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The naming of parts: Time for “Linux Inside”?

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Linux Names matter in free software. Just think of the number of electrons that have been spilt arguing over whether it's “Linux” or “GNU/Linux”.

Linux, a slice of heaven for programmers

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Linux According to gartner, Linux is rising while windows is falling. What this means is that more and more programmers will be attracted to the Linux platform as another revenue stream for their programs.

Linux Needs To Change! So They Tell Me

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landorsplace.wordpress: It’s no different for all the people who think we need to do this or that to get people from other operating systems over to using a Linux Kernel based one. Any time someone would throw that comment around my first argument would always be, “Why do we need to do anything to change because of some other operating system, we’re not them”.

Life in a Linux-less World

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Linux Linux has been with us for two decades now, but what would the technology world be like if Linus Torvalds had never gone about creating it?

Review: The best Linux book available

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Linux A thick, heavy book with the equally weighty title A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming may be the single most important Linux book you ever buy.

Ten places Linux and open source can thrive

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Linux Some industries with few outward signs of open source are already taking advantage of it, while in others it has no presence whatsoever. What is certain is that they could all benefit — in ways ranging from cost-effectiveness to reliability.

Oracle May Cease Support of Popular Linux

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  • Oracle May Cease Support of Popular Linux Distributives Too
  • Why Some Open Source Projects Thrive at Oracle
  • U.S. judge sides with Oracle over patent language
  • Oracle Makes a Change at CFO Level
  • Scott McNealy re-emerges in tech circles
  • The 2011 O’Reilly Open Mysql Drizzle Maria Monty Percona Xtra Galera Xeround Tungsten Cloud Database Conference and Expo

Profiling fedora 15 startup time

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Linux I used systemd-analyze and bootchart to see what makes boot and login slow, and here are my findings.

How Hardware Companies Determine Their Linux Base

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Hardware Landing in the Phoronix e-mail inbox last night was a question by a reader asking how hardware vendors determine the operating systems used by their customers and their respective market-share since there isn't anything to "phone home" and report usage statistics.

Mageia 1 Beta 2 Released

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Linux Today the second beta of the inaugural release of Mageia was released. This release has received lots of bug fixes and software updates as well as a nice theme change.

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