings retro-inspired beat 'up up action to you and a bunch of friends

    Eight Dragons? Does that mean it's like four times as good as the classic Double Dragon? Asking the important questions here today on GOL.

    You might be able to find the answer to that yourself, as the developer sent word to us on Twitter that their new beat 'em up that's currently in Early Access recently added Linux support. Extend Mode have ported it over from their in-house engine to Unity which has helped it be more cross-platform.

  • NVIDIA announce the GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER and the GeForce 1650 SUPER

    Today, NVIDIA officially lifted the lid on two new GPUs with the GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER and the GeForce 1650 SUPER. Both of them will continue using the Turing architecture.

    Aimed at the money conscious gamer, with NVIDIA aiming their sights at the entry-level market to give you a reasonable 1080p experience. That's still the most popular resolution with gamers, as shown by Valve's survey and our own.

  • Revive the dead and make them dance in Skeletal Dance Party's Afterparty update

    Skeletal Dance Party, the amusing musical dungeon crawling RPG from Catalope Games and No Studio in Particular just had a big Afterparty update.

    What's Halloween without some sort of gathering? Skeletal Dance Party already felt like a party, a pretty unusual one that is. With skeletons dancing across levels with whatever weapons you come across and now it just got a whole lot bigger in a free update.

  • Valve ends Counter-Strike: Global Offensive container key trading and selling

    The team at Valve working on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have now put an end to the selling and trading of new container keys.

    In a post on the official site, the Valve team said as of now all keys purchased in-game are tied to that Steam account so you can't trade or sell them on the Steam Market. Existing keys are not affected but they will eventually run out of course. The question is, why? Well, according to Valve "worldwide fraud networks have recently shifted to using CS:GO keys to liquidate their gains" and "nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced" so they're putting a stop to it.

  • The RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 open source game engine 'OpenRCT2' v0.2.4 is out

    The team keeping RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 alive with the power of open source have pushed out another fine looking release of OpenRCT2.

    Overall, v0.2.4 seems to be mostly a release aimed at cleaning up existing features with a ton of bug fixes. However, a couple of new features and improvements did make it in. They've increased the number of ride musics playing simultaneously from 2 to 32, which should solve an issue hearing rides currently on the screen when at a higher screen resolution. The "image list" capacity was increased by around 100k units, which should help stop multiple crash bugs when people hit the limits.

Games: Steam, GOG, Xeno Crisis and Gaming on Wayland

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  • There's tons now on sale for Linux gamers so let's take a look

    Steam, GOG, and everywhere else have all started their spooky Halloween sales. Let's dive in and see what's cooking in the cauldron. As always, Steam died at the start of the sale from overwhelming demand which caused us a delay in actually being able to see what they have.

  • Xeno Crisis is a true action-packed retro throwback worth your time and it's out now

    Xeno Crisis was originally funded on Kickstarter to create a brand new action-packed Sega Mega Drive game, today it released on PC with Linux support right away. Interestingly, the Linux release (along with Windows/macOS) was actually a stretch goal that was hit. We've seen stretch goals for just Linux or Linux/macOS together but an entire PC port in a stretch goal doesn't happen often.

    The gameplay in Xeno Crisis involves running from room to room as one or two players, smashing through all the aliens that appear and then running onto the next room. The room layout is randomly generated and when you reach the end of an area, you're in for a big boss fight. Since GOG sent over a copy, I've been playing it today and it's a huge amount of fun.

  • Ubuntu 19.10 Is The First Time We've Seen (X)Wayland Gaming Performance Match X.Org

    With Ubuntu 19.10 it's the first time we have seen the Radeon gaming performance under a GNOME Wayland session match or exceed the performance found under the default GNOME X.Org session.

Games: Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack, Urtuk: The Desolation, The Shadows, Crossroads Inn

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  • Become a sentient civilization of rocks in the Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack out now

    Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio recently released the Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack, allowing you to become a civilization of sentient crystals and rocks.

