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#noapple – or There and Back Again

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Mac Back in the summer I decided to attempt to wean myself from Apple and to migrate to a Linux desktop. This is a much overdue post on how that went and how it is going.

Why The Linux Desktop Still Rocks

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Linux For most of us in Africa, a feeling of owning a computer was always a fantasy. It seemed so far, and our wishes seemed impossible because Santa was a myth we only see in movies. The quick advancements in computing resulted in cheaper prices of computers, I got my first during my second year at the National University.

Kernel Log: Multitouch for and new graphics drivers

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Linux X-Server 1.12 will include proper support for touch screens with multitouch capabilities. All three major manufacturers of graphics hardware for PCs have released new drivers. Linux 3.0 is still being maintained even though Linux 3.1 has already been out for a few weeks.

Red Hat Shares Sink on 3Q Results

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Linux Shares of Red Hat Inc. (RHT) plunged after the bell, as the company posted third-quarter earnings-per-share that beat estimates but revenue was just slightly higher-than-expected.

Red Hat has momentum into 2012

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  • Red Hat has momentum into 2012, say partners
  • Red Hat Riding High on Linux, But Challenges Linger
  • Red Hat’s financial results on tap after hours
  • Red Hat: ARM in Linux Not Ready for Prime Time
  • Red Hat Q3 Expected To Show Slowing Growth In Europe

A Review of Vinux - Linux for the Visually Impaired

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all-things-linux.blogspot: Vinux is a specialist distribution remastered from a Ubuntu base and optimized specifically with visually impaired users in mind.

Red Hat Higher Ahead of Earnings

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  • Red Hat Higher Ahead of Earnings
  • Red Hat: Middleware Is Changing
  • Analyst raises Red Hat target
  • Red Hat open sources RHEV virtualization management tool
  • Red Hat is still bound for downtown
  • Red Hat CFO: We have a Plan B

Fedora 16 Verne with KDE - Rather nice, actually

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Linux You have read my Fedora 16 Gnome 3 review. You know how I felt. But I may have done Fedora a disservice by focusing most of my anger on the desktop environment. Therefore, it's only fair to take Fedora for another spin, this time adorned with the KDE desktop.

Top 5 lightweight Linux distros for older PCs

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Linux The strange thing about PCs is that as they get older, even though they appear to be working fine, they can eventually become unusably slow. Successive operating systems take up more and more resources until your PC grinds to a halt. You don’t need to throw your computer away.

Pear OS Linux Panther 3 screenshot preview

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Linux Pear OS is a new Linux desktop distribution based on Ubuntu. Development started in early August 2011, and Pear OS 1.0, the first version marked “stable,” was released on August 15 2011. The newest release is Pear OS Linux Panther 3.

Also: Screencast: Pear OS Linux 3.0 "Panther"

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