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Leftovers: Software

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  • 100 Essential Free Apps - Page 1 of 5

    We can all admire the vast number of open source apps and tools that are available on modern operating systems. They come in all shapes and sizes. Small console tools that can be easily integrated into large projects, feature-rich apps that offer everything bar the the kitchen sink, well designed tools, and eye catching candy. Open source software holds numerous compelling advantages over proprietary software.

  • Reach the Top With NetworkManager 1.0.2

    Just this morning Lubomir released NetworkManager 1.0.2, the latest of the 1.0 stable series. It’s a great cleanup and bugfix release with contributions from lots of community members in many different areas of the project!

  • Opera 31 Dev Brings Support For Widevine DRM, Enhanced Bookmarks Bar And Touch Support For Tab Dragging

    Opera 31 (31.0.1857.0) Dev has been released, being available for all the major desktop platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

    It is based on Chromium 44 and brings interesting new features, like: Encrypted Media Extensions like Widevine DRM, enhanced Bookmarks Bar and touch support for tab dragging.

Leftovers: Software

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  • Latest NetworkManager Update Brings Support for 5GHz WiFi Networks

    On May 5, Lubomir Rintel announced the immediate availability for download and upgrade of NetworkManager 1.0.2, the default utility for managing network connection under GNOME and GNOME-based desktop environments.

  • Calligra 2.9.4 Released
  • Krita 2.9.4 released!

    We’re not just keeping an eye on the kickstarter campaign (three days and almost at 50%! but go ahead and support us by all means, we’re not there yet!), we’re also working hard on Krita itself. Dmitry is busy with improving the performance of clone layers, adding PSD file support to the Layer Styles feature and fixing loading and saving masks to PSD files (we implemented that in October, but broke it subsequently…), and we’ve got a brand new release for you today.

VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 3 released

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Please do NOT use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

You can download the binaries here. Please use sha256sum to compare the hash of the downloaded package with the corresponding hash from this list.

Please do NOT open bug reports at but use our VirtualBox Beta Feedback forum to report any problems with the Beta release. Please concentrate on reporting regressions since VirtualBox 4.3.26.

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Leftovers: Software

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  • GTK3 Download Manager `uGet` 2.0 Released

    uGet 2.0 was released recently, bringing support for multi-thread downloading and mirrors for the curl plugin, individual download speed limiting, new settings dialog and more.

  • Drop-Down Terminal `Guake` 0.7.0 Released, Available In PPA

    Guake is a drop-down terminal inspired by computer games consoles such as the one used in Quake, which slides down from the top of the screen when a key is pressed (F12 by default in Guake).

  • 4MPlayer 12.0 Beta Is a Linux Distro Used Just to Play Video Files

    4MPlayer is new interesting Linux distribution that has been built with a single use in mind, to play any kind of video files, including CDs and DVDs, without having to boot an entire distro and its desktop environment.

  • RcppAnnoy 0.0.6

    A few days ago, Erik released a new version of his Annoy library -- a small, fast, and lightweight C++ template header library for approximate nearest neighbours -- which now no longer requires Boost. While I don't mind Boost (actually, quite the opposite), it appears to have been a blocker in getting the Python part of Annoy over to the world of python3.

  • virt-manager 1.2.0 released!

    Today I released virt-manager-1.2.0. You can read the release announcement here...

  • Calligra 2.9.4 Office Suite Released with Multiple Krita Improvements

    After a bogus Calligra 2.9.3 release, the developers of the number one open source office suite for the KDE desktop environment released Calligra 2.9.4, which brings multiple improvements to the popular Krita digital painting software.

  • KDE Applications 15.04 Is Now Available for Kubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)

    On May 4, the Kubuntu developers had the pleasure of informing their users about the immediate availability of the recently announced KDE Applications 15.04 software suite for the Kubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system.