    This new pack includes unique game mechanics for Lithoid Empires (you eat Minerals, not Food), a bunch of new empire portraits, Mineral-based shop models and a new voice pack with some great rock puns. Something that feels a bit missed here though, is that there's no preset empire to play with them. It's not exactly a negative against it, I just found it odd to release a species pack without one setup ready for you.

  • Dark fantasy survival RPG 'Urtuk: The Desolation' enters First Access with Linux support

    Slovakian developer Mad Sheep Studios just recently released Urtuk: The Desolation, a stylishly dark, low-fantasy, survival RPG with tactical turn-based battles.

    Currently in "First Access" (the form of Early Access), it takes place on a completely destroyed Earth-like planet. Your mail goal is to find a cure for the main character, Urtuk, who has a lethal disease. As you travel across a procedurally generated world-map using a node-based travel system like found in FTL you will need to manage your party, gather new equipment, extract "mutators" from fallen enemies and use them to upgrade your own characters.

  • Sweet puzzle platformer In The Shadows has a big two year anniversary update

    Released back in October 2017, In The Shadows is an incredibly pretty puzzle platformer with a very sweet idea and it's very much worth a look.

    It's all about the dark and monsters, however they're scared of the light. You use lights to scare them, forcing them to transform into various objects you can then use to progress through each level. It's absolutely delightful and the two year anniversary update is a great excuse to go and check it out.

  • Tavern building and management Crossroads Inn is out now and it sounds like a mess

    Kraken Unleashed and Klabater just recently released Crossroads Inn, a mix of a real-time management sim with RPG elements according to their official description.

Games: Merchant of the Skies, Walls Closing, Godhood

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  • Trade your wares across a much bigger map in a huge update to Merchant of the Skies

    Perhaps a little travelling, trading and resource gathering is what you need on this fine Monday morning? The sweet trading sim Merchant of the Skies just got a lot bigger.

    Not such a simple game any more, since this update makes the main campaign map two times bigger and if you play the Sandbox mode it can be seven times bigger than before! That's a whole lot of extra places to explore. There's also the addition of random events and resource collection points that might appear, making the travelling system a little more interesting too.

  • Indie horror game Walls Closing In now has Linux support

    Need something to scare you silly this Halloween? The indie survival horror Walls Closing In has Linux support.

    Walls Closing In follows the story of Grace Bailey as she attempts to escape the clutches of a crazed maniac quickly becoming known as 'The Butcher of Northbury Grove'. It's a difficult game, one that's supposed to scare you and test your survival skills. The odds are against you, it has level-based permanent death and items are randomized on each run so you need to search the environment for helpful tools to survive.

    It's pretty dark and gross in places too definitely one to play with the lights off, sound up and kids in bed.

  • Auto-battling god game 'Godhood' gets a makeover with the Create Your Own Religion update

    Abbey Games continue expanding their auto-battling god game Godhood with another big update being recently released. The Create Your Own Religion update includes some big changes to the core game experience, with a new tech-tree, religious customization options, a visual overhaul and more.

DXVK 1.4.4 Released

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  • D3D11 and D3D10 to Vulkan layer DXVK version 1.4.4 is out

    One missed from the weekend, developer Philip Rebohle released a fresh update to the Vulkan layer DXVK with version 1.4.4.

    A small and sweet maintenance release we have here with a couple of optimizations. The memory footprint of small and frequently updated buffers was reduced, there's some minor optimizations for "Stream Output and Append/Consume buffers (used e.g. by Unity Engine)", a bug fixed from DXVK 1.4.3 that caused some invalid state cache entries being generated, some Vulkan validation errors with geometry shaders were fixed and some "potential read-after-write hazards involving vertex and index buffers" were also solved.

  • DXVK 1.4.4 With Vulkan Usage Fixes, Optimizations & A Few Game Specific Fixes

    Philip Rebohle has released his latest weekly update to DXVK for accelerating Direct3D 10/11 games using Vulkan as a big boost for Steam Play (Proton) and Wine.

