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Endless: A computer the rest of the world can afford

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What sets the Endless apart from other low cost machines is Endless OS, a highly customized version of Ubuntu Linux with Gnome (and lots of other interesting technology such as Xapian and OStree) that not only handles TVs as output devices (it scales and formats video output for readability), but also includes a huge library of applications and educational content. This is important because in emerging markets the Endless system will be useful and well-featured even if you don’t have any kind of networking services available.

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Papyros Linux Distro Uses a New Material Design Shell

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Papyros is a new Linux distribution built from scratch that uses the Material Design guidelines. Developers chose to build an entirely new desktop shell that perfectly simulates the use of Material Design, and the team is really close to releasing the first testing version for the public.

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AMD Catalyst 15.7 Stable Linux Driver Released After a Long Absence

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The AMD developers have announced that a new Catalyst Linux driver, 15.7, has been released and is now available for download. It's been a while since we had a stable version of the Catalyst driver, but it's still not all that impressive.

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LinuxIT Acquired

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  • Double swoop gives Claranet second wind

    A double acquisition swoop by Claranet will bolster the managed service provider's IT services prowess and thrust its turnover to £150m.

    Funded through debt and supported by its financial backers including RBS, the managed services provider has simultaneously grabbed business continuity specialist Techgate and Linux specialist LinuxIT for an undisclosed sum.


    LinuxIT, which specialises in professional and managed services for Linux-based applications, employs 20 staff and work with 200 customers including ITV and Hopkins Architects. The Bristol-based firm turned over £2.6m last year.

  • Claranet expands portfolio with two acquisitions

    The MSP has bought disaster recovery and Linux services firms

  • Claranet aims to boost DR and Linux services with acquisitions

    The company has acquired Techgate and LinuxIT to help expand its offering across Europe

    Claranet has acquired Techgate and LinuxIT so it can offer a wider selection of disaster recovery and Linux service to customers in its six territories.

    Techgate’s secure and flexible IT infrastructure services cover business continuity, disaster recovery and back-up services. The company operates two data centres and has more than 200 customers, which will become Claranet’s customers when the acquisition completes.

    LinuxIT offers professional and managed services for Linux-based on-premise and hosted applications. The company also has around 200 customers and its 20 members of staff will join Claranet.

Leftovers: Kernel

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FSF endorses embedded GNU/Linux distro ProteanOS as fully free

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The FSF's list consists of ready-to-use full GNU/Linux systems whose developers have made a commitment to follow the Guidelines for Free System Distributions. This means each distro includes and steers users toward exclusively free software. All distros on this list reject nonfree software, including firmware "blobs" and nonfree documentation.

ProteanOS is a new, small, and fast distribution that primarily targets embedded devices, but is also being designed to be part of the boot system of laptops and other devices. The lead maintainer of ProteanOS is P. J. McDermott, who is working closely with the Libreboot project and hopes to have ProteanOS be part of the boot system of Libreboot-compatible devices.

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Also: The Licensing and Compliance Lab interviews Joël Krähemann, maintainer of Advanced GTK+ Sequencer

Alpine Linux 3.2.1 released

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The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.2.1 of its Alpine Linux operating system.

This is a bugfix release of the v3.2 musl based branch. This release is based on the 3.18.17 kernel which has some critical security fixes.

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Phoronix on Graphics

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  • What Do You Hope To See Out Of Today's Expected Catalyst Linux Update?

    It's expected that today AMD will be releasing an updated Catalyst (v15.20) Linux graphics driver. Aside from Radeon Rx 300/Fury graphics card support, what do you hope is part of this new driver series?

  • AMD Radeon 300 Series On Linux - Catalyst: 0 vs. Open-Source: 1

    When receiving the MSI Radeon R7 370 for review on Phoronix, I first tried installing the latest publicly available driver from the AMD web-site... The Catalyst 15.5 for Linux that has been available on since early June. Since then they haven't put out any stable/beta Catalyst Linux releases, even after the Rx 300 series launch. When trying to install this latest Catalyst Linux driver atop Ubuntu 15.04, it became quickly apparent that it was unsupported....

  • A Look At CS:GO & TF2 On AMD GPUs With The Open-Source Driver

    In the testing so far has been a Radeon HD 6870, HD 6950, HD 7850, R9 290, and R7 370. There will be more cards in the R7 370 Linux review along with some fresh open-source NVIDIA benchmark results. Tests were done on Linux 4.1.1 and Mesa 10.7-devel atop Ubuntu 15.04. Linux 4.2 Git couldn't be tested (plus the R9 285 with AMDGPU) since this particular test system is still plagued by the Linux 4.2 kernel panics.

  • AMD FirePro S9170 Rolls Out With 32GB Of GDDR5 Memory


Running ZFS On The Linux 4.1 Kernel

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With the recently released ZFS On Linux there is added support for the Linux 4.1 kernel. After carrying out the recent 6-way file-system comparison on Linux 4.1 I decided to run some fresh tests of this popular, out-of-tree file-system.

This article has the results of the recent EXT4, Btrfs, F2FS, XFS, ReiserFS, and NILFS2 comparison with the ZFS ZOL results added in for the same system with the testing that was backed by a Mushkin 120GB ECO2 MKNSSDEC120GB Serial ATA 3.0 solid-state drive.

