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Mageia: the return of the Girl Next Door

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Linux Like many acolytes in the Temple of the Mighty Penguin, I had my first successful Linux experience with Ubuntu. Then, as I was running out of hope, I tried Mandriva. So, Mandriva was like a very special Girl Next Door.

Good Bye, Kubuntu! Hello, Linux Mint

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linuxblog.darkduck: Long-long time ago... about 8 months back... I created a system landscape on my laptop. Three of them are Linux systems. Time passed by and I got tired of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. That was a time to change.

Chakra Linux review – KDE and Arch make for a winning combination

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Linux A KDE-based distro powered by Arch Linux? Sounds like a perfect combo. We put Chakra through its paces to find out whether it would bring us closer to Linux computing nirvana…

The Grand Review of three new desktops, pt. 3: the Glorious GNOME Upgrade

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Linux In a very short while, I have had the opportunity to try three new desktops. KDE 4, Unity on Ubuntu Natty, and GNOME 3. I have previously documented my experiences on KDE 4 and Unity, and in this third and final installation it is GNOME 3′s turn.

12 Things You See Every Day That Wouldn't Exist Without Linux

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Linux Linux is everywhere. "You use Linux every day but you don't know it. It's such a fundamental part of our lives. The world without Linux might be a very different place."

Real-time patches for the Linux kernel take a major step forward

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Linux Thomas Gleixner has released the first test version of a real-time (RT) Linux kernel based on a current release candidate of Linux kernel version 3.0; having been slightly delayed, version 3.0 is due to be released any day now.

Pardus 2011.1 review

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Linux Pardus is a Linux distribution developed in Turkey. To be specific, it is developed and maintained by the Turkish National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE), an arm of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). It is a desktop-oriented distribution based on KDE.

12 Reasons Why Every Linux System Administrator Should be Lazy

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Linux System administrators job is not visible to other IT groups or end-users. Mostly they look at administrators and wonder why sysadmins don’t seem to have any work.

Distro testing marathon - Fedora 15 - Day 2/3

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Linux This is my second day with Fedora 15 Lovelock installed on my laptop. Below are my thoughts about the Fedora experience.

Linux Mint’s Debianized Xfce

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Linux I discovered Mandriva in the wake of a catastrophe…but that is a story for another day, one which I shall spin when I write up my review of Mageia. I bring up Mandriva because in my life, the most usable desktop I’ve ever found has been in the Gnome variant of Mandriva 2010.

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