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Jolicloud Renames Itself 'Joli OS'

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Linux Before our 1.2 upcoming release later this week, we wanted to share with you how things have been going so far and what’s next.

Linux Leaders, Part II: Fedora and Red Hat Derivative Distros

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Linux Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) are the most influential distributions that use the Red Hat Package Manager. Although their influence lags behind that of Debian and Ubuntu, it is still strong enough that Fedora remains consistently in the top three.

Zorin OS 4

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Linux Many people coming from Windows try Ubuntu Linux as their first Linux distribution. But Ubuntu itself, while very good, may not always be the best choice. There are many Ubuntu derivatives and it’s possible that one of those can sometimes be a better bet.

Arch Linux

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Linux Ah, Arch Linux. You’ve probably heard about its intimidating installation process and its devout fans. Both are actually somewhat true. But hear me out right here: Arch might be difficult to set up, but once you do set it up, it is absolutely an amazing distro.

Fedora 15 Linux hits first alpha

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  • Fedora 15 Linux hits first alpha, debuts BoxGrinder for cloud
  • Alpha version of Fedora 15 released
  • Development Release: Fedora 15 Alpha

The Linux Foundation Announces Keynotes and Program for Annual Collaboration Summit

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Linux Summit brings together leadership from throughout the Linux community, offers keynote highlights from Google, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Yahoo! and more, and kicks off 20th Anniversary of Linux celebrations.

Why Pwn2Own doesn't target Linux

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Security The annual Pwn2Own hacking challenge kicks off today, pitting security researchers against web browsers and mobile platforms. The HP TippingPoint sponsored event grows every year to include more platforms, though Linux isn't among them.

Feds finally extend security baseline to Red Hat Linux

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Linux At long last, a version of the U.S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) for Red Hat Linux Desktop is in the house.

Linux Australia needs to lift its public profile

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Linux A survey conducted by Linux Australia has thrown up one standout conclusion - the organisation is still very low-profile and needs to do some serious self-promotion so that the general public can become aware of its existence.

Pinoy leads Red Hat in emerging Asean nations

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Linux A stocky Filipino executive, Roman Tarre, is currently in charge of expanding Linux provider Red Hat’s presence in the Philippines and three other neighboring countries.

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