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Important Linux Distros for Beginners in 2012

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Linux There is wide variety of Linux Distros in the market. Each one differs in size, design, support and layout, although the basic function is the same. Here is a list of Important Linux distributors for beginners in 2012.

LED case lights reflect CPU usage

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Hardware A lot of Linux users include system monitor information in their status panel so that they can see when the CPU is grinding away. [Kevin] is taking the concept one step further by changing his case lights based on CPU usage.

A quick look at ROSA Marathon EE RC

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mandrivachronicles.blogspot: Mageia and ROSA, the two divergent lines of the continuity of Mandriva Linux, are buzzing with activity. For the ones who are not informed, while Mageia 1 kept the line of Mandriva 2010.2, ROSA is intending to keep the line of Mandriva Desktop 2011.

Study explains how retailers stop Linux from entering the market

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Linux The Portuguese Open Source Business Association (ESOP) has published a white paper which aims to explain the problems laptop manufacturers are facing when trying to introduce systems preloaded with Linux to the market.

Executive Spotlight: Lynne Corddry, Red Hat VP

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  • Executive Spotlight: Lynne Corddry, Red Hat Business Development VP, Public Sector
  • Red Hat open sources OpenShift
  • Buy Apple, Oracle To Hedge Against Red Hat Bubble
  • Red Hat Inc (RHT) insider Cunningham Michael sells $ 1.3M of stock
  • Fedora 17 New Security Feature part IX - File Name Transitions
  • Fedora release names
  • Release names: it's supposed to be fun
  • What's in a version?
  • How my webcam works everytime in Fedora

Linux Rings the Bell in New York

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Linux In New York's Financial District, Linux is your MAMA. The Linux Foundation rang the closing bell at the NYSE yesterday.

Wait, IS desktop Linux a flop? Readers weigh in

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Linux While one could be forgiven for expecting a flame war in the comments on an article entitled "Why Linux is a desktop flop," the discussion that followed its publication was, in the main, thought-provoking and respectful.

What will ‘rm -rf /’ actually do to your Linux/BSD machine?

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Linux Typing the wrong command can severely cripple your computer. A wrong switch or wrong option is all it takes. One command that I learned to avoid a long time ago, based on what experienced users told me, is rm -rf /.

Penguin quizzes

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Sabayon Linux – Stable if not without polish

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Linux I have been running Sabayon Linux (Xfce) for the past couple of months and figured I would throw a post up on here describing my experience with it.

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Lennart Poettering Announces systemd 231 Init System [sic] for GNU/Linux Distributions

Today, July 25, 2016, systemd creator Lennart Poettering has proudly announced the release and general availability of the systemd 231 init system for major GNU/Linux OSes. Bringing lots of fixes and numerous additions, systemd 231 is now the most advanced version of the modern and controversial init system that has been adopted in the last few years by more and more Linux kernel-based operating systems, including Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and many others. Read more

OpenBSD 6.0 to be released September 1, 2016

Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) has updated the (in-progress) OpenBSD 6.0 release page to indicate that release will occur earlier than is usual... Read more

Conversation With Jonathan Thomas of OpenShot

I think my initial fascination with Linux was based on rebuilding all my old, broken computers laying around my office/garage. I was having a ton of fun, pulling components out of old computers, installing various distros and seeing what worked/didn’t work. And then there was the 3D desktop cube, which was pretty awesome! Pretty soon I had built my kids their own computer, with “safe” web-browsing, education games, etc. It was many months of playing around with Linux before I learned about Python and started slowly getting more into the programming side of things. Read more

OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 Linux Is Coming Soon with Mesa 3D 12.0, Latest KDE Goodies

Kate Lebedeff from the OpenMandriva project informed Softpedia about the availability of the first Release Candidate (RC) development build of the upcoming OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 operating system. Read more