    DXVK 1.4.4 has a regression fix for 1.4.3 that could lead to invalid Vulkan API usage, Vulkan validation error fixes, potential read-after-write hazards resolved, optimizations for Stream Output and Append/Consume buffers, and reduced memory footprint for small and frequently updated buffers.

Games: Backbone, Game Shaders and Steam Play

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  • Noir-inspired detective adventure 'Backbone: Prologue' now supports Linux

    Backbone: Prologue, acting as the demo of an upcoming much larger game from developer EggNut has finally added Linux support today a few months after releasing for Windows.

    Originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2018, Backbone is a pixel art cinematic adventure with stealth and action elements. It does look seriously good, the atmosphere is incredible so it's good to see we weren't forgotten about.

  • Valve Adds RADV "Secure Compile" Support For Pre-Caching Game Shaders

    The latest feature contribution by Valve's Linux driver developers to the open-source RADV driver is a "secure compile" feature.

    The secure compile feature allows for spawning multiple compile threads on the same system that are secured via SECCOMP filters as the "secure" aspect of this feature for ensuring the threads are just doing their designated shader compilation tasks with no shaders going rogue.

  • Blasters Of The Universe | Linux Gaming | Ubuntu 19.04 | Steam Play

    Bioshock 1 & 2 running through Steam play.

Games: Tales of Maj'Eyal, Wanderlust Travel Stories and More

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  • The deep roguelike Tales of Maj'Eyal has a big update out now, new DLC on the way

    Something that's proven to be a little controversial is their inclusion of micro-transactions. They say these are only for special cosmetic items to support further development, along with additional online Vault space, special community events and a really dumb sounding "pay2die" system that spawns impossibly strong monsters. It's a little confusing though, they need to make it a lot clearer on the how/where you actually get them. It can only be done currently when you're in-game, by a little coin icon next to your character name.

    As for what's coming next. A new Annihilator class is set to launch for owners of the Embers of Rage DLC next month. These Annihilators use "steamguns" and new heavy weapons including "flamethrower, shockstaff and boltgun", with the ability to deploy automated steam turrets—sounds like a fun character class to play with.

  • Sweet text-driven travelling adventure Wanderlust Travel Stories arrives on Linux, we have a discount for you

    Wanderlust Travel Stories is a text-driven adventure that wants you to slow down a bit, from the lead gameplay and narrative designers on The Witcher games and written in collaboration with seasoned journalists and reporters. It's out for Linux now and we have a GamingOnLinux 33% discount on GOG for you!

  • Summer Daze at Hero-U from the designers of Quest for Glory will support Linux

    Lori and Corey Cole are back again, after releasing Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption last year they're returning for the spin-off game Summer Daze at Hero-U.

    Currently funding on Kickstarter, with 11 days left of the campaign they are getting close to hitting the almost $100K target. Summer Daze is actually a prequel to the original game, aimed to be a "light-hearted interactive tale of friendship, fun, and folly suitable for all ages". Blending multiple genres together with narrative-driven gameplay that's part Visual Novel, part Adventure game and a sprinkle of "light RPG" elements. There's even talk of puzzles for more experienced players.

  • Starbreeze are reviving PAYDAY 2 development, Ultimate Edition is gone and DLC returns

    Well this is a bit unexpected. After Starbreeze went through some major issues, they're back and working on PAYDAY 2 once again with an announcement about the future.

    As a very brief history lesson, back in 2018 Starbreeze went into "reconstruction" as they pretty much ran out of cash. According to what Mikael Nermark, the CEO of Starbreeze said, through "extremely hard work and commitment by all of our employees" they've been able to keep the lights on.

    So what's happening to PAYDAY 2? Previously, they gave away millions of copies and removed individual DLC purchases in favour of an Ultimate Edition with the promise of that keeping everything in future under one roof too. They're now breaking that previous promise. Instead, you can now buy the base game, a new Legacy Collection that includes all current DLC and shortly all individual DLC will become purchasable again.

