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CrunchBang 10 Statler review - Crunch, bang

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Linux The biggest change since the last time I tested the distro is the switch to the Debian base from the Ubuntu family, which also guarantees a rolling release schedule. In other words, install once and enjoy forever.

AgiliaLinux 8 GNOME review

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Linux AgiliaLinux is a fork of MOPSLinux, a defunct Linux distribution that was based on Slackware. Now, AgiliaLinux is an independent, multi-purpose distribution with development roots in the Russia Federation (MOPSLinux was also a Russian distribution).

Linux: Now 400 Distributions Strong

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Linux Choice is certainly not a problem for Linux in trying to reach more users. A new report now lists 400 different Linux distributions that are currently available.

Debian Beckons Ubuntu Refugees to Come Home

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Linux Dissatisfaction continues over Ubuntu's choice of the Unity Interface as default and, in the most recent release, no obvious way to return to the old Gnome desktop.

Debian Project News - November 4th

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Linux Welcome to this year's fourteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 430

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First impressions of Sabayon Linux 7
  • News: Linux Mint - the new "number one", upcoming changes in Ubuntu 12.04, six reasons to try Fedora 16, Solaris 11 launch party
  • Opinions: Disunity
  • Questions and answers: systemd
  • Released last week: OpenBSD 5.0, Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.11, Scientific Linux 5.7 "Live"
  • Upcoming releases: Fedora 16, Solaris 11
  • Donations: Trinity Desktop Environment, LibreCAD
  • New additions: Parabola GNU/Linux, SuperX
  • New distributions: angusOS, FX64 Linux, Linux Wizard, R4W, SimbiOS
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

7 Open and Free Network Servers

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Linux Here, we'll discover some free and open router projects, covering those suitable for small businesses, medium-sized, and even enterprise-level comparable to Cisco and Juniper.

10 Linux Distros Every IT Manager Should Know

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Linux The ability to customize Linux to run on various types of hardware and to suit specific user needs means there are more flavors of Linux-based operating systems available than Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. In this slide show, eWEEK lists some.

Simplicity vs. Customizability in Desktop Design

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Software In the commercial software world, user interfaces are generally designed by one group. Linux is different. Linux lets people create what they want. You're in control!

ArchLinux, not just for the elite

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Linux I had several colleagues, friends and people asking me whether they should run Arch Linux on their desktops or laptops. I even read someone’s blog today on his impression on Arch Linux and Ubuntu. It’s time for me to jump in and clarify what you should expect with Arch Linux as a desktop on a daily basis.

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