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Fedora adds 3D printing support

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  • Fedora adds 3D printing support
  • Look inside Red Hat summer intern program
  • Linux Popularity Among Enterprise Users Continues To Grow
  • Fedora 20 Moves Ahead With Wayland Tech Preview
  • Suddenly confused about the meaning of the word “partition”…
  • openSUSE ARM Gets new Raspberry Pi Images
  • Brandon Philips: How the CoreOS Linux Distro Uses Cgroups
  • How safe is your network? – Kali Tutorial
  • How to choose the best Linux server for your business
  • Raspberry Pi gets audiophile credentials thanks to RaspyFi Linux distro
  • Arduino releases new Yun, a Arduino, Linux and Wi-Fi mashup
  • Linux is clearly the superior operating system
  • Raspberry Pi aids cyber 'safety net' for African rhino
  • Block Websites Directly From The /etc/hosts File On Linux
  • How would I submit my rig to My Linux Rig

Torvalds shoots down call to yank 'backdoored' Intel RdRand in Linux crypto

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Security 'We actually know what we are doing. You don't' says kernel boss. "Where do I start a petition to raise the IQ and kernel knowledge of people?"

Also: Torvalds suggests poison and sabotage for ARM SoC designers

Wireless Aside, Cr OS Linux Delivers the Best of Two Worlds

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Software It is easy to be misled about exactly what Cr OS is. This open source OS project first debuted in 2009 as Chrome OS Linux. Last September its developers changed the name to Cr OS Linux. Even with a recent name change for this distro, it can be mistaken for other Linux OS projects that resemble Google's Chrome OS. Think Chromebook here.

Fedora Wayland update

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Software So our team here at Red Hat have been working intensively with our counterparts at Intel to merge and stabilize the patches to enable Wayland support in GNOME and at the same time looking into what further improvements are needed in the stack.

Best KDE distro of 2013

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Linux Normally, at the end of the year, I tend to run my best annual distro roundups, choosing the finest among five operating systems or flavors thereof that showed the greatest promise in terms of stability, usability, elegance, support, and other curious items in the outgoing twelve-month period. But I have never dedicated much thought to selecting the best implementation of any one particular desktop environment, regardless of the system underneath.

Good Features For The Linux 3.12 Kernel

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Linux While the Linux 3.12 kernel isn't even up to its first RC release and thus the merge window hasn't closed yet, Linux 3.12 has already collected a number of promising features for the open-source kernel.

The real problem blocking Linux support for apps and games

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Software announced that it won't support Linux for its games, and the community's reaction does nothing to help change their minds.

Red Hat To Oracle: Have You Tried Free?

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Software Oracle's president argues that IT needs to change. Is he the right person to be making that argument?

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 524

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Welcome to this year's 36th issue of DistroWatch Weekly! This week Jesse Smith reviews a lightweight distribution called LXLE which attempts to provide all the features desktop users will want without any of the bloat. We also discuss dual-booting on computers that feature Secure Boot and why it is difficult to find a good installation guide that accommodates all scenarios. As usual, we cover the releases of the past week and look forward to exciting new developments.

few more odds & ends:

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  • Mageia 4 Alpha 2 Released
  • KDE 4.12, KDE Frameworks 5 and Barcelona
  • Kate Vim Progress
  • digiKam Software Collection 3.4.0 released...
  • A Nepomuk Integration Plugin for Firefox
  • Sloth Patrol A FREE Fast Paced Twin Stick Shooter On Desura
  • Tecmint Quiz 3 – “Test Yourself” 21 Linux Basic Questions
  • BleachBit – Free Disk Space, Shred Files, more
  • Unvanquished The Open Source FPS/RTS Reaches Alpha 19
  • Natural Selection 2 FPS/RTS New Build 255
  • Git Rebase and Vim
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