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Games: Dwerve, Humble Headup Games Band Boost Bundle, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild

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  • Half Human Games announced Dwerve, a tower defense and dungeon crawler RPG hybrid

    Today, Half Human Games announced Dwerve, a tower defense game that mixes in dungeon crawling and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

    "Dwerve is a tower defense dungeon crawler RPG. It tells the story of a young dwarven tinkerer that adventures into dwarven ruins to unearth the lost technologies of the ancient warsmiths - turrets and traps, the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch Queen Vandra the Wicked and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures."

  • The 'Humble Headup Games Band Boost Bundle' is up with some fun looking stuff

    Ready for a gaming boost to push through the week? The Humble Headup Games Band Boost Bundle is out now and it has some rather sweet looking games.

    Live from now until Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 here's a run-down of what to expect from it. Titles with Linux support are highlighted. Any that do work with the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer are noted too.

  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild announced, on Linux 'shortly' after Windows

    Creative Assembly today announced Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild, a full expansion coming to the hit strategy game and there's a lot of content.

    This is not some minor DLC adding some new faces, it's coming with the first extension of the THREE KINGDOMS map that will see you visit the jungles around Southern China. This is where you will experience a bit of Nanman culture, which Creative Assembly mentioned as being a highly requested addition.

Games: Fugl, DDraceNetwork, Vintage Story, Team Fortress 2

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  • Flying and shape-shifting sim 'Fugl' continues improving Vulkan support

    Do a barrel roll! Actually, now you can in Fugl, the shape-shifting bird flying sim just had another Early Access upgrade to improve their Vulkan API support and more.

    Apparently being able to do a Barrel Roll has been requested for a long time, ever since the first showing of Fugl to the public. It's a nice little addition, giving you just that little bit of extra fun while you're flying around exploring. Not just that, there's a new procedural walking animation too which looks pretty sweet.

  • Story-driven platformer metroidvania Clunky Hero gets new trailer and IndieGoGo campaign

    After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Nicola Piovesan of Estonian team Chaosmonger Studio is now doing an extra funding campaign for Clunky Hero. Plus, there's a new trailer.

    What is it? Clunky Hero is a story-driven metroidvania platformer with a few RPG elements and plenty of humour. The kind of game where you're fighting enemies like drunken bees with a broom stick. Slightly absurd and a nice alternative to all the dark and serious styled games in the same genre.


  • Five years later, free and open source DDraceNetwork is now on Steam

    DDraceNetwork, originally just a mod for the platform shooter Teeworlds that eventually spawned its own game is now up and free on Steam. Giving new life to a classic game, one that's absolutely frantic, it's good to see it appear now after five years waiting.

    This is not a shooter, instead it's something of a big online co-op game where you're all trying to reach the finish line of every map. It's not a Fall Guys situation either, you're not trying win over everyone else. Instead it's just about finishing. That can be together as you help each other or alone—whatever goes really.


  • The impressive Seasons Update for wilderness survival sandbox Vintage Story is out

    Vintage Story, the wilderness survival sandbox inspired by lovecraftian horror themes with some impressive depth to it has a huge new stable release up.

    A survival game that just continues to impress me. Slow and difficult to get into but very rewarding once you learn the mechanics which have a surprising amount of depth. That depth gets deeper with the Seasons Update, which I don't think I need to explain too much with the big highlight being a full season system which includes: snow accumulation, there's season-specific foliage and temperature dependent plant growth.

    Not only seasons though, graphically it got another bump. There's now SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion), specular sunlight reflections on water surfaces and more foamy water. Also added: persistent world map, lots of new flora for hot and wet climates like Fern trees, crotons and rafflesias, in-game help improvements and tons more

  • Civilization VI gets another free upgrade on August 27, some highlights

    As the team at Firaxis Games continue to improve Civilization VI with the New Frontier Pass, they're also pushing out free game upgrades in between DLC releases.

    The next of these is the August 2020 update, which will be going live on August 27. 


  • Team Fortress 2 Classic should now work better on Linux

    Team Fortress 2 Classic is the re-imagining of the 2008-2009 era of the original Team Fortress 2 designed as a casual mod that anyone can get into and enjoy a little FPS action.

