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Does Loving Linux Make Us Dislike Windows?

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Microsoft Today I'm a full-time desktop Linux enthusiast, who is familiar with dozens of popular distributions. I'd consider myself very comfortable with Linux on the desktop. What's interesting though, is the change in how I view Windows.

The Six Best Linux Community Server Distributions

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Linux One question we get a lot: What are the best community server distributions? That question isn't as simple as it sounds. What makes a distro "the best"? Why community distributions, specifically? It's not a simple question —

HTTPS Everywhere - no substitute for common sense

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HTTPS Everywhere is an initiative by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that boosts the security of Firefox with a clever plugin that will automatically encrypt your communications with a number of web services that support HTTPS. This provides an automated way to move users from the insecure HTTP protocol, which is the default for many web sites (like Google and Facebook), even though they may also support HTTPS.

I personally applaud the initiative on a technical level, and if I was a Firefox user, I would install the extension in a heart beat. But, on a fundamental level, the extension will fail to make any real improvement in the security of the web for one simple reason – users are the biggest weakness in any security system, and there is no patch for users.

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Linux Distro: Tails - You Can Never Be Too Paranoid

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Linux Tails is a live media Linux distro designed boot into a highly secure desktop environment. Tails is different because it is aimed at the privacy conscious “normal user” rather than government workers.

New DRM-Free, “Designed On Linux” Comic Book

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Software I love comic books. Specifically the great adventures. With this in mind, I set out to create a new comic book series. The kind I really wanted read.

No Btrfs by default in Fedora 16

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Linux In order to hopefully (and I understand this is a unrealistically big hope) stem the amount of hostile comments and random remarks about Btrfs not being ready for F16.

Kernel Log: First release candidate for Linux 3.1

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Linux Expected to be released in about two months, the next kernel version will offer optimised virtualisation, add bad block management components to the software RAID code and include an extended Nouveau driver.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 417

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Here's looking at Linvo, kid
  • News: Portable gaming with linuX-gamers Live, TuxRadar's best distro award, improvements in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, RAW image processing on openSUSE
  • Tips and tricks: (Xfce) interface woes
  • Released last week: KNOPPIX 6.7, Vine Linux 6.0, Pure OS 4.0
  • Upcoming releases: BackTrack 5 R1, openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 4
  • New additions: Otakux
  • New distributions: NodeZero Linux
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

First Steps Of Running Linux Via Terminal Instead Of Desktop

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This tutorial is supposed to show new Linux users how to handle Linux without having to browse through your desktop to edit files. The core commands to do this are the same on every Linux distribution, however there is a large variety of commands that differ from distribution to distribution, as does the install command.

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Btrfs For Linux 4.3 Has TRIM & RAID 5/6 Fixes

While the F2FS and EXT4 updates for Linux 4.3 weren't too meaty, there's a bit more going on in the Btrfs camp. Chris Mason sent in his Btrfs file-system updates today for the Linux 4.3 kernel merge window. Within the Btrfs updates this round is a TRIM patch to fix some corner cases, RAID 5 and RAID6 fixes, support for new blkio controllers, and various other fixes and code clean-ups. Read more Also: Input Driver Updates For The Linux 4.3 Kernel The Significant DRM Graphics Pull Request Has Been Sent In For Linux 4.3

Five Ways Open Source Databases Are Best for Business

Today 78% of organizations run part or all of their operations on open source software, a figure that has nearly doubled since 2010. And according to ranking site DB-Engines, six of the top 10 databases are open source, and the top eight non-relational technologies are all open source. So why do so many organizations standardize on open source? Why do 66% of organizations look to open source before considering proprietary software alternatives? When it comes to databases, it turns out that the most important criteria are likely to be better addressed by an open source product. Read more

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Received Well by Ubuntu Phone Users, Work on OTA-7 Starts

As Łukasz Zemczak is currently in a two-week holiday, Canonical's Timo Jyrinki sent the usual report to inform us all about the good and bad things that happened in the Ubuntu Touch world. Read more