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F17 Might Be The Beefy Miracle To The Precise Pangolin

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Linux Yesterday there was the announcement by Mark Shuttleworth that Ubuntu 12.04 is codenamed Precise Pangolin. But what will its friendly competition be called?

Linux is a Hot Topic in Philippines

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Linux HB1011, Free Open Source (FOSS) Act of 2010 is in committee stage. It’s stated purpose is that “The government shall apply only FOSS or Foss solutions in all ICT projects except under exceptional cirumstances”.

20 ways to break Linux

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Linux Linux has a reputation for robustness but there are still plenty of ways to damage a perfectly working system. Here we share some of the ways you can trash Linux so you don't make the same mistakes we did.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Beta is out now

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Linux When you’re talking serious server Linux, chances are you’re talking Red Hat’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) , so it’s good news that the beta is now ready for the next edition: RHEL 6.2.

Computer-Aided Engineering in Linux

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Software Engineers are some of the heaviest number-crunchers around. If you are a grad student, post doc or undergrad, you usually get whatever is lying around as your work machine. Also, depending on how inflexible your local IT department is, you may be forced to use one of the commercial operating systems around these days. What are lowly students to do when they need to do heavy computational work?

The revolution is boring

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Linux I realize this is somewhat of a cycle for me; every 12 months or so I wonder about a shift in desktops, and this time I am wondering why, more than anything.

Three New Members for Linux Foundation

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Linux Eucalyptus Systems, Nebula and Virtual Bridges look to Linux to enable innovation in the new enterprise

The art of the Linux conference

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Linux When Ballarat makes its debut in January 2012 as the first regional centre to host Australia's national Linux conference, it will also see a number of first-timers involved on the organisational front.

Calculate Linux 11.9

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Linux Here is an understated Gentoo-based project Calculate Linux with its just release version 11.9. It is a source-based distribution aimed at businesses and corporate who prefer the flexibility of open-sourced software.

Red Hat to Buy Gluster for $136 Million, Add Open Source Storage

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Linux Red Hat Inc., a provider of open source software and services, agreed to acquire closely held Gluster Inc. for about $136 million in cash to expand in Internet-based computing.

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