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9 open source secrets to making money

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  • Greed is good: 9 open source secrets to making money
  • How the Linux Foundation is helping the auto industry shift to open source
  • Samba 4.1 brings Linux desktop and Mac files from Windows
  • Senwes Unix to Linux migration
  • On Linux Install Fest 2013
  • Introducing Kids To Linux Using DoudouLinux
  • Have You Tried Parted Magic?
  • AbiWord 3.0 Released With Many Changes, GTK3
  • Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit…
  • Betting on Linux | CR 71
  • Install the Latest Version of digiKam on Debian
  • Flash in Linux
  • KrISS Feed: Self-Hosted RSS Reader
  • Apt-Fast: Improve Apt-Get Download Speed
  • Fix no screen brightness on boot problem
  • BetaPizza Hackaton Results
  • Can you trust 'NSA-proof' TrueCrypt?
  • 5 Years of KDE Community Forums
  • Open codec pioneer leaves Red Hat, joins Mozilla

Debian 7.2 Update Released

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  • Debian 7.2 Update Released
  • Easy Ways to Get Going with Linux are on the Rise
  • Choosing A Linux Flavor For Your Datacenter
  • RedHat vs Debian : Administrative Point of View
  • LinuxCon North America 2013
  • Expands Use of RHEL
  • Watching the Penguin’s Back at All Things Open
  • After 100 Point Releases, Linux 3.0 Is Being EOL'ed
  • FreeBSD 10.0 Now In Beta With Faster ZFS LZJB
  • Windows 8.1 tips, tricks and secrets

Notable Ubuntu Derivatives

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Ubuntu But despite what is or isn't happening with Ubuntu, depending on your point of view, much is happening elsewhere and that is fortunately a 'good thing' for the prospective Linux user.

I tried Fedora 19 KDE one more time

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Linux My first attempt to use Fedora 19 KDE was not very successful. All in all, it was a blunder. But then I revived my aging LG laptop, which means I decided to give Fedora one more chance.

Mageia 3 Review

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Linux Mageia 3 has been out for a while, and I’ve finally had time to do a review. Mageia is a fork of the Mandriva distribution, and offers quite a bit to desktop Linux users. It comes with a great selection of preinstalled software, and it is available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions on DVD (3.96 GB).

Debian Project News - October 14th

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Welcome to this year's eighteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

can you use Linux or not

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  • Need help deciding whether you can use Linux or not
  • Preloaded Linux systems: Weighing the options
  • Red Hat Loves SAP, It's Official
  • Little Linux Pricing On Big Power Systems Iron
  • openSUSE 13.1 RC1 GNOME Graphical Issues
  • DICE: “We strongly want to get into Linux for a reason
  • Which Distro Is Best for Beginners? (blog safari)

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 529

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Welcome to this year's 41st issue of DistroWatch Weekly! The Ubuntu distribution is well known for its experimental (and sometimes controversial) nature. However, with the approach of Ubuntu's next long term support release (scheduled for April 2014), the developers are planning a more conservative path. Read on as Jesse Smith discusses Mir, Ubuntu's new display server, and the community's reaction to its delay.

The Linux Setup - Gabriel Nordeborn

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  • The Linux Setup - Gabriel Nordeborn, Musician
  • openSUSE 13.1 RC1 Arrives for Testing
  • OpenSUSE and GCC part 1: getting started
  • Hackweek: Hot Chili Sauce for Hot Lizards
  • openSUSE Conference 2015 (oSC15) Location Search
  • YaST Developers Explain Move to Ruby
  • Skolelinux / Debian Edu 7.1 install and overview video from Marcelo Salvador
  • The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003
  • PicUntu 4.5 installer loads Ubuntu onto Rockchip RK3188 devices
  • Open software is not free: Red Hat
  • Check the Disk Space Usage in Your Linux System Using 'df'
  • Linux Troubleshooting with dmesg command
  • Bonus: D is for Debian
  • SolusOS 2 Will Use a Custom GNOME 3.10 Desktop
  • Manjaro 0.8.8 Pre2 Is Now Based on Linux Kernel 3.11.4
  • Wikimedia Traffic Analysis: GNU/Linux Taking Off

Firefox OS gets performance boost

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  • irefox OS gets performance boost, wider distribution
  • Chromium OS Vanilla Is a Plain-Jane Browser-Based Distro
  • The Utilite Linux Mini PC
  • 3 Embedded Linux Projects Built With the Yocto Project
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Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Delayed Until February 2, Will Bring Linux 4.8, Newer Mesa

If you've been waiting to upgrade your Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system to the 16.04.2 point release, which should have hit the streets a couple of days ago, you'll have to wait until February 2. We hate to give you guys bad news, but Canonical's engineers are still working hard these days to port all the goodies from the Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) repositories to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which is a long-term supported version, until 2019. These include the Linux 4.8 kernel packages and an updated graphics stack based on a newer X.Org Server version and Mesa 3D Graphics Library. Read more