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Also: A Big Set Of Updates Come For KDBUS

Linux Foundation's Individual Membership Drive to Help IT Professionals Advance Careers

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

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The Raspberry Pi has been very popular among hobbyists and educators ever since its launch in 2011. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer with a Broadcom BCM 2835 SoC, 256MB to 512MB of RAM, USB ports, GPIO pins, Ethernet, HDMI out, camera header and an SD card slot. The most attractive aspects of the Raspberry Pi are its low cost of $35 and large user community following.

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today's leftovers

  • Debian XU4 images updated
    I've updated my Debian images for the ODROID XU4; the newest build was done before stretch release, and a lot of minor adjustments have happened since then.
  • Parrot 4.0 Ethical Hacking Linux Distro Released
  • FBI says Russians hacked [sic] hundreds of thousands of home and office routers

    The warning followed a court order Wednesday that allowed the FBI to seize a website that the hackers [sic] planned to use to give instructions to the routers. Though that cut off malicious communications, it still left the routers infected, and Friday’s warning was aimed at cleaning up those machines.

  • FBI tells router users to reboot now to kill malware infecting 500k devices

    Researchers from Cisco’s Talos security team first disclosed the existence of the malware on Wednesday. The detailed report said the malware infected more than 500,000 devices made by Linksys, Mikrotik, Netgear, QNAP, and TP-Link. Known as VPNFilter, the malware allowed attackers to collect communications, launch attacks on others, and permanently destroy the devices with a single command. The report said the malware was developed by hackers [sic] working for an advanced nation, possibly Russia, and advised users of affected router models to perform a factory reset, or at a minimum to reboot.

Software and Games: KStars, Opera, OpenStack, MariaDB and More

  • KStars 2.9.6 is Released!
    I'm glad to announce the release of KStars 2.9.6 for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This is a minor bugfix release.
  • Opera 54 Browser Enters Beta with News on the Speed Dial, Update & Recovery Menu
    Opera has promoted its upcoming Opera 54 web browser to the beta channel, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the final version, due for release sometime next month. Based on the open-source Chromium 67.0.3396.18 web browser, Opera 54 recently entered beta stages of development with a plethora of new features and improvements, among which we can mention a new Update & Recovery Opera menu page that makes it easier for users to update the web browser and reset it to its default state, including the ability to clear temporary data, such as cookies.
  • OpenStack at a Crossroads
    The OpenStack of a few years ago is dead, however. What has emerged from the hype cycle is a materially different foundation, mission and software stack, with a great deal of change still ahead of it.
  • The OpenStack Foundation grows beyond OpenStack
    The OpenStack Foundation has made a considerable change to its development process and governance structure by introducing two open source projects that are not part of the OpenStack cloud platform. This week, the organization launched version 1.0 of Kata Containers - a runtime system with an emphasis on speed and security, enabling users to boot a VM in as little as five seconds - and introduced a brand new project called Zuul, spinning out the software development and integration platform that has been used by the OpenStack community internally since 2012.
  • Oracle nemesis MariaDB tries to lure enterprise folk with TX 3.0
    Open-source database biz MariaDB has upped the ante in its war against Oracle, promising enterprise customers better compatibility with – and easier migration from – Big Red. The Finnish firm's latest offering, MariaDB TX 3.0, released for GA today, extends the number of use cases to include temporal processing and advanced data protection for sensitive and personally identifiable information, as well as Oracle compatibility. The broad aim is to tap into customers' grumbles over legacy vendor lock-in, while convincing the bigger customers that they can move to an open-source database without compromising performance.
  • The Humble Monthly Bundle just added two great Linux games
    For those that are interested, you can secure a copy of two great Linux games in the current Humble Monthly Bundle. Just added today are: Get Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth
  • SC-Controller 0.4.3 Released, Support Steam Controller & Sony DS4 Over Bluetooth
    For those looking to manage your Steam Controller and other supported Linux gaming peripheral input devices outside of Steam, there is a new release of the independently-developed SC-Controller Linux user-space software. While Linux 4.18 is bringing the Steam Controller kernel driver, for those looking for a Steam Controller solution right now to enjoy this excellent gaming controller for now outside of Steam, SC-Controller fills that void.

Huawei, Fuchsia and More

  • Huawei will no longer allow bootloader unlocking (Update: Explanation from Huawei)

    "In order to deliver the best user experience and prevent users from experiencing possible issues that could arise from ROM flashing, including system failure, stuttering, worsened battery performance, and risk of data being compromised, Huawei will cease providing bootloader unlock codes for devices launched after May 25, 2018. [...]"

  • Fuchsia Friday: How ad targeting might be a hidden cost of Fuchsia’s structure

    Fuchsia, by its nature, comes with the potential for a handful of new opportunities for ad targeting. Let’s peer into the dark side of Fuchsia’s innovative features.

  • iPhone Quarter, ZTE Troubles, Facebook Troubles, Nokia Come-back

    So the past month or two? The Quarterly results cycle came in. The item often of great interest is the Apple iPhone performance. 52.2 million iPhones shipped and that gives roughly a flat market share compared to the year before, so about 14%-15%. I'll come and do the full math later of the quarterly data. That race is no longer in any way interesting.

    But two Top 10 smartphone brands ARE in the news. One who is facing imminent death and the other who is making a miraculous return-from-dead. So imminent death and current Top 10 brand first. ZTE. The Trump administration has put a massive squeeze on ZTE and the company is in serious trouble of imminent collapse. Then bizarrely, Trump reversed course and felt he needed to protect CHINESE employment (???) and after yet another typical Trump-mess, we now are at a Never-Neverland where Trump's own party Republicans are revolting against their President and well, ZTE may end up a casualty of this mess. We'll keep an eye on it.