  • Google want Stadia to have exclusive games other platforms can't support

    Think about it, AI that's a lot smarter powered by something like Google Duplex, many times more people available on the screen than would be possible before and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with.

    Raymond said in the interview, that they do have some exclusive games currently in the works that should demonstrate what they mean with Stadia's server power. However, it could be "several years" before some big new IP comes out that fully takes advantage of it but they claim we should see some that push the boundaries coming out every year.

    There are a lot of drawbacks to the service, many of which we've mentioned before. However, for Linux gamers especially it really could fill a huge gap. Having access to things like online multiplayer titles that will never be ported to Linux and possibly never work in Steam Play is an exciting one.

  • Amusing looking multiplayer railroad construction game Unrailed! is coming to Linux

    Starting Friday off with some good news, the developer of Unrailed! has confirmed a Linux version is currently in progress.

    Back in July, the developer actually said on Steam that some of their team are Linux users but they weren't promising anything for the game. However, just yesterday they came back to the same Steam forum post to note "It is in the works :)".

  • A new Steam Client Beta is up and it looks like Valve may add better support for Soundtracks

    Valve have released another update to the Steam Beta Client to deal with a few issues, along with adding in a few little helper options.

    Having problems with all those free to play titles you no longer play appearing in your Library? Fear not, Valve added a quick option to sort it out. Right click -> Manage -> Remove from account. On top of that, Valve added an easy way to add custom artwork for each game in the right click Manage menu.

Games: Northgard, Dying Light, Dota Underlords

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  • Conquest Mode is the biggest update to Northgard yet and it's out now

    Throwing out the lore, Northgard Conquest is all about the battles. This massive free expansion to the strategy game is out now. Giving you a chance to get another "100+" hours of the game, this new free game mode has a singleplayer and co-op option to play through a series of missions as you power-up your chosen clan with rewards.

    It's not just a bunch of plain missions it throws you through though. There's also the inclusion of new special units, buildings, resources, events and maps. I did say it was massive! The missions themselves aren't exactly normal either, with each having a different victory condition and special rules to thoroughly mix things up.

  • Dying Light has a Left 4 Dead crossover event happening right now

    From now and running through until October 28 at 6PM UTC, Techland have given Dying Light a bit of Left 4 Dead flavour.

    Two worlds are colliding, giving you a chance to run out into the wastes and smash up some Zombies in style. Techland are doing this crossover as a homage to Valve's shooter. To do so, they've adjusted the gameplay a little during this event. There's a lot more Virals (the fast angry Zombies) to give you a feel for the vast hordes seen in Left 4 Dead, along with a much more generous amount of guns and ammo to find.

    Additionally, Techland put up a free DLC for Dying Light to add in some Left 4 Dead themed weapons including the Electric Guitar, Frying Pan, and Golf Club. Everyone can get them but you can also earn special variants of these weapons by completing some new challenges for the event too.

  • Dota Underlords introduces a Duos mode, the Underlords, a new UI and more

    Valve just pushed out the aptly named "The Big Update" for Dota Underlords which brings in some huge changes for the free auto-battler game.

    The Underlords have arrived, well two of them anyway. Before you begin, you now need to pick either Hobgen or Anessix who will play on the board just like your other heroes. They're the centrepiece of your team and as the game goes on, they will become more powerful as you pick talents for them every few rounds. It's nice, as Underlords has been heavily dependent on RNG so this feels like it gives you at least some kind of real control. They're also quite chatty.

Games: js13kGames, Crusader Kings III, Abandon Ship, Book of Travels

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  • From js13kGames to MozFest Arcade: A game dev Web Monetization story

    The js13kGames online competition for HTML5 game developers is constantly evolving. We started in 2012, and we run every year from August 13th to September 13th. In 2017, we added a new A-Frame category.