    It released properly back in July to much excitement in the TF2 modding community and it sounds like it's doing well. The release came with a few Linux issues and problems elsewhere, which have been fixed up with a new patch out now. On the Linux side, it should fix broken sounds and a crash involving the Capture The Flag game mode.

The 10 Best Linux Games [2020 Edition]

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Not too long ago, people had to use Wine or run virtual machines like VMware to play Windows Games on their Linux PCs. Not only was this inefficient, but it also consumed a lot of extra resources and resulted in a sub-optimal gaming experience. But standing in 2020, gaming on Linux is like a long-time dream come true.

Users have access to a massive library of games – many of them are AAA titles designed for Windows PCs – that can be played without needing any virtualization. And the gaming performance is comparable to Windows PCs.

A part of the thanks goes to Proton – a compatibility layer designed by Steam, which allows Microsoft Windows games to run on Linux-based operating systems without any noticeable hit on performance. Read this to learn more about Steam for Linux.

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Linux gaming overlay MangoHud version 0.5.1 released

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Continuing to be the go-to for people needing a good HUD while gaming, MangoHud has a new release up. Giving you the ability to get a real-time readout on GPU/CPU use, FPS, frame timings, RAM/VRAM use, what graphics API is used and even a little benchmarking.

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Games: Vagrus, Good Robot, OpenRCT2 and More

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  • Vagrus - The Riven Realms manages to break $100K on Fig with Early Access

    What's become quite an ongoing indie success story is Vagrus - The Riven Realms, an incredibly interesting post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid.

    "Vagrus is an award-winning roleplaying game with a narrative focus, open-world exploration, and strong elements of strategy. The player takes the role of a vagrus - a caravan leader who strives to survive in a strange and dangerous dark fantasy world by leading a traveling company on all kinds of ventures."

    A game that's been featured here on GOL a few times, and with good reason. The amount of promise it shows is ridiculous, especially if you love games with deep lore and lots to explore. Lost Pilgrims Studio have been funding their game on Fig for over a year, using a hybrid model of Early Access / Crowdfunding where you get instant access. This campaign has now passed $100,000 and continues to rise as they pull in funding to work on new features.

  • Roguelike shoot 'em up Good Robot is now open source

    Fast-paced roguelike shoot-em-up Good Robot released in 2016 from Pyrodactyl has now had the code opened up under the MIT license.

    Speaking about the open source release on the Diecast podcast with Paul Spooner, developer Shamus Young who made the original prototype and teamed up with Pyrodactyl for the full release talked a little about it.

  • An interview with Elden Pixels, creators of Alwa's Legacy and Alwa's Awakening

    "Hello! My name is Mikael Forslind and I’m the CEO and Lead Game Designer at a small indie company called Elden Pixels based here in Gothenburg, a small town in the lovely country of Sweden. The first game we released was Alwa’s Awakening that came out about three years ago and was met with a lot of praise. So much so, that we decided to quit our day jobs and pursue this indie dream full-time. Now two years have passed and I couldn’t be more broke, I mean happy. Two months ago we released Alwa’s Legacy, which is a standalone follow-up to our first game. Both games were of course released on Linux on day one."

  • Anstoss 2022 / Club Manager 2022 hits the goal for Linux support

    Reviving a classic from the days of the Amiga, Anstoss 2022 / Club Manager 2022 is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with 5 days to go. Thankfully, it's hit the stretch-goal to properly support Linux.

    2tainment GmbH, technically a publisher, had a project in-house for a while as a hobby that they decided to take forward to bring a classic football manager game back to modern platforms along with a little help from Kalypso Media who appear to hold the licensing for it.

    "Club Manager 2022 will combine classic ‘impulse’ gameplay with modern football analysis, offering players a heat map and many other performance tracking tools. Alongside a manager talent tree and player editor, the game will also include multiplayer in the form of a ‘hotseat’ mode, where up to three friends can play together online."

  • Libretro / RetroArch were hacked, wiping some repositories

    GitHub themselves have replied (source) to mentioned they can't help, so they're now relying on local backups and Git history from their developers to get it back to where it was online.

