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Porteus 1.0: On the Trail of SLAX

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Linux Porteus team announced that version 1.0 of their system is now ready.

The Bootable Maintenance Flash Drive

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Linux I enjoy being the tech hero. Relatives and friends come to me with their computer problems, and more often than not, I help them. Their problem gets solved, and my ego goes up a notch. It helps to have the right tools--

Fedora in Public Libraries

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Linux Our local Linux Users Group in my home town of Osijek has started workshops called knowledge exchange in partnership with our public library. So first step was to install Fusion Linux Fedora Remix on their PCs.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 412

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Lightweight Portable Security 1.2.1
  • News: Mandriva experiments with UI changes, Mageia sets up update infrastructure, Bodhi releases distro for ARM-based touch screens
  • Questions and answers: Alternatives to GNOME 3
  • Released last week: PCLinuxOS 2011.6, Calculate Linux 11.6, AriOS 3.0
  • Upcoming releases: Pardus Linux 2011.1, Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2
  • Donations: Midori receives €210
  • New additions: Lightweight Portable Security
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

China v USA: Who Loves Freedom More?

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Linux In politics this question has so many angles and firmly-held beliefs getting in the way of facts. In IT, however, we have objective measures like Google Trends.

Thoughts On Linux

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Linux I have now been running Linux Mint for a couple of months as a main OS and I am gradually becoming a huge fan of it, I have Winodows 7 now installed on my second PC, but only ‘in case’. Mint runs so well and is so easy to set up and update.

Debian at several conference

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Linux The Debian Project is pleased to announce that it will be present at several events in the coming weeks, ranging from developer-oriented conferences to workshops for users and wannabe developers.

Now Powered by Simply MEPIS 11

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linuxmoose.wordpress: I wanted to keep trying out KDE, but also to escape an Ubuntu base and the instability it brings (at least in my experience, yours may very well be different). This left me with many options.

How not to upgrade a Mint installation

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Linux There are community instructions on how to upgrade a Mint box in place, rather than doing a fresh install. Basically what it amounts to is: edit your sources.list to use the next generation’s monikers then do apt-get upgrade. Simple, right? Don’t do it.

They make Mageia: Jérôme Quelin

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Interviews Now that things are well on their way and that Mageia 1 is there, it’s time to discover some more about the persons that are making this a reality. Today, this is about Jérôme; thanks to him for being the first!

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Leftovers: KDE/Qt

Leftovers: OSS

Security Leftovers

  • DNS server attacks begin using BIND software flaw
    Attackers have started exploiting a flaw in the most widely used software for the DNS (Domain Name System), which translates domain names into IP addresses. Last week, a patch was issued for the denial-of-service flaw, which affects all versions of BIND 9, open-source software originally developed by the University of California at Berkeley in the 1980s.
  • Researchers Create First Firmware Worm That Attacks Macs
    The common wisdom when it comes to PCs and Apple computers is that the latter are much more secure. Particularly when it comes to firmware, people have assumed that Apple systems are locked down in ways that PCs aren’t. It turns out this isn’t true. Two researchers have found that several known vulnerabilities affecting the firmware of all the top PC makers can also hit the firmware of MACs. What’s more, the researchers have designed a proof-of-concept worm for the first time that would allow a firmware attack to spread automatically from MacBook to MacBook, without the need for them to be networked.

Brocade CEO: Transition To Open Source Will Be Difficult For Cisco

Communications CEO Lloyd Carney said traditional vendors like Cisco will have a tough time adapting to a more software-defined, open source space. That's because traditional vendors like Cisco's revenue streams are tied to closed architectures, Carney said. Read more