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Liberté Linux 2010.1

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Linux The first release of Liberté Linux is available. "Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight, and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB Linux distribution intended as a communication aid in hostile environments."

New Linux Mint 10 – Will you be lured into trying it?

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Linux Battling to be classified as the most reliable open source operating system is the Linux Mint team, which apparently has put its plans to action by leveraging its existing and most popular product the Linux Mint and in turn has brought out a new and updated version of the same.

Pardus 2011 Beta Review – the most exciting distro of the year?

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Linux The latest beta release of Pardus Linux sports a slew of tweaks and under-the-hood improvements. But does the new release make the distro a viable alternative to the Ubuntus and Fedoras of this world? Dmitri Popov investigates…

xPUD: A Quick Booting, Easy To Use 64 MB Linux Distro

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Linux Booting in under 10 seconds and centering around web browsing and media, xPUD is nothing if not a lightweight operating system.

Avatar: Made with Linux

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Movies In its work Weta uses several different software programs to create its special effects. The company uses PCs running Linux and most animation is done using Maya.

Will Microsoft Go After Linux, Again?

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Microsoft Microsoft just purchased 882 patents from Novell, and I think that amongst this treasure trove is something Microsoft wants to use against Linux.

SimplyMepis Celebrates 8th Anniversary with Release

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Linux Warren Woodford, founder of MEPIS, has announced the release of SimplyMepis 11.0 Alpha 3 just in time to mark the eighth anniversary of MEPIS on November 21. SimplyMepis usually takes quite a while to cook and no final release date has been given.

Stage 2 of The Linux Experience: Bodhi

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Linux A while ago I noted that I have been exploring Lilliput, trying out a few of the lightweight distros that have been proliferating lately. A brand new one named Bodhi is currently being developed, and I gave Bodhi a try (just from the LiveCD so far), and I must say I definitely see it as a significantly new approach to providing a kit for making The Distro You Always Wanted.

Linux Is Not "I-Cant-Believe-Its-Not-Windows!"

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Linux Every now and then I'm shocked from my usual shell of cynical apathy when a sign of intelligent life is spotted elsewhere in the technology district of Blogistan. Such a blip passed by radar a couple weeks back when Matt Hartley of Datamation arrived at the question Does Being Competitive with Windows Matter?

Tiny Core Linux 3.3 released

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Linux Tiny Core lead developer Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of version 3.3 of Tiny Core Linux.

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Linux 4.0-rc2

So rc2 missed the usual Sunday afternoon timing, because I spent most of the weekend debugging an issue that happened on an old Mac Mini I have around, and I hate making even early -rc releases with problems on machines that I have direct access to. Even if it only affected old machines that actual developers are unlikely to have or at least use. Today I got the patch from Daniel Vetter to fix it, so instead of doing a Sunday evening rc2, it's a Tuesday morning one. Go get it. It works better for the delay. Other than that little one-liner i915 fix? Not much, actually. It's been a very quiet week, for being this early in the release process. Sure, 3.19-rc2 was even smaller, so it continues a trend, but that was the xmas week. I hope this low volume is just because the 4.0 merge window itself was somewhat calmer than most recent releases. But I suspect the real reason is that the driver and networking trees from GregKH and davem are pending, and didn't make rc2. We'll see. Anyway, the shortlog is appended, and testing is appreciated, Linus Read more

6 Linux-y announcements from Mobile World Congress

I earlier wrote about how Linux invaded CES 2015. The domination continues at Mobile World Congress, which kicked off this week in Barcelona. Here are some of the major announcements from MWC that show that Linux has become an unstoppable force. Read more

Jolla shows off Sailfish tablet, promises ultra-secure phone

Jolla released Sailfish OS 2.0, showed off the first tablet to run the OS, and announced plans with SSH to develop a security-hardened version of Sailfish. Read more

New Ubuntu Phone Separates the App from the Data

As CIO Journal has noted, Mr. Shuttleworth envisions the rise of an Ubuntu-powered phone that runs desktop grade applications and plugs into peripherals such as large displays and keyboards. In other words, he is working to achieve true mobile-desktop-laptop convergence — the only computer you need, in your pocket, all the time. He tried to raise $32 million to fund development of such a phone, known as the Edge, in a widely publicized crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign ended in 2013, short of its goal. Read more