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Linux 3.1 Kernel Draws More Power With Another Regression

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Linux If you were hoping that the Linux 3.1 kernel would fix the big power regression problem that's caused by PCI Express Active State Power Management (ASPM) being disabled on more systems since the release of the Linux 2.6.38 kernel, you're not in luck.

First Impressions of Linux Mint 11 Katya

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Linux If you have been using Ubuntu for awhile and you’re looking for a change, then installing Linux Mint 11 Katya should be an excellent choice. Linux Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu. In my first impressions though I think it’s more similar to Ubuntu compared to Debian.

Linux and the financial crisis

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Linux On December 2007, the New York Stock Exchange adopted Linux. In late August 2008, we saw one of the worse worldwide stock market crash of the last hundred years.

How to install Ubuntu Linux on an HP TouchPad

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  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on an HP TouchPad
  • Ubuntu Linux and Android Could Give HP's TouchPad New Life
  • 5 things you can do with your new HP TouchPad

Best Linux Distributions for Kids and Young at Heart

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Linux Here are some of the most impressive Linux distributions your kids and those who are young at heart would love to use:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5.7 review

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Linux RHEL 5.7 is a release that hasn’t a lot to be excited about, which, to be fair, is normal for an update of an enterprise Linux distribution. Koen Vervloesem sees what’s under the hood…

Scientific Linux 6.1 Carbon review - Almost there

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Linux Today's review should be all the more interesting given my spectacular delight with CentOS 6. My desktop setups rarely change, but they sure will now, with CentOS as a new addition. The only question is, can Scientific Linux fit in there as the ultimate RedHat offspring?

BackTrack 5 - A Linux Distribution Engineered for Penetration Testing

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Linux Linux, which is a very versatile operating environment, caters for an array of different needs of different users. One such specific usage of Linux is in the area of computer security and penetration testing.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 419

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First look at Scientific Linux 6.1
  • News: Debian celebrates 18th birthday, CentOS provides continuous release repository, interviews with Mark Shuttleworth and Kate Stewart, Linux memoirs
  • Questions and answers: Linux versus Android and webOS
  • Released last week: Linux Mint 11 "LXDE", Arch Linux 2011.08.19, Puppy Linux 5.2.8, BlankOn Linux 7.0
  • Upcoming releases: Fedora 16 Alpha
  • New distributions: Pear OS
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

The dawn of Linux: "it's just a hobby, it won't be big and professional"

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Linux As we are celebrating 20 years of Linux this week, it seems only fitting to highlight a few milestones in the life of what has come to be (for many people) a very important piece of software development.

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Btrfs For Linux 4.3 Has TRIM & RAID 5/6 Fixes

While the F2FS and EXT4 updates for Linux 4.3 weren't too meaty, there's a bit more going on in the Btrfs camp. Chris Mason sent in his Btrfs file-system updates today for the Linux 4.3 kernel merge window. Within the Btrfs updates this round is a TRIM patch to fix some corner cases, RAID 5 and RAID6 fixes, support for new blkio controllers, and various other fixes and code clean-ups. Read more Also: Input Driver Updates For The Linux 4.3 Kernel The Significant DRM Graphics Pull Request Has Been Sent In For Linux 4.3

Five Ways Open Source Databases Are Best for Business

Today 78% of organizations run part or all of their operations on open source software, a figure that has nearly doubled since 2010. And according to ranking site DB-Engines, six of the top 10 databases are open source, and the top eight non-relational technologies are all open source. So why do so many organizations standardize on open source? Why do 66% of organizations look to open source before considering proprietary software alternatives? When it comes to databases, it turns out that the most important criteria are likely to be better addressed by an open source product. Read more

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Received Well by Ubuntu Phone Users, Work on OTA-7 Starts

As Łukasz Zemczak is currently in a two-week holiday, Canonical's Timo Jyrinki sent the usual report to inform us all about the good and bad things that happened in the Ubuntu Touch world. Read more