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Red Hat Gaining Market Share

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  • Red Hat Gaining Market Share Against Microsoft, SUSE, and Solaris
  • Fedora Scientific: Open Source Scientific Computing
  • From Fedora 14 to 16 with yum
  • Installing Fedora 16 with web self service
  • Red Hat Holiday break 2011-2012
  • Red Hat Shares Climbing Higher, Up 5.3%

My Favorite Distribution Releases 2010-2011

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all-things-linux.blogspot: I was going to write about how I finally dumped Firefox, but it looks like I'm going to open the 'My Top Distributions of the Year' season instead. This is obviously biased by what we know and have tried.

Sabily Linux review

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Linux Sabily is an example of the type of Ubuntu-derived operating system that isn't an 'official' member of the Ubuntu family but still uses the Canonical-sponsored OS to deliver a user-friendly experience designed to appeal to a particular community.

Old Computer? No Problem! Linux Saves The Day.

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Linux Want to know what utilizes 54.3 MB of RAM idle at 1% CPU utilization on a Gateway M250 laptop? CrunchBang Linux, that’s what!

December Linux fun

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Linux We look at the latest big Linux releases and a few coming up in the months ahead.

Linux Mint 12 Lisa Review: Magnificent

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Linux Linux Mint, the venerable Ubuntu based Linux distro, is in the news again. Linux Mint 12 codenamed "Lisa" is finally released. It based on GNOME 3.0 and runs GNOME Shell with some ingenious tweaks of its own.

Linux Mint 12 MATE Review

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Linux The recent release of Linux Mint 12 has gotten quite a bit of attention. Most reviews of Linux Mint 12 have focused mainly on the GNOME 3 desktop (as pointed out in the comments of my Linux Mint 12 GNOME 3 review by reader liquidkermit). But there’s another desktop environment included in Linux Mint 12 called MATE.

Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Awards 2011

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Software The votes are in, the tallies are counted, the hanging chads have been evaluated, and we have our winners. This year holds a few surprises, a couple dominant players and as much open source as you can handle.

Is Linux Mint an Ubuntu-Killer?

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  • Is Linux Mint an Ubuntu-Killer?
  • Linux Mint 12 Review
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Cinnamon 2.8.6 Desktop Environment Is Out for Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa"

The developers behind the popular Cinnamon open-source desktop environment, a fork of the GNOME Shell user interface of the acclaimed GNOME 3 desktop environment, have released a new maintenance build for the Cinnamon 2.8 series. Read more

KDE Plasma 5.5

  • KDE Plasma 5.5 Windows 8 Metro-Inspired Theme Looks Interesting
    KDE developer Kai Uwe has just published a lengthy article where he talks about developing a Windows 8-inspired theme for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.5 desktop environment.
  • KDE Developer Working On Windows 8 Inspired Look
    Kai Uwe has been working on some experimental hacks to resemble Windows 8, although Microsoft's default interface has changed with Windows 10. He's calling this work "U-Bahn" (the German equivalent of a Metro subsystem system) in reference to Microsoft at the time calling it Metro. This was just some brief hacking and he's not planning to see this U-Bahn project through to the end.
  • Pursuing Awesomeness
    While applets can be installed through “Get Hot New Stuff” and distribution repositories, there’s also the classic .plasmoid file. A feature suggested by one of my colleagues – fresh KDE Plasma user – was to drag .plasmoid files onto the desktop or panel and have them installed. After Marco Martin implemented the neccessary KPackage plumbing this is now possible.

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