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Why I work at Red Hat

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Linux West Point’s motto is “Duty, Honor, Country.” I graduated in 1993. Why did a former Army Officer end up at Red Hat? Red Hat is an “Open Source Software Company”. In order to work here, you have to understand those four words.

Linux User Kernel Column 3.7

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Linux Jon Masters summarises the latest goings-on in the Linux kernel community, including a look at the features being merged for the upcoming 3.7 release

Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Review

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  • Linux Mint 14 with Cinnamon Desktop [Review]
  • Mint 14 Review | LAS | s24e07
  • Linux Mint 14 Review: Pleasingly Stable (video)
  • How to customize Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon

Yes, the Raspberry Pi will run Minecraft

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  • The $35 Raspberry Pi: The cheapest way to play Minecraft
  • Tiny MAME cabinet built from Raspberry Pi
  • Camera for Raspberry Pi almost ready for production
  • Raspberry Pi vs MK802
  • Top ten open source gifts for the holidays

Debian Project News - November 26th

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Welcome to this year's twentythird issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 484

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Welcome to this year's 48th issue of DistroWatch Weekly! With the many high-profile efforts to bring Linux to desktop computers, it's easy to forget that Linux has been dominating other certain areas of computing, such as servers, for many years. Yet, server-oriented Linux distributions are relatively rare. The Slackware-based Superb Mini Server is one notable exception.

How Versatile Is Linux? Three Examples

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Linux When it comes to versatility, I think Linux wins hands down. Today I want to point out three examples of Linux versatility all having had new releases in the past few days.

Cinnarch 2012.11.22 is Looking Sharp

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Linux Cinnarch is a new project coupling Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop with the popular Arch Linux. Like Arch, it's technically a rolling release distribution, but with periodic snapshot releases. A new update, considered "in beta stage" by founder Alex Filgueira, was just released and it sounded ripe for a test drive.

Linux Mint 14: It’s like Windows 8, minus the bad bits

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Linux The developers behind the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint distribution have announced the immediate availability of Mint 14 (Nadia). The new release brings a number of incremental under-the-hood improvements and tweaks.

Kernel Log - Coming in 3.7 (Part 3): Infrastructure

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Linux Linux 3.7 can use signatures to verify the integrity of kernel modules, while the new integrity appraisal extension helps to detect malicious software from a third party. The new kernel loads firmware files without udev and includes important container improvements.

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Anonymous reviews in GNOME Software

Choosing an application to install is hard when there are lots of possible projects matching a specific search term. We already list applications based on the integration level and with useful metrics like “is it translated in my language” and this makes sure that high quality applications are listed near the top of the results. For more information about an application we often want a more balanced view than the PR speak or unfounded claims of the upstream project. This is where user-contributed reviews come in. Read more

Getting Started with ZFS on Debian 8

I am quite careful about protecting my files, which include images, videos, and various documents – mostly drafts of my science fiction novels – that I have been working on for years. Images and videos of family, including the birth of my son, his first smile, and other moments are way too valuable for me to lose. But, all sorts of things can lead to data corruption, and I would not be happy if that happened to any of my valuable files. That’s where filesystems like ZFS and Btrfs enter the picture. Read more

Ubuntu and GNOME Tense Relations Don't Exist, GNOME Dev Explains

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