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Microsoft is Down and Pretending to be "Open"

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  • Down productivity tools: Microsoft Teams takes a Monday tumble

    Microsoft's collaborative Slack-alike, Teams, is having a difficult start to the week, with users unable to log in to share their hopes, dreams and Word documents with their co-workers.

    Problems started at around 13:00 UTC, as users found themselves presented with connection errors as they attempted to hook up to the service. Naturally, they took to Twitter to share their experience.

  • Microsoft is going all-in on 'Inner Source' [Ed: Microsoft's de facto PR person at CBS on how Microsoft will keep giving malicious software with NSA back doors while calling it "open". Dr. Glyn Moody, to his credit, warned about it over a decade ago in Linux Journal when he said Microsoft would bamboozle nontechnical people/officials by claiming it itself is its competition and is "open source" (even when it's proprietary, with back doors).]
  • After Open Source, Microsoft Wants “Inner Source” For A Better Future [Ed: Having bribed OSI and others, Microsoft is now trying to redefine and totally control FOSS (all products proprietary but with openwashing for marketing purposes). Remember "Shared Source"? Microsoft keeps rebranding. Microsoft: we’re sort of kind of like “open”. We bought some things. BP: we’re sort of green. We changed our logo and mentioned words like “climate”.]

GNU Leveraged for Spying

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Microsoft Now Calls Windows "Linux" (Misleading People)

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Microsoft and IBM Spin/PR

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  • Windows 10 Will Finally Offer Easy Access to Linux Files [Ed: No, this is more WSL entrapment. They try to prevent people from using proper GNU/Linux with the actual kernel, either standalone or dual-boot. This is also about surveillance on one's files, keys, keystrokes, everything.]
  • Zowe Makes Mainframe Evergreen [Ed: Swapnil Bhartiya greenwashing and openwashing 2-in-1]

    Zowe also offers a vendor-agnostic experience allowing users to mix and match tooling and technologies. It provides interoperability, through the latest web technologies, products, and solutions from multiple vendors, and it allows developers to use the familiar, industry-standard, open source tools to access mainframe resources and services.

  • The ibmvnic driver with SR-IOV is now supported by SLES 12 and SLES 15 on IBM POWER9 processor-based systems

    The ibmvnic driver enables PowerVM Single Root I/O Virtualizations (SR-IOV) for improved network capabilities including reduced systems processor utilization, decreased network latency, and enforcement of network Quality of Service.

Microsoft's Deterioration

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Microsoft Entering Linux to Promote Its Proprietary Traps

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Going Retro With Electron and FreeDOS

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  • Running Windows 95 on Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 Just Got a Lot Better

    Developer Felix Rieseberg released a new version of his Windows95 Electron app that lets users relive the old Microsoft Windows 95 experience on Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 computers.
    Windows95 v2.0 saw the light of day earlier this week and it appears to be the biggest update to the application since its initial launch in August 2018. The new release introduces support for sound, better support for HiDPI/4K displays, as well as the ability to "reset" a machine, according to the developer.

  • FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate Available For Retaining MS-DOS Compatibility In 2019

    The first release candidate of FreeDOS 1.3 is now available, which is the open-source effort continuing to maintain compatibility with classic MS-DOS.

    FreeDOS developers considered moving towards being 32-bit with this release, but instead they have opted to remain 16-bit in order to retain full compatibility with classic DOS. FreeDOS is still committed towards preserving classic support, but at least they have promoted zip/unzip support to being part of their "base" package group.

Real Cost of Windows (TCO)

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  • How much will staying patched on Windows 7 cost you? Here's the price list [Ed: Real TCO (what you think is cheap will empty your pocket, even without virus infection)]

    Microsoft said last Fall that it would offer paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates on a per-device basis for big customers willing to pay for them after the company ends Windows 7 support on January 14, 2020. Microsoft officials wouldn't talk about how much those updates would cost, beyond saying they'd get more expensive over time. 

  • Windows Server 2019 Users Expect the Fix for Mysterious Shutdown Issues in the Next Update

    Most of the users have experienced the same problem and it is continuously being reported since December 2018. Even selecting “Shut down the guest operating system” option in hyper-v settings didn’t seem to resolve the issue at user’s end.  Apparently, the problem has arisen just because the guest VMs failed to shutdown gracefully.

Microsoft Deleting Databases, Deprecating MSI and LibreOffice Developers Speak Out

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  • Forget snowmageddon, it's dropageddon in Azure SQL world: Microsoft accidentally deletes customer DBs

    The Azure outage of January 29 claimed some unexpected victims in the form of surprise database deletions for unlucky customers.

    The issue afflicted a number of Azure SQL databases that utilize custom KeyVault keys for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), according to a message sent to users seen by The Register. Some internal code accidentally dropped these databases during Azure's portal wobble yesterday, forcing Microsoft to restore customer data from a five-minute-ago snapshot.

    That means transactions, product orders, and other updates to the data stores during that five-minute window were lost. That may warm you up with red-hot anger if you're in the middle of a particularly nasty cold snap.

    The note explained that the cockup happened automatically during what Redmond delicately called an network infrastructure event: a CenturyLink DNS snafu that locked essentially half of Microsoft 365 customers out of their cloud accounts, a breakdown that began at 1045 UTC.

  • Microsoft deprecates MSI

    Well – obviously. At least, their current actions tell that: they deprecated CRT MSMs (which is reiterated in VS 2019 RC2 release notes), a technology designed to allow MSI-based installers to install the CRT libraries in a centrally-managed manner; and the only recommended way now is using vcredist executable, which is not MSI-compatible.

    What else, if not deprecation, might it mean, when an installer technology made unable to deploy applications created using vendor’s own flagship development tool?

    Well – I thought: maybe that was an oversight? Why not inform them about the problem that MSI-only installers would be left without any viable option?

  • Improving SmartArt import in Impress FOSDEM talk

    The next step in the recent SmartArt story is my Improving SmartArt import in Impress talk at FOSDEM 2019, in the Open Document Editors devroom. The room was a bit far away from the popular places, but the livestream worked out nicely.

Microsoft Entryism/EEE: Latest Examples

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