    Some good news though: for users they said no Cores or RetroArch installs should be considered compromised, as the attacker was too busy with wiping things and being a nuisance. However, thanks to it the Core installer is offline as are the 'Update Assets', 'Update Overlays', 'Update Shaders' functions.

    Also mentioned is how they didn't have automated backups of their buildbot, a service which helps to automate building the application and testing. Something that's generally vital for larger projects. They said it's due to funding, as they don't have enough for it with a note about supporting them on Patreon to help.

  • OpenRCT2, the open source game engine for RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 has a major update

    You don't always have to give up classics, thanks to open source. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 continues living on with a fresh update of the re-implementation OpenRCT2. It attempts to provide everything from RCT2 as well as many improvements and additional features, along with cross-platform support.

    Release v0.3.0 "Every Script is Sacred" is out now, which continues to improve the foundation enabling you to enjoy the game even more. Like a lot of open source game engines, it's never really done. OpenRCT2 is very playable though, even with online multiplayer.

    Some highlights include: support for custom JavaScript plugins, .sea (RCT Classic) scenario files can now be imported, ride list sort mode is now remembered for the duration of the game, Path additions are now kept when replacing the path, a new version notification system, Guest entry points can now be removed by clicking them again, a Cheat to allow building at invalid heights was added, you can now open doors with the tile inspector and more. Multiplayer got a small tweak to allow a Custom IP address to be advertised to the master server to work around IPv6 issues. This release will also warn users running it in Wine instead of the proper build, as it leads to issues.

Games: Vaporum, Veloren and Dota 2

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  • The Vaporum: Lockdown teaser has me wanting more

    Vaporum: Lockdown is the upcoming prequel to 2017's Vaporum, a first-person real-time dungeon crawler that impressed with the graphical style and the gameplay. With grid-based movement, it was something of a highlight if you enjoyed classics like Dungeon Master I and II, the Eye of the Beholder series, and the more recent Legend of Grimrock I and II.

  • Want more professional Godot Engine tutorials? Check out this new Kickstarter

    Interested in game development? Godot Engine is a constantly improving free, open source and high quality game engine and one developer is trying to push out more professional content to help people using it.

    Nathan Lovato has been working on GDQuest, a free Software project and a social company that started off as a little YouTube channel focused on game art tutorials. They later moved onto Krita as their "first taste" of free software, and then they moved onto Godot Engine and Linux too. Since then they've continued to expand, putting out a ton of free tutorials and tools for developers over on the GDQuest website, which includes plenty of open source stuff.


  • Papercraft tactical RPG 'Wildermyth' is now massively better after recent updates

    Wildermyth, a tactical turn-based RPG with a Papercraft styled design that's like a tabletop RPG mixed with XCOM has recently had some pretty huge tech upgrades.

    It's already winning me over as a game, with some fantastic campaigns to play through and a style that is just amazing. However, it has struggled with a few major technical issues across both Linux and Windows. In particular, the mouse was unusable in fullscreen which has now been fully solved. The developer has recently upgraded their use of the cross-platform tech: libGDX, LWJGL and GLFW to new major versions which has made the entire experience drastically better.


  • Free and open source voxel RPG 'Veloren' has a huge new release out

    Veloren is an in-development open-world and open source voxel RPG, it shows a massive amount of promise and a brand new release is out for you to try. If you missed it, we did an interview with one of the developers back in June which is a good read if you want a little more background info.

    Inspired by the likes of Cube World, Dwarf Fortress, and Breath of the Wild it could be something special and this brand new 0.7 release is showing more of what it's capable of.

  • Dota 2 - The International 10 close to a record for the Battle Pass, new Collector’s Cache

    The International 10, Dota 2's upcoming major tournament is getting close to breaking another record for the prize pool. Plus there's a new Collector's Cache up.

