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Torvalds defends his right to shame kernel developers

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  • Tempest, meet teapot
  • Is It Time to Restore Civility to Linux Development?
  • Female dev asks Torvalds to curb list abuse
  • Torvalds defends his right to shame kernel developers

Distro Hopping Update

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asimplediscipleslife.blogspot: So, where does one turn in Linux to have things work out? What about the major distributions? I tried all of those. We need to go to distributions derived from those.

standing up against verbal abuse

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Linux Kernel hacker Sarah Sharp has stood up against the way of communication common on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. I’m standing up against verbal abuse on LKML. If people really think they can only be productive when using abusive language, they need a reality check and grow up.

Configuring the Kernel

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  • Configuring the Kernel (Part 1)
  • Intel Rapid Start in Linux
  • Improve Laptop Power Management in Ubuntu and derivatives
  • Installing Fedora 19
  • PCLOS Releases Trio of Maintenance Updates

20 years after Windows 3.11, Linus unveils “Linux for Workgroups”

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  • 20 years after Windows 3.11, Linus unveils “Linux for Workgroups”
  • "Linux for Workgroups": Linux 3.11's feature set now confirmed
  • Linux 3.11 to be known as 'Linux for Workgroups'

Ubuntu vs. Debian

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Ubuntu In this article, I'll examine how Debian compares to Ubuntu and whether or not it can make for a solid Ubuntu alternative.

SuperX 2.0 Darwin review - Enterprise not

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Ubuntu SuperX is a Linux-based distribution that does not like to advertise its Linux roots. Hence, the official website, which only speaks about the ultimate computer operating system and superior alternative solutions.

Linux Mint 15 Xfce Report

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Linux One of the most popular distributions is Linux Mint, which offers a 'standard' distribution with either the Cinnamon or MATE desktop. The latest release of this distribution was made about a month ago and now, after what seems like a somewhat longer than usual delay, the Xfce desktop distribution is available.

The future of Linux: Evolving everywhere

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Linux" Cemented as a cornerstone of IT, the open source OS presses on in the face of challenges to its ethos and technical prowess

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 516

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Welcome to this year's 28th issue of DistroWatch Weekly! For Red Hat, the recent release of Fedora 19 represented a very important milestone. So how did the new release fare in our test? Read Jesse Smith's review below to find out.

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Fedora: The Latest

  • Getting Started with Release Validation Testing in Fedora QA
  • F24 Beta Announcement (Technical & End user input sought)
  • Fedora 25 Not Scheduling A Mass Rebuild Is Raising Some Concerns
    With FESCo having decided not to schedule a mass rebuild for Fedora 25 due out at the end of the year, some developers are unhappy and feel its sacrificing quality over trying to push out a release on time. It was decided earlier this year not to schedule in a mass rebuild of all packages for Fedora 25 since it's a time consuming process and the developers aim to ship Fedora 25 before the end-of-year holidays without having to drag out the release into the new year. As such, any changes that would necessitate a rebuild of all F25 RPMs should be diverted to Fedora 26.
  • is now using Lektor
    Couple of years back we moved dgplug into a static website. But still there are requirements when we do want to update parts of the site in a timely manner. We also wanted to track the changes. We tried to maintain a sphinx based docs, but somehow we never managed to do well in that case.

Chalet OS is a Modern Distro With a Slightly Reworked Xfce DE – Now on 16.04 LTS

ChaletOS, which “came from the style of the mountain houses in Switzerland” is a beautifully-crafted Linux distro that aims to ease the transition of users from other operating systems (specifically Windows) to Linux. While this concept is not new, it has been one of the things that drives the Linux industry towards usability, user-friendliness and perfection. Read more

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