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Guest glog: Bloated Linux?

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Linux You might have seen the articles (internetnews, InformationWeek, cnet) reporting that Linux creator Linus Torvalds said the Linux kernel is “bloated”. We think Linus is right.

My Arch Linux Experiment (Part 3)

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Linux I was trying to find out if Arch Linux would be a viable replacement for Kubuntu. Just when I thought I had everything set up and working, I realized that I had completely forgotten about setting up wireless and audio.

Bob Sutor - Here are your "Dead Ends"

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linuxlock.blogspot: The head Linux guy for IBM, Bob Sutor fairly well showed the poker hand of most Enterprise Linux entities. Briefly, he said: Linux on the Desktop isn't worth pursuing. He called it a Dead End.

Linux is now good enough for many end users

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Linux My activities in Open Source have paid for our house, car, etc etc (despite there being no such thing as an "open source business model"). However, I have never really actively attempted to convert my wife, Erica, to use Linux.

Please Don't Show the Command Line to the Uninitiated

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Linux Not long ago I had the opportunity to show off GNU/Linux to a friend. She's been a lifelong Windows users and is just your average, non-technical computer user. Everything was going fine [until] I opened the command line.

Fedora 12 demonstrates sandbox for desktop applications

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Linux Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) specialist and Red Hat developer Dan Walsh has souped up the security mechanisms in Fedora and SELinux by adding a desktop sandbox which he's calling "sandbox -X".

Just about 'Linuxed out"

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linuxgeeksunited.blogspot: I tried, I really did. I read all the articles. I scoured the various forums for relevant posts. I was signed up for god only knows how many mailing lists. I finally had to let it go.


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  • LinuxCon: The Little Things Make All The Difference
  • How Muppets learned to stop licensing and love the comm
  • LinuxCon: Desktop Should Be Better Than Windows

The Report from Fake Portland: LinuxCon 2009

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Linux If you’ve been to enough of them, you know that conferences have very definite lifespans. The trajectories may vary according to variables like subject matter, economic conditions or the geographic location, but they’re all pretty much the same.

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Ubuntu 14.04, Highly Recommended by the Engineers of Dell

Barton George, Dell’s Director of Developer Programs has stated in a blog post that the necessities of programmers have ground and they wanted to have a bigger and better version of a laptop that runs Ubuntu Linux and that’s how they thought about the Precision M3800. Not much they, but him, Jared Diminguez, a Dell software engineer that has gathered all data and combined it with his grand passion, in order to make big efforts seem as easy as batting one’s eyelashes. Read more

Witcher 2 Bug Prompts Linux Creator To Recommend Devs Play Steam Games

It’s common for NVIDIA and AMD to tweak their drivers to optimise specific titles, but patches to operating systems just for games? Usually developers work around platform quirks, but that’s not good enough for Linus Torvalds, the man behind Linux. When crashes in The Witcher 2 were caused by Linux’s core software, Torvalds not only requested the bug be fixed, but that Steam games should be used in the future as “good tests of odd behaviour”. Read more

Today in Techrights

FileZilla 3.10.1 Released With Bug Fixes And Some Minor Changes Install In Ubuntu/Linux Mint


FileZilla is free and Open-Source ftp/sftp client with features FTPSFTP and FTPS (FTP over ssl/TLS). It has a very nice and easy to use user interface.FileZilla 3.10.1 released yesterday with bug fixes and minor changes.

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