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Linux Foundation wades into Windows 8 secure boot controversy

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Microsoft The Linux Foundation today released technical guidance to PC makers on how to implement secure UEFI without locking Linux or other free software off of new Windows 8 machines.

And: Linux Foundation, Canonical and Red Hat Weigh In On Secure Boot

Sabayon Definitely Has a Personality All Its Own

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Linux Well it’s my third day on Sabayon Linux and I must say it definitely has a personality of its own. From its snappy performance to its unusual bugs it has left a huge impression on me.

Red Hat Joins Facebook's Open Compute Project to Drive Datacenter Efficiency

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Linux (PR): Open Compute Project to use the open source development model to transform the energy efficiency of global datacenters; Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens keynotes at the Open Compute Summit

20 years of Linux at Intel

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Linux DAY TWO of Linuxcon Europe included a keynote from Intel about the last 20 years of Linux since its creation.

Red Hat Is Red Hot Right Now

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  • Red Hat Is Red Hot Right Now
  • Secondary Fedora is hiring
  • Red Hat talks ahead of Linuxcon keynote

Our world would collapse without Linux

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  • Linuxcon: Our world would collapse without Linux
  • The Linux Foundation Announces Consumer Electronics Long Term Stable Kernel Initiative
  • Consumer Electronics Linux Initiative Starts
  • Industry Support for Long Term Support Initiative (LTSI)
  • The Linux Foundation Announces Five New European Members
  • Yocto Project Introduces New Features

Sorry, It’s Game Over, Linux – Forrester Analyst

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Linux Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri published a brave blog post today. It starts with “poor Linux.” Can you guess what follows?

Adventures with Sabayon Linux

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Linux Despite having issues using Sabayon Linux on a USB stick with persistent storage (unable to install packages), I was so impressed by its speed that I decided to go ahead and install it.

UEFI Headaches Begin For Linux Users

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Microsoft My friend recently got an HP s5-1110 with Win 7 installed. UEFI has prevented the installation of GRUB on this machine. I could find no way in the BIOS to disable the feature and so far, as I work my way up the HP tech support ladder, I have found no HP techs who have a clue what I’m talking about.

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