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How many Fedora-based distros

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  • Fedora: How many Fedora-based distros are there?
  • Red Hat Inc. (RHT) EVP, CFO Charles E Jr Peters Sells 22,364 Shares
  • Is Red Hat Ready to Rebound?
  • Windows 7 fails to power down idle disks, Fedora 14 works
  • More Yum Plugins: Security and Package Priority

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 386

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Learning About NetBSD 5.1
  • Statistics: DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking statistics in 2009 and 2010
  • Questions and answers: Online Linux resources
  • Released last week: Puppy Linux 5.0 "Wary", Parted Magic 5.8, SystemRescueCd 2.0.0, Linux Deepin 10.12
  • Upcoming releases: FreeBSD 8.2-RC2

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

A tip for software companies.

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Linux It amazes me that so many times people who are in charge of large and small software companies make dumb decisions. They get nice salaries but often make decisions that come back and bite them later on. One good strategy for any large or small company that is lagging behind on the Windows or Mac OS market is to create software for GNU/Linux.

The differences between Linux IO Schedulers

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Linux The Linux kernel input/output scheduler (IO Schedulers) controls the way the kernel handles read/write to disks. Different I/O schedulers may have different impact on certain workloads. Here are the list of available Linux I/O schedulers:

Linux Mint vs

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  • Linux Mint vs Pinguy OS Review
  • Mint vs. LMDE: Sudden weight gain

Evangelistic Linux

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Linux Step right up! Step right up! Come one, come all. I am reverend Locutus and the Linux train is about to take off. If you are not on board then you will be left behind in the boon docks. For those of you who are still with us then welcome to the LINUX SAVES show.

Linux and open source prognostications for 2011

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OSS Happy new year to everyone! It’s that time again, when every media-type with a keyboard and a sense they “know” what’s coming ’round the bend starts making their predictions for the upcoming year.

Happy New Debian GNU/Linux Release

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Linux Squeeze is not officially released yet but the bug-count is in the same ball-park as the last release, Lenny, and the bugs I have examined are pretty narrow.

MeeGo-Harmattan Is Handling X

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Software While Intel is looking to use Wayland on MeeGo Touch for their mobile/embedded purposes, the Nokia side is still focusing upon X for the time being. But rather than using X, they are working towards using the mainline X.Org Server as found on

LMDE 201101 32-bit re-spin

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Linux As re-spin of the LMDE 201012 32-bit ISO was made available under the name “201101″. The new ISO comes with an up-to-date live kernel which addresses the following issues:

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