    Mostly funded by the Battle Pass, where 25% of it goes into the prize pool and the rest to Valve, making it a tidy earner for Valve even with their costs. For the 2019 tournament, the total managed to hit $34,330,068 which was a world record for the biggest prize pool in a single e-sport event. It's looking this the next tournament is going to be even bigger with it currently sitting at $32,655,676. There's still quite a long while to go too, as the current Battle Pass isn't ending until September 19. Looks like we might have another world record on our hands here soon! A lot can happen though, as the actual tournament is no longer happening as planned. Valve delayed The International 10 until 2021, due to all the issues with COVID19 making travel a bad idea.

  • A weekend round-up: tell us what play button you've been clicking recently

    Another week has dragged on and here we are, the weekend. It's time to go over a few little bits and find out what our readers have been playing this week.

    For me, I've been playing rather a lot of DRAG, the fancy new racer from Orontes Games. As pretty as it is and how smooth the performance is, the game itself might be the most frustrated I've been with a racing game—ever. Not the kind of frustration to put me off because of technical issues, more at my own inability to keep the damn car from sliding about everywhere and then smashing into a tiny little tree and losing a precious wheel.


    Something very concerning is what's happening over at Mozilla. There's been some conflicting reports but they're definitely changing and letting go of 250 staff members. MDN (Mozilla Developer Network), practically one of the go-to places for reading up on web tech and standards also had its team gutted and they're trying to find a way forwards. Hopefully it's not all as bad as it sounds. It's alarming since they make Firefox, and it would be really bad if we ended up with just Chromium sticking around. Open source still sure, but Google pretty firmly control it. The somewhat good news, is that Mozilla has now managed to sign a new deal with Google for funding, which makes up the majority of their incoming monies.

Games: Dead Cells, Sunset Shapes, Dying Light - Hellraid and More

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  • Dead Cells gets another big free update and a Demake Soundtrack

    A chiptune/8-bit version of the Dead Cells soundtrack? Absolutely sign me up. Oh, there's also a brand new free content update out now which is nice too.

    What they're calling the "Barrels o' Fun" update is out now, with an entirely new level/biome to play through which provides you with an alternative path to High Peak Castle which should spice-up the late game. This of course comes with new weapons, enemies, explosions and probably many player deaths. The new biome is called The Derelict Distillery, which comes with its own distinct style full of "old broken barrels and bottles, pipes venting steam, cool looking metal containers in the background - that kind of thing". That's great and all but it's the enemies that are important here, there's a new angry fella who throws big explosive barrels at you.

  • You are what you eat in the run and gun game Bite the Bullet

    What they're calling the "Barrels o' Fun" update is out now, with an entirely new level/biome to play through which provides you with an alternative path to High Peak Castle which should spice-up the late game. This of course comes with new weapons, enemies, explosions and probably many player deaths. The new biome is called The Derelict Distillery, which comes with its own distinct style full of "old broken barrels and bottles, pipes venting steam...


    Quite a bit like the feel of Metal Slug, Contra and those sorts of run and gun games but with a little added platforming and wall jumping here and there.

  • Sunset Shapes is a relaxing puzzle game about building shadows

    Playing with shadows is something I'm sure we've all done a few times and Sunset Shapes takes that idea, merges it with some almost Tetris-like shapes to have you build a shadow.

    Inspired by the basic gameplay found in .projekt, each level gives you a set of shapes you need to fill with shadows. To do so, the game drops a bunch of random blocks onto the floor, for you to then move them around the air to attempt to fill out those shadow-shapes. For a puzzle game, it's actually a pretty sweet idea.

  • Evolution sim The Sapling expands in September with massive new features

    Indie game dev Wessel Stoop has announced their evolution sim, The Sapling, will be getting a first proper major update since entering Early Access in 2019.

    With an aim for The Flower Update to land on September 10, Stoop mentioned over email that they spent three months completely rewriting and optimizing the underlying engine. As a result, they mentioned it's become possible to make scenarios 100 times larger.

  • Over 8 years in development later, Factorio is properly out now

    Originally crowdfunded on IndieGoGo back in 2013, who would have thought this 2D game about building conveyor belts across a big map would be such a big hit? A great many years later, 8+ in total and here we are. Factorio has now left Early Access as a proper full game.