    You still had to build web games that would fit within the 13 kilobytes zipped package as before, but the new category added the A-Frame framework “for free”, so it wasn’t counted towards the size limit. The new category resulted in some really cool entries.

    Fast forward twelve months to 2018 – the category changed its name to WebXR. We added Babylon.js as a second option. In 2019, the VR category was extended again, with Three.js as the third library of choice. Thanks to the Mozilla Mixed Reality team we were able to give away three Oculus Quest devices to the winning entries.

  • We have it confirmed that Crusader Kings III will be releasing for Linux

    Good news for grand strategy game fans! After announcing Crusader Kings III during PDXCON with it looking likely to be coming to Linux, we now have confirmation.

  • Abandon Ship, the fantasy age of sail combat and adventure game is out now

    With a slick art style inspired by classic Naval Oil Paintings, Abandon Ship looks great. This fantasy age of sail adventure has now officially left Early Access.

    They didn't just flip a sign from Early Access to Release on their door though, it comes along with an absolutely huge update to the whole game. One of the big additions is a Free Play mode, allowing you to pretty much anything you want. This mode does have one special feature, which is a long-term goal of rebuilding a hidden pirate base.

  • Friendly online RPG from the developer of Shelter and Meadow, Book of Travels is live on Kickstarter

    Might and Delight continue to push boundaries here with an online RPG that has no linear quests or plot, allowing you to do whatever you want. Curiously, they're calling it a TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) as their focus is on the experience, rather than player numbers.

Games: Dance Dance Revolution, Blender Support and Rocket League

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  • Exploring the DDR arcade CDs

    Dance Dance Revolution, commonly known as DDR, is/was a series of music games by Konami, where the player has to hit notes by stepping on four panels in time with music. I say “was” because while there are still new developments, the phenomenon has largely faded, at least in my parts of the world.

    Back in the heyday, the arcade machines (beasts of 220 kg, plus the two pads weighing 100 kg each!) were based off of Konami's System 573 (573 is chosen because with the appropriate amount of creative readings in Japanese, you can make it sound like “go-na-mi”). System 573 (well, 573D, to be exact) is basically a Playstation with a custom controller connector and an I/O board capable of decoding MP3s. The songs are loaded from a regular CD-ROM.

    Recently, MAME developers have cracked the encryption used in S573 so as to be able to emulate the system (a heroic effort!), which allowed me to finally have a look at what's going on in the ISOs. I wasn't involved in this at all, but you can have a look at the source code at GitHub.

  • Embark Studios, AMD and Adidas are all now supporting Blender development

    The team behind the free and open source 3D creation suite, Blender, are once again celebrating as they've managed to secure even more funding from some interesting names.

    First up, Embark Studios announced today they have become a Corporate Gold level patron of Blender meaning they're pledging at least €30K a year which isn't exactly a small amount. Speaking about why they did so, their team wrote a little love letter Medium post. Additionally, Embark announced their plans to open source some of their own Blender tools which you can find listed here. The two current tools listed are on GitHub under the MIT license.

  • Everyone is getting the first three Rocket League DLC free and other news

    Psyonix have updated their roadmap for what's coming up in Rocket League and some of it actually sounds quite nice.

    If you've been rising the ranks during the current Competitive Season 12 in the hopes of earning a shiny reward at the end of the season, prepare for something different. When the season ends, sometime in November or December, Psyonix are giving out Universal Animated Decals.

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GNU: GCC, GNU Assembler and Spring Internships at the FSF

  • AMD GCN OpenMP/OpenACC Offloading Patches For The GCC 10 Compiler

    Over the past year Code Sourcery / Mentor Graphics has been working extensively on the new AMD Radeon "GCN" back-end for the GCC code compiler. With the code that is found in GCC 9 and up to now in GCC 10 hasn't supported OpenMP/OpenACC parallel programming interfaces but that could soon change with patches under review. The Radeon GPU support in GCC up to now hasn't supported OpenMP or OpenACC for offloading to the graphics processor and thus its practicality has been limited.

