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The Model For Windows 8 Is Linux

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Microsoft I have made an important conceptual mistake in my recent coverage of Microsoft (MSFT) and its Windows 8 launch.

Also: Microsoft signs Linux patent-protection deal with Casio

Happy Birthday Mageia!

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Linux Yesterday, September 18, was Mageia's first birthday. It was one year ago that a fork of Mandrake Linux was announced. From the start Mageia decided to take a new tack in distribution development.

Backups and Distro Upgrading

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Software I don’t recommend using Déjà Dup to hold your data when you upgrade distros (e.g. from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10) without understanding the risks.

Trying out Pinguy 11.04

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Linux In April, I reviewed Pinguy OS 10.10.1, and had a generally favorable impression of it. At the time I had some contact with the Pinguy developer – Mr. Pinguy himself, actually – and got a really favorable impression of him too.

Linux Mint (Debian) 201109 Tests

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Linux I have installed the new release from scratch on pretty much everything that I own right now - including my trusted old friend the HP 2133 Mini-Note. The details of those installations might be of interest to others, so I will include them here.

Kernel Log: Coming in 3.1 (Part 3) -

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Linux Linux 3.1 contains all the necessary components for passing through PCI devices to Xen guests; KVM offers rudimentary nested virtualisation support for Intel CPUs. Supported CPU platforms now include the OpenRISC open source processor architecture.

Curse of the semi power user

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codeghar.wordpress: I am beginning to feel this curse with the choice of distributions available today. . I have been a regular Linux user on desktops and servers since about 2006. I have gotten so used to the CLI, troubleshooting, customization, etc., that I am not able to function without tinkering with my setup.

Linux Mint 11 Saves the Day

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temporaryland.wordpress: A friend of mine brought me his computer for fixing, a Compaq Presario with XP Home. It was in a reboot loop. I told him about Linux, and all its advantages, and he agreed to try it. I grabbed my PCLinuxOS CD and installed it in a matter minutes.

The many faces of Linux.

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Linux Human beans of the two legged kind love variety. That is why we always are changing the drapes, moving the furniture and continuously buying new clothes. Yet when it comes to compooters there is no such choice for many people.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 423

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Taking a long look at Salix OS 13.37
  • News: KDE 3 for openSUSE 12.1, keeping FreeBSD up-to-date, overviews of Linux Mint and Arch Linux, changes in Fuduntu and DEFT Linux
  • Questions and answers: Tweaking X.Org drivers for better Intel graphics support
  • Released last week: CentOS 5.7, KNOPPIX 6.7.1, pfSense 2.0, Trisquel GNU/Linux 5.0
  • Upcoming releases: openSUSE 12.1 Beta, Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2
  • New distributions: CloudLinux OS
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

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