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Linux developers fix a homemade network problem

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Linux Linux kernels 3.0.17, 3.1.9 and 3.2.1 fix a problem with the handling of IGMP packets that was introduced with updates in Linux 2.6.36.

Thoughts on Gnome 3 & Fedora 16 Linux

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Software I admit, that I am still running Fedora 14 for most of my machines, which is the last version to include the Gnome 2 desktop. I've purposely not upgraded because I haven't had the time yet to explore Gnome 3.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 439

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First look at Kororaa Linux 16
  • News: FreeBSD 9.0 update, testing Unity 5.0, new features in Fedora 17, interviews with Debian's Steve McIntyre and openSUSE's Frédéric Crozat, Linux Mint overview
  • Questions and answers: SOPA and open-source software
  • Released last week: FreeBSD 9.0, PC-BSD 9.0, Fuduntu 2012.1
  • New additions: Leeenux
  • New distributions: Bachata Linux
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

The Surprisingly Juicy Desktop Linux Market Share Report

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Linux (blog safari): There's no doubt the Linux world has seen its share of good news over the past year or so, but every once in a while a tidbit comes along that calls for a little extra fanfare. Case in point:

Linux won't be locked out of Windows 8 PCs, but FUD continues

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Microsoft A tiny but vocal minority of Linux fanatics are pounding the table today over a new security feature called Secure Boot that will be introduced in Windows 8, shrilly accusing Microsoft once again of a conspiracy to “lock out” Linux. They are pounding the table because the facts are not on their side.

Three Spins You May Not Have Heard Of

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all-things-linux.blogspot: Always on the lookout for something interesting I found three more esoteric spins of major distributions and set out to give them a quick test run.

Following the unique way of Trisquel

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Linux There are different general directions in Linux distribution development, taking into consideration the dilemma of free vs non-free software.

Btrfs Picks Up Snappy Compression Support

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Linux New patches have been published for the Btrfs file-system that implement support for Google's Snappy compression algorithm, which promises to deliver better performance beyond LZO compression.

Linux in 2012: what to expect

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Linux For the entire Linux ecosystem in general, and the desktop in particular, last year must have been one of the boldest. Not surprisingly, then, it has stacked up quite a few firsts to its name.

Fedora vs. openSUSE vs. CentOS: Which Distribution Should You Use?

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Linux Not too long ago I wrote a similar article about the top three distributions of the Debian side in the Linux family, but as a true Linux geek I would never want to forget the entire other side of the Linux family, probably best known as the “RPM family”.

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More in Tux Machines

Leftovers: KDE

  • digiKam Recipes 4.9.7 Released
    A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your perusal. This version features the new Use Exposure Indicators recipe along with the updated Find the Shutter Count Value with digiKam recipe. Astute readers will also notice the new cover. That's all there is to it this time around.
  • Marble Maps forking for SailfishOS
    Marble, the swiss army knife for maps and globes, developed in the KDE community, this year has got an app variant added that is concentrating on maps and that is designed for today’s typical mobile devices with touch UI, called Marble Maps. It currently is in Beta state. Read “Announcing Marble Maps for Android Open Beta” for more info.
  • Plasma 5.5 Release Party in Heidelberg
  • A clockwork carrot
    This weekend I had the opportunity to travel to the yearly LiMux sprint to spend some time with my fellow kubuntu devs and talk about the potential issues we’re facing with the CI system and improving the Debian CI system to be more robust. [...] As usual, the LiMux folks are a great bunch to hang out with, and I happened to notice something on the wall of their office while lunching with them. It was a clock. Not just a regular clock though, a timey wimey clock. I’ll let a picture do more of the talking here :
  • Game Art Quest Kickstarter!
  • Krita 2.9 Animation Edition beta
  • Krita 2.9 Animation Edition Beta released!
  • Interview with Christopher Stewart

Latest on Raspberry Pi Zero

Denmark’s Second Largest City, Aarhus, Dropping Microsoft's Products for Open Source

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city, and the administration is preparing for the use of open IT standards in an effort to rid itself of the grip of proprietary software. There is a movement going on across the European Union, and authorities are starting to notice that open source software is a real option and that it needs to be considered for the future, especially since it can also bring substantially lower costs. Read more

Btrfs RAID Benchmarks With The Linux 4.4 Kernel On Samsung 850 SSDs

The latest Linux disk testing fun at Phoronix has been stressing two Samsung 850 EVO solid-state drives on the Linux 4.4 kernel when using the native RAID capabilities built into the Btrfs file-system. Read more