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10 best Linux distros for 2011

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Linux What follows are our recommendations, updated for this year, and split by typical users. Try them yourself. They're all free.

Linux Mint Debian Edition Updates

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Linux Since the release of the Linux Mint Debian Edition distribution last December, and then the Linux Mint Xfce distribution which is also based on Debian rather than Ubuntu, I have found myself moving more and more toward using these Debian-based distributions rather than the Ubuntu-based Mint 11.

Linux/Android RISC processors add Wi-Fi, IPTV support

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Hardware Imagination Technologies announced it is licensing a new version of its Meta core IP for Linux- and Android-based mobile devices. The Metaflow family of processors combines the Linux-ready Meta Series2 processor IP with the company's Ensigma UCCP IP for Wi-Fi, mobile TV, and analog and digital TV and radio.

Can Red Hat Score Two More Victories?

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Linux By most accounts, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss middleware are both solid successes. But can two newer initiatives — namely, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and OpenShift — also gain critical mass, particularly among cloud computing partners?

Linux Mint 11 Katya review

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Linux Linux Mint 11 Katya is the latest Mint release - and the bravest one. Mint is technically based on Ubuntu, and as such subject to the whims and changes and perils of its parent, but there's been more and more of a rift lately.

Kernel Log: Llano support, union filesystems

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Linux Driver code for the graphics chip of AMD's Llano APUs has just made it into Linux 3.0, which could be given version number 3.0.0 after all. Meanwhile, there have been further discussions about the best approach for overlay, aka union, filesystems.

Linus Torvalds in Pictures

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Linux Celebrating 20 years of Linux with a look back at the creator, Linus Torvalds, in pictures.

LinuxCon schedule unveiled, including 20th anniversary gala

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Linux The Linux Foundation announced the final program for LinuxCon North America in Vancouver, B.C. August 17-19, 2011. Events include the 20th anniversary of Linux gala celebration, a discussion between Linus Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman, a keynote by IBM's Irving Wladawsky-Berger, and a "20 Years of Linux" panel featuring Jon "maddog" Hall and Eben Moglen.

Red Hat: plenty of sales, but no media strategy

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Linux A media release from Red Hat, trumpeting the take-up by Australian oil and gas company Santos of its enterprise distribution, tells us one thing about the company.

Sabayon 6 to be Released this Week

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Linux As some might recall, I've been running Sabayon for a couple of years now and enjoying it very much. What some may not realize is that although the Sabayon team issues periodic releases, it is probably primarily a rolling release distribution. But for those that don't perform regular updates or new users that wish a test drive, it appears the release of version 6 is planned for this week.

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