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Red Hat builds gutsy, green virtualization machine

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  • Red Hat builds gutsy, green virtualization machine
  • Red Hat plans expansion for Brisbane office
  • Fedora: from bleeding edge to bleeding contributors

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 389

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Quick looks at Dragora GNU/Linux, Asturix and Fuduntu
  • News: Debian sets release target, Ubuntu warms to Qt toolkit, Jolibook review, GhostBSD update
  • Advocacy: the World IPv6 Day
  • Released last week: Pardus Linux 2011, Calculate Linux 11.0
  • New distributions: Saline OS
  • New distributions: Conducit Linux, Exherbo Linux, GNUgitarINUX

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Floods can't dampen mood

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Linux Nothing can dampen the spirit surrounding this year's in Brisbane, not even a flood crisis, as it officially kicked off in the state's soggy capital today.

Also: Switches rescued from floods for

Debian derivatives census

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Linux The Debian Project would like to invite representatives of distributions derived from Debian to participate in a census of Debian derivatives. In addition we would like to invite representatives of distributions derived from Debian to join the Debian derivatives front desk.

Mepis Goes to 11

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Linux It’s not the best-known distribution, but Mepis still has its fans. The Debian-based distro is getting very close to its final 11 release. With a major version bump (last release was 8.5) Mepis 11 has a lot to live up to.

1999-2011 Eleven Years of Success for GNU/Linux

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Linux I just reread the announcement of a partnership between IBM and RedHat in 1999 to promote GNU/Linux to the enterprise. What’s changed in that time is nothing and everything.

How to develop for Linux

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Software The community is making it easier for developers to contribute code - and that means you too!

Linux: Successful Upgrade – SBS 2003 to Linux

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Linux Late in 2010 one of our charitable organization clients, a local church, came to these decisions: 1) The aging XP Professional systems in their office needed to be replaced with new systems.

Skolelinux interview: Morten Amundsen

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Interviews This time the Tromsø office of the Free software Centre and the newly elected board member of the association FRESH I've been speaking in my interview series with Skolelinux -people.

Pardus 2011, Latest and Greatest

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  • Pardus 2011, Independent Distro Releases Latest and Greatest
  • Pardus2011- A Linux distro that needs your attention
  • Review: Pardus 2011
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