    The game was pretty much finished already, this last push was to get it out before Cyberpunk which ended up being delayed anyway. With that in mind, there's some rough edges here and there that needs sorting. Still, they said they wanted to make the release truly special, so they added in a big 'Spidertron' walking spider mech that has all sorts of ridiculous uses and it sounds like serious fun. It can driven, remotely controlled, it has rocket launchers and more.

  • Rip Them Off is an upcoming blend of tower defense and satirical economic management

    Tower defense mixed blended with an economic management puzzle that has a satirical take on capitalism? Can't say I remember any other game that blends such elements together. Rip Them Off from Lozange Lab is releasing in September and it's now their PR team has reached out to us directly here at GOL to confirm Linux PC support.

    "The Board needs its profit, and it’s up to you to line the streets with shops the masses can’t resist. Choose your locations, pick your stores and earn enough to advance up the corporate ladder with its increasingly difficult challenges."

  • Dying Light - Hellraid is out now giving you a little dungeon crawling

    Based loosely upon what would have been a standalone game from Techland (it's "on-hold"), Dying Light - Hellraid, a small DLC that swaps Zombies for Skeletons and sends you into a cramped and streamlined dungeon crawler.

    Techland say it's not just a new map, as they created new enemies for it and it has its own progression system giving you gradual access to new swords, axes and hammers. While you can't take regular equipment into Hellraid, you do get to take these brand new weapons outside into the normal Dying Light world once you pay using the new coin system. It also has co-op support so you can play with others.

  • Dota Underlords is getting a hero rotation soon and a rank reset

    Valve have remembered that Dota Underlords exists and needs some attention, with an announcement that it's going to see a hero rotation soon.

    Addressing the fact that since release, updates have slowed down and have mostly been balance changes, they mentioned how their team has been helping "other recent Valve projects ship" and external issues "2020 everybody" (COVID19 interrupted everything). They've mentioned that in the "next few weeks" we will get a hero rotation bringing in 8 new heroes, along with new alliances, new items and a rank reset. Hopefully this is the start of more updates to come.

Games: Android, GNU/Linux and New Titles

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  • How to Find New and Exciting Games to Play on Android
  • 16 of the Best Free Games For Linux

    “Free” and “Linux” go hand in hand beautifully, like chips and a milkshake, and even though Linux isn’t widely seen as a gaming platform, there is a veritable wealth of free games you can get for it if you look in the right places. That’s in large part thanks to unpaid, open-source developers, who collaborate to bring classics (and new games) all together in Linux.

  • Quirky comedy point and click adventure 'Sol 705' is out now for Linux PC

    Sol 705, a point and click adventure that pays homage to the classics from the likes of Lucas Arts, Sierra is out now and it's added Linux PC support too.

    Developed by Land Patricio and Space Indie Studios, it appears this is a crowdfunded title that slipped through the cracks as we completely missed the successful Kickstarter from 2018 where the developer pulled in over ten thousand dollars. While it's designed like the classics, it does have plenty of modern touches from a hint system to voice acting for some of the seriously varied cast.

  • The Bomber Crew team announced Space Crew and it's coming to Linux PC

    Did you enjoy Bomber Crew? Runner Duck's strategic simulation game was a wonderful release from 2017 and they're now going aiming to go further with Space Crew.

    This was actually announced back in June, although at that point the platforms it was launching on was not confirmed. Towards the end of July, I spotted Linux appearing in the system requirements and today the developer emailed back with a firm confirmation, "Yes, we are planning on Space Crew supporting Linux at launch.".

  • Religion creation auto-battler Godhood has launched after a rough time for Abbey Games

    After going through funding and development troubles, Abbey Games have now launched the 1.0 release of their religion creation auto-battler Godhood.

    Quite a relaxing and laid-back experience that blends together a little bit of many things. You construct a religion, build up a little town and engage in hands-off turn-based battles that do everything for you so you get to sit back and watch how it all unfolds. Quite a different take on the auto-battling seen in the likes of Dota Underlords that's for sure.

  • The free Rise of Avalon expansion for Albion Online is live

    Free to play and now much bigger, Albion Online has a brand new expansion out with Rise of Avalon and there's lots of new goodies to play through.

