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Slacking the South African Way: Meeting Kongoni GNU/Linux!

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linuxmigrante.blogspot: I had been wanting to try some Slackware based distro for some time. Why? If you say you like Linux and haven't tried Slackware, the oldest GNU/Linux alive (yes! Ubuntu is NOT the oldest, for the record! Tongue), you are missing your roots. Not enough reason, you say?

Winning: Q&A with Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO

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Interviews Red Hat's CEO Jim Whitehurst is on track to see the company pass the billion-dollar annual revenue marker. Jason Stamper speaks to him.

What's new in Linux 2.6.39

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Linux The latest Linux kernel offers drivers for AMD's current high-end graphics chips and ipsets that simplify firewall implementation and maintenance. The Ext4 file system and the block layer are now said to work faster and offer improved scalability. Hundreds of new or improved drivers enhance the kernel's hardware support.

Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux 6.1

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Linux CORPORATE LINUX VENDOR Red Hat has released Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.1 with numerous security updates and patches.

Fedora 15 Goes Gold

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  • Fedora 15 Goes Gold, and That's Not All
  • My Fedora 15 Pre-release experience
  • Red Hat Recognized as Top Support Website

Kernel bloat, the responsibility lies with the distribution vendor

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linuxtweaking.blogspot: It seems as time goes by the Linux Kernel is supporting more hardware and delivering more functionality. This is great but it introduces the problem of bloat. Bloat is bad but the fact of the matter is bloat cannot be avoided although it can be reduced.

Introduction to Pulp

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  • Introduction to Pulp
  • Content Delivery Server Basics
  • Pulp Protected Repositories

The Linux Kernel Is Still On A Power Binge

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Linux It's been about three weeks since last mentioning the major power consumption problem in the Linux kernel (actually, there's more than one power regression) and it's affecting distributions like Ubuntu 11.04. The lack of mentioning the power regression in recent weeks isn't though because the regressions are addressed, they are still outstanding with the about to be released Linux 2.6.39 kernel.

Arch Linux Review

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Linux Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen several distros take the spotlight like Ubuntu and Fedora. However there is one distro which is occasionally heard about, but does not grab the media's attention and this is Arch Linux.

Introducing Zenwalk Linux 7.0 Live CD Version

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Linux A few days ago the Zenwalk project released its Live CD of Zenwalk Linux 7.0. Currently Zenwalk offers the main Xfce edition, a Core edition which foregoes the X windowing system and is intended to be a starting point to building a custom desktop or server system, an edition with Openbox as window manager, an older Gnome version that is still at version 6.4, and the Live CD version of the edition based on the Xfce desktop environment.

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KDE Interview Questions - Riccardo Iaconelli

Currently, I am the maintainer of WikiToLearn, working on all the parts of the project where is needed, but mostly on the promotion/networking side. I deliver talks and presentations, and I am in charge of getting in touch with excellent academic institutions that could partner with us. In the past... well, I have been doing thousands of things! :-) I have been a core developer of Plasma, writing the first plasmoids, a core developer and a designer of Oxygen (working on the theme, window decoration, cursor theme, icons, wallpapers...) and many more things (from kdelibs to games to PIM). Probably the major work (outside these big projects) I am most proud of the complete UI redesign (and implementation) of Amarok in QML. It was sexy, but unfortunately it was never released, due to a decision of the maintainers. Read more

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Red Hat News

  • What Systemd Developers Want To Change With Linux User-Space In 2016
    Last weekend at FOSDEM, Lennart Poettering was one of the keynote speakers where he presented on systemd's user-space plans for the years. Lennart's presentation was entitled systemd and Where We Want to Take the Basic Linux Userspace in 2016. I held off on covering it since the PDF slides weren't available, but alas, they still aren't out yet short of watching the video (the audio quality isn't that good).
  • Growth Score By Zacks: Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT)
    Zacks Research has covered Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT) in the list of firms boasting a positive Growth Style Score. This encouraging perspective is reached after studying the company financial report and the growth prospect of the firm.
  • Scientific Linux 7.2 Officially Released
    While it took a while past the November release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, available this weekend is Scientific Linux 7.2. Just as planned, Scientific Linux 7.2 is now available for those wanting this distribution derived from RHEL 7.2 with a focus on science-related Linux users.