  • GNU Assembler Patches Sent Out For Optimizing The Intel Jump Conditional Code Erratum

    Now that Intel lifted its embargo on the "Jump Conditional Code" erratum affecting Skylake through Cascade Lake processors, while Intel's own Clear Linux was first to carry these patches they have now been sent out on the Binutils mailing list for trying to get the JCC optimization patches into the upstream Binutils/GAS code-base. Well known Intel compiler toolchain expert H.J. Lu sent out the five patches on Tuesday for optimizing around the JCC Erratum. The GNU Assembler (GAS) patches aim to mitigate the performance by aligning branches within 32-byte boundaries for various instructions. The behavior is activated via the -mbranches-within-32B-boundaries command line switch.

  • Spring internships at the FSF! Apply by Nov. 29

    Do you believe that free software is crucial to a free society? Do you want to help people learn why free software matters, and how to use it? Do you want to dig deep into software freedom issues like copyleft, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), or surveillance and encryption? Or, do you want to learn systems administration, design, or other tasks using only free software? The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is looking for interns to spend the summer contributing to work in one of three areas: campaigns, licensing, or technical. These positions are unpaid, but the FSF will provide any appropriate documentation you might need to receive funding and school credit from outside sources. We also provide lunch expense reimbursement and a monthly transportation pass that will give you free access to local subways and buses (MBTA). We place an emphasis on providing hands-on educational opportunities for interns, in which they work closely with staff mentors on projects that match their skills and interest.

Games: Parkitect Taste of Adventure and CodeWeavers Working on Steam Play

  • Theme park building sim Parkitect is getting a Taste of Adventure expansion

    Releasing on November 20, Texel Raptor just announced the first big expansion to their incredibly fun theme park building game Parkitect and I couldn't be more excited. I remember being completely absorbed by the classic Theme Park from Bullfrog in my youth, to which Parkitect firmly filled the hole it left in my adult life. Parkitect doesn't necessarily need an expansion, it already has everything that makes it a great game. However, I will gladly take this expansion so I can happily play even more of it.

  • CodeWeavers Is Hiring Another Graphics Developer To Help With Wine D3D / Steam Play

    CodeWeavers is looking to hire another developer to work on Wine's graphics stack and in particular the WineD3D code while having an emphasis that it's part of Valve's Steam Play (Proton) efforts.

  • CodeWeavers are after a Graphics Developer for Steam Play Proton and Wine

    CodeWeavers, the company that helps to support development of Wine and are currently partnered up with Valve to help with Steam Play/Proton have a new Graphics Developer position open. This is a completely different position to the one we posted about before, which is a more generalised role. Instead, their new Graphics Developer position would have you working on Wine's Direct3D implementation. Quite a complicated role, involving early DirectDraw up until modern Direct3D 12 in addition to Vulkan and OpenGL.

Removals From Linux 5.4

  • VirtualBox SF Driver Ejected From The Linux 5.4 Kernel

    Merged to the mainline Linux kernel last week was a driver providing VirtualBox guest shared folder support with the driver up to now being out-of-tree but important for sharing files between the host and guest VM(s). While the driver was part of Linux 5.4-rc7, Linus Torvalds decided to delete this driver on Tuesday. The VirtualBox Shared Folder (VBOXSF) driver will not be part of the mainline Linux 5.4 kernel. Linus was unhappy that it didn't have the necessary sign-offs plus that it's coming late in the cycle and not appearing to meet quality expectations.

  • The Linux Kernel Disabling HPET For Intel Coffee Lake

    Another Intel change being sent off for Linux 5.4 and to be back-ported to current stable series is disabling of HPET for Coffee Lake systems. Due to bug reports going back at least a half-year and workarounds not panning out, kernel developers have decided to blacklist the High Precision Event Timer (HPET) on Coffee Lake systems. Some Coffee Lake systems have a skewed HPET timer when entering the PC10 power state and that in turn marks the time stamp counter (TSC) as unstable.

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