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Just talk

Gltron on the BIG screen

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Just talk

Oh man, I was getting the yen to play gltron and went to the site to check out the latest and greatest on it when I saw this post:

Gltron on the 'big screen'. "Pablo Veramendi got GLtron running across 12 monitors. Amazing."

daaaaaang! 12 monitors! I wish he had posted his howto! Big Grin

May Enlightenment

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Just talk

I installed kde cvs a week or so back after posting my Month with Fluxbox - Part 2, yet I always seemed to choose fluxbox when it came time to log into X. I very much enjoyed running fluxbox, but I'm gonna run enlightment during May and see how it goes.

Neato Pic

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Just talk

My sister sent me this Kincaid gif this morning. I thought it was kinda neato so I figured I'd share. It don't have anything to do with anything, but...

Weird *ss Weather

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Just talk

You'd think after living in TN for 25 years, no make that 35 years, I'd be used to this weird weather. One saying that's become cliche around here is 'If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes - it'll change'. Yet it never seems to cease to amaze me. It's been raining here for several days now, it was raining when I went to bed last night and a thunderstorm awoke me this morning. This thunderstorm was a little spookier than most because the sky had taken on this eerie greenish-yellowish cast. Well, we practically-native Tennesseans know that's one of the warning signs of tornado activity, another thing we should be used to by now.

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