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Debian looking at development freeze by March

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Linux The Debian GNU/Linux project is looking at a development freeze in March next year for its next release, Squeeze, the project leader Steve McIntyre says.

No more rebooting

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  • No more rebooting. Period.
  • Linux reboots are a thing of the past with Ksplice

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 330

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: First look at Fedora 12
  • News: Chromium OS sources, Fedora LXDE update, Ubuntu and GIMP, FreeBSD 8.0, openSUSE third-party packages, interviews with Paul Frields and Buchan Milne, Qimo 4 Kids
  • Questions and answers: Rolling versus time-based release model
  • Released last week: Fedora 12, KNOPPIX 6.2
  • Upcoming releases: FreeBSD 8.0
  • New additions: VENENUX GNU/Linux, Zorin OS
  • New distributions: Asturix
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Insurer slashes $1m from costs with move to Linux

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Linux INSURANCE giant Allianz Australia expects to save more than $1 million by switching from Microsoft Windows to Red Hat Linux for key applications.

Does Linus Torvalds deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for Linux?

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Linux When you think of world peace, besides the obvious response by Miss Universe contestants, worthy Laureates come to mind such as Kofi Annan, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. Some sectors of the Internet would like to see Linus Torvalds added to the list.

MEPIS Birthday Surprise: SimplyMEPIS 8.5 alpha Release

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Linux November 21 was the seventh anniversary of MEPIS Linux, so it seems fitting that Warren Woodford has uploaded SimplyMEPIS 8.4.80, the alpha release of MEPIS 8.5.

The Future of Linux

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elevenislouder.blogspot: So here we are. Windows 7 launched and it isn't like the whole world changed. We knew it wouldn't. With the latest release of Ubuntu we saw some major changes. Things have become more tightly integrated, flashier and heavier. Is this the direction we want?

How Could Cool Penguins Have Such Hot Heads?

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Linux I had a moment or two's identification with Caitlyn Martin, who blogged about fallout from a distro review. Yes, I, too, have noticed that there's a cult of sacred-cow-worshippers who take "Linux advocacy" to a dark extreme.

Difference Between Ubuntu and Fedora

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Linux Ubuntu and Fedora are two distributions of Linux that are being distributed for free as open source software. Fedora is a very popular linux distribution for desktops but it has been superseded by the meteoric rise of Ubuntu due to its user friendly interfaces.

Linus Torvalds - Time for a Nobel Peace Prize?

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Linux I was reading through my morning Google alerts when this story caught my attention. It is an article in which the writer is of the view that it's high time the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds is awarded with the Nobel Prize for Peace.

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