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Has Linux Reached the End of the Line?

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Linux "End of life for GNU/Linux? No way," says blogger Robert Pogson. "GNU/Linux is still a kid, with growth-spurts and all. Sometimes the rapid changes are annoying, but GNU/Linux is a child of the world and we will always love it."

Linux Mint 10 Julia - A Perfect 10!

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Linux At first, I considered skipping Julia, for two reasons. One, I was somewhat disappointed with the last release, Isadora. Second, Ubuntu Maverick is really, really good. So how much better can Linux Mint be? Can it really make that much difference? But then,

Supporting Old Hardware In X Gets Brought Up Again

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Software It's long been a topic of what parts of X.Org should be killed with fire. There's plenty of dated and obscure X.Org and Mesa drivers around for hardware that hasn't even been manufactured in years and are rarely used.

Linux Foundation Kernel Development Report

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  • Is Linux Kernel Development Slowing Down?
  • Our Annual Kernel Development Report: New (and Old) Faces
  • Linux kernel: 13 million lines, over 5 patches per hour

Five tips for easy Linux application installation

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HowTos Most people don’t realize how easy it is to install applications on modern releases of the Linux operating system. Even so, some users encounter traps that seem to trip them up at every attempt. How can you avoid these traps?

Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.37 (Part 1) - Graphics

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Linux The Nouveau driver now supports power management and can address the GeForce 320M, and the code for Intel graphics cores now supports the video units on Sandy Bridge processors, which are due to be released shortly. A number of changes to the Radeon KMS driver should improve its performance.

Wireless firms playing bigger role in Linux

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Linux Contributions from wireless companies to the Linux operating system have increased rapidly, underlining the success of the open source software platform in smartphones, a report from the Linux Foundation said.

A Mepis User Rooting for Mageia...WHY NOT?

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linuxmigrante.blogspot: Today I read something very good: Mageia Alpha 1 will be ready for January, 2011!!! At this point some users of other distros may be thinking "so what? My distro is much better anyway!"

Red Hat evades query about Acacia patent deal

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Linux JBoss developers will continue to have sleepless nights after Red Hat, the biggest GNU/Linux company, evaded a query about its patent deal with Acacia, a firm that can only be described as a patent troll.

Who Builds Linux? These Days, More and More Mobile Devs

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Linux Linux has just released its annual report, Who Is Writing Linux, a rundown of the companies and individual developers making significant contributions to the Linux kernel.

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