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Fedora Day Four: Performance

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Linux So I’m now a few days into my time with Fedora, and things are going well so far. The machine is all up and running, and I’m back at my keyboard working away. We now know how to make Fedora look good, but how well does it perform in practice? Let’s take a look…

Debian 7.0 GNU/Linux vs. GNU/kFreeBSD

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  • Debian 7.0 GNU/Linux vs. GNU/kFreeBSD Benchmarks
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 320
  • BackTrack 5 or Kali Linux 1.0
  • 11-Way Linux, BSD Platform Comparison
  • Linux 3.9.x and GCC 4.8.1 Goes to Slackware-Current
  • SUSE Linux does data big
  • Fixing the Linux black screen of death on machines with Intel HD video
  • Install Unity Smart Scopes in Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu Touch: First look at the Linux smartphone OS
  • install Python 2.6 in ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 13.04
  • I can do it better Arch

Linux Mint 15: Solid, But Unsettled

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  • Linux Mint 15: Solid, But Unsettled
  • Linux Mint 16 will be a harder sell
  • Linux Mint 16 Wishes
  • Linux Mint 15: Almost Perfect!
  • Linux MintBox a Mini Linux Desktop
  • Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon: Ready For Prime Time

What Makes a Community Distro?

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  • What Makes a Community Distro?
  • Our test with Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon
  • Schedule of openSUSE Conference
  • Stop Ubuntu from going to sleep while watching movies
  • What Is Yumex in Linux?
  • The Linux Setup - Tony Baldwin, Translator
  • FreeBSD 8.4 Released
  • 7 Years of SlackBuilds Project
  • F18 -> F19 distro-sync with yum
  • make Mint Menu always show favorite applications
  • How to Install and Test Beaglebone black in Ubuntu / Debian
  • Updating packages on OpenSUSE via console
  • Privacy Under Linux | LAS s27e04

Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects

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  • Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects – Part 1
  • Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects – Part 2

The Best Features Of The Linux 3.10 Kernel

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  • The Best Features Of The Linux 3.10 Kernel
  • Looking Forward To The Linux 3.11 Kernel

Mageia Releases Fixed ISOs

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Linux Yesterday, the Mageia project announced the released of updated Mageia 3 classic installer images. A little bug in the first set could cause unsuspecting users to be running development branch instead of stable.

Testing the Faith of the Linux Masses

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linuxinsider (blog safari): Just how committed are Linux users to their operating system? Would they ever switch back? That depends who you ask. "I could see myself switching to BSD," offered Chris Travers, a blogger.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 511

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Welcome to this year's 23rd issue of DistroWatch Weekly! The Linux Mint distribution is a desktop oriented project which has become quite popular in the past few years. The project's latest release of their Ubuntu-based edition introduces some new system utilities and polished versions of traditional desktop environments. Read Jesse Smith's review in this week's feature to get the details on Linux Mint 15.

Debian Project News - June 10th

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Linux Welcome to this year's twelfth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

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Fedora News

  • The Bugs So Far Potentially Blocking The Fedora 25 Release
    Adam Williamson of the Fedora QA team has sent out a list of the bugs currently outstanding that could block the Fedora 25 release from happening on its current schedule should they not be fixed in time.
  • Updated Fedora 24 ISO Respins Now Available with Dirty COW-Patched Linux Kernel
    It looks like a new set of updated Live ISO images for the Fedora 24 GNU/Linux operating system were published by Ben Williams, founder of the Fedora Unity Project and a Fedora Ambassador. Dubbed F24-20161023, the updated Live ISOs a few days ago and include up-to-date components from the official Fedora 24 Linux software repositories, with which was fully syncronized as of October 23, 2016. Of course, this means that they also include the latest Linux kernel update fully patched against the "Dirty COW" bug.
  • PHP version 5.6.28RC1 and 7.0.13RC1
  • Flock Stories 2016, Episode 1: Redon Skikuli
    Flock Stories by Chris WardIf you were wondering where Flock 2018 might be, today’s guest Redon Skikuli might just have your answer! Redon is not just a Fedora community contributor, he’s a Fedora community creator. I ask Redon what he’s up to these days and why he thinks we should also consider joining future Flocks.

New KNOPPIX Release, LibreOffice 5.1.6, Rosa Down

In Linux news today KNOPPIX 7.7.1 was released to the public based on Debian with GNOME 3.22, KDE 5.7.2, and "Everything 3D." The Rosa project is experiencing network issues and folks may experience problems trying to connect to their services the next few days. LibreOffice 5.1.6 was announced today by The Document Foundation, the sixth update to the Still branch for stable users, and a new vulnerability was disclosed in GNU Tar. Read more