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Linux as Wintel parasite

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Linux Last week Linus Torvalds told a seminar group at Portland’s LinuxCon that Linux is getting a little bloated - a consequence of the big blob kernel architecture required by his decision to prefer the efficiency of directly using x86 interrupts.

today's leftovers:

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  • Shell on Fire
  • Free software is dead. Long live open source
  • Packman for openSUSE Factory
  • Embedded Apps: Linux vs. Windows 7
  • GPL Vs. Free Software Foundation
  • Ubuntu business model- a misunderstood concept
  • HP's new--kind of, sort of--Linux support
  • OSS push in VT Schools and Local Gov
  • Operating Systems that power your mobile phones – 3
  • One Laptop Per Child marches on
  • Linux Alternatives to Popular Apps
  • Open World Forum 2009, Paris, 1-2 October
  • PCLinuxOS Info
  • Wine 1.1.30 Supports OpenAL, More Direct3D 10
  • The Linux insurgency
  • Going Linux #079 - Computer America #18
  • Episode 120: Two funny Accents in one Show!
  • Canonical/Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth Visits Dell
  • Best Equation Editor for Linux

LinuxCon 2009 Wrap-Up: The Continuing Benefits

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Linux The first LinuxCon may be over, but the knowledge and community shared at the conference will be around for a long time.

Linux family tree, version 0.90

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Linux I finally got around to finishing the first cut. Here, at last, is the Linux family tree, version 0.90.

Five Linux-Compatible Online Backup and Storage Services

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Web Of course, you know regular computer system backups are important and it's always a good idea to store your most critical data offsite for added security. If you're a Linux user, finding a service that's compatible with your operating system isn't easy. Here are five:

Rugged laptops (finally) run Linux

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Hardware EmperorLinux has started reselling three rugged "Panasonic Toughbook" laptops (and one rugged tablet) with Linux preinstalled:

IBM opens a Linux innovation center in Kazakhstan

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Linux IBM keeps pushing into emerging markets in an effort to encourage startups and technology adoption around the world. Today, it is announcing it has opened a Linux innovation center in Kazakhstan.

Linux fans see opportunity in Windows 7 changeover

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Ubuntu Linux runs on a tiny share of corporate desktops, but open source partisans say the upcoming release of Windows 7 and the popularity of lightweight netbook PCs could help it gain ground -- even in Windows shops.

Kahel Linux: Yet Another Philippine-made Distro

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Linux A proof that Linux on the desktop is very much alive and is growing in popularity here in the Philippines is the birth of yet another distro named Kahel.

Intel Moblin 2.1 Preview

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Linux Intel has provided an early development preview of the Moblin 2.1 operating system, which we briefly tested out on a Samsung NC10 netbook. Here are the screenshots and a few more details.

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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet Beta 1 Released, Ubuntu MATE Is Now Official Flavor

ubuntu 15.04 beta released with official release for MATE

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet MATE Beta 1 released today with other flavors of Ubuntu like KDE, Xfce, LXDE and GNOME desktop environment. Although, as usual Ubuntu unity has not taken part in Beta release. And first time Ubuntu MATE is an official releaed.

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