    One of the biggest additions to Albion Online since it began, this brings the Roads of Avalon, a big network of magical pathways that bring new ways to travel, transport and engage in combat allowing you to explore the Wilderness of Avalon. Another huge addition are Corrupted Dungeons, giving Solo players something fun that mixes PvE and PvP invasions together in randomized dungeons. There's also fifteen powerful new Avalonian weapons to find.

  • Streets of Rogue gets a big bug-fix update as work continues on a sequel

    Streets of Rogue, one of my absolute favourite indie games has a new update out as work continues to find and fix every possible bug, plus a few new bits were added.

    Before getting into the juice of the update though, with the developer previously confirming a sequel is in the works (that should also come to Linux) they've briefly mentioned it again now. In the update notes, they mentioned how they're building up the tech needed for the sequel and that it's going "really smoothly.". This work will allow for a much bigger and more open world, which sounds pretty exciting!

Games: Terminal Phase, Imperator: Rome and More

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  • Terminal Phase in Linux Magazine (Polish edition)

    Hey look at that! My terminal-space-shooter-game Terminal Phase made an appearance in the Polish version of Linux Magazine. I had no idea, but Michal Majchrzak both tipped me off to it and took the pictures. (Thank you!)

    I don't know Polish but I can see some references to Konami and SHMUP (shoot-em-up game). The screenshot they have isn't the one I published, so I guess the author got it running too... I hope they had fun!

  • Imperator: Rome gets a major free update, new DLC and cross-store multiplayer

    Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio put out a massive upgrade for Imperator: Rome which includes a free update, an expansion and cross-platform / cross-store online play.

    There's quite a lot to dissect here, so let's start with the free content update. The 1.5 "Menander" update went out, as part of their focus on smaller and more regular updates to various systems. With the main point being to add greater depth to cultural management in the game.

  • Prepare your hard drive as another Steam Game Festival is coming in October

    After a massive success with the most recent Steam Game Festival back in June, it's going to return for another round later this year in October. This is where Steam users get to play through a ton of limited-time demos, which originally started back in December 2019 to go along with The Game Awards.

    From a post on the Steamworks Development group on Steam, the date is confirmed to be October 7 - 13. Valve mentioned in the announcement that they will soon open up the developer opt-in for the event, giving developers another chance to get a demo out there and get more eyes on their game. Developers don't have long, as the opt-in date is only open from between August 19 - 26.

Games: DRAG, Valve Index kit and Inscryption

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  • DRAG | Linux Gaming | Ubuntu 20.04 | Native

    DRAG running natively through Linux.

  • Sci-fi racer with fancy 4-point physics 'DRAG' is now in Early Access

    Orontes Games have finally unleashed DRAG, their sci-fi racer with advanced 4-point physics into Early Access. Note: key provided to GOL by the developer.

    Introducing what they say is a "new kind of vehicle-physics", their 4-way contact point traction technology (or 4CPT-technology for short) simulates every component of the vehicles in real time. The result is supposed to give you "realistic, dynamic" behaviour with a full damage model, so expect to see wheels flying across your screen when in multiplayer.

  • My experiences of Valve's VR on Linux

    As the proud and excited owner of a shiny new Valve Index kit to go with my almost-new all-AMD rig, I thought I’d outline the journey to getting it all working, exclusively on Linux.

    Now bear in mind that I’m not amazingly Linux-savvy. I’ve been using it since the early 2000’s, sure, and full time, exclusively, since 2013, but I’m not very interested in learning the guts of this stuff. I’m extremely technical as a network nerd, but my O/S is just a tool to let me run cool things. I want to be a “normal” consumer of that O/S and if things don’t work out of the box, I take a dim view of it and I don’t have a lot of patience for terminal hacks or “compiling my own kernel”.

  • Inscryption from the developer of Pony Island has a new trailer

    Inscryption from Daniel Mullins Games (Pony Island, The Hex) sounds absolutely wild and it's got a brand new trailer but we've got quite some time to wait on it.

    Based upon the title Sacrifices Must Be Made, which Mullins made for the Ludum Dare 43 Game Jam, Inscryption is described as an "inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuilding roguelike, escape-room style puzzles, and psychological horror into a blood-laced smoothie".

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