  • Plex Media Server Now Supports PlayStation 4 Audio Transcoding

    The modern and powerful Plex Media Server, a free and cross-platform media server software for GNU/Linux, BSD, OS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms, has been updated recently to version

Leftovers: Software

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uGet 2.0 Released with Better BitTorrent and Metalink Support

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We are thrilled to announce today that the final version of the uGet 2.0 download manager has been released for GNU/Linux operating systems, available for download right now for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora-based distributions.

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Kodi 15.0 Beta 1 Released

    The first beta of "Isengard", a.k.a. Kodi 15.0, is now available for testing.

    Kodi 15 isn't big on the feature front but is mostly aimed at cleaning up the code-base and delivering other underlying improvements to this popular open-source HTPC software formerly known as XBMC.

  • GNOME Developers Explain the Upcoming Features in Nautilus (Files)

    Carlos Soriano, one of the developers behind the well-known Nautilus (also known as Files) file manager application that is used by default in numerous Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, announced plans for the next major version of the software.

  • Calibre 2.27 eBook Converter Brings New Features

    Calibre is an eBook reader, converter, and editor, but these are just a few of the features of this great app. The developer has released a new update for the application and implemented a few new features and various fixes.

Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

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  • GNU Compiler Collection 5.1 Released

    Thanks to its new numbering scheme this is the first stable release of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 5.x series and comes less than a year after the release of GCC 5.0, the experimental release.

  • Unsettings 0.10 Released With Ubuntu 15.04 Support

    Unsettings, a tool which lets you change various Unity settings, was updated version 0.10 recently, bringing full support for Ubuntu 15.04.

  • ndn: And memories of the past

    Introductions first. ndn has a precompiled Linux version that you see there, and as you might expect from the screenshots, I find it quite enjoyable. You can see the two-panel menu-based approach that hearkens back to Midnight Commander and its predecessor, Norton Commander.

  • Vivaldi Browser Technical Preview 3 Adds Native Window Decorations For Linux, More

    Vivaldi, a new Chromium/Blink based web browser aimed at power users, has reached Technical Preview 3, receiving numerous improvements such as data import from all major browser, on-demand image and plugin controls, optional native window decorations for Linux and more.

  • Vivaldi TP3 Browser Adds Native Window Support On Linux

    There's a new tech preview release out today for Vivaldi, the cross-platform, Chromium-powered web browser that's been generating a fair amount of interest since its release earlier this year.

Leftovers: Software

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  • The state of Federation
    It’s been a long time since there has been any news on the state of federation, so here’s an update on where Mediagoblin’s at and some technical aspects of federation. We’ve been working with the W3C Social Working Group to define the future of federation, and part of my work there has been to work on the ActivityPump standard. There’s more to say on that and why we’re investing time there, but this blogpost will mostly be about MediaGoblin and federation from a technical perspective.
  • Who actually reads the code?
    I am the maintainer of a piece of free software called GNU Parallel. Free software guarantees you access to the source code, but I have been wondering how many actually read the source code. To test this I put in a comment telling people to email me when they read this. The comment was put in a section of the code that no one would look to fix or improve the software -- so, the source code equivalent to a dusty corner. To make sure the comment would not show up if some one just grepped through the source code I rot13'ed the source code.
  • Who Reads the Source Code Anyway?
    Today's new feeds were just chock full 'o interesting articles. The first up came from Ole Tange who set up a little experiment to see how long it took for someone to read his source code. Bryan Quigley commented on "The Mozilla We've Got" and interviewed Linus Torvalds' daughter, who is building a career in computer science and engineering. Elsewhere, Brook Kidane reviewed Point Linux 3.0 and Laurent Montel ran down KDEPIM 5.0.

Security Leftovers

  • Hacktivists congratulate Daily Show's Jon Stewart via Donald Trump's website
    Canadian hacktivists Telecomix Canada have defaced Donald Trump's website. The message, entitled "Your Moment of Zen, Mr Stewart" is a shoutout to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for his steady criticism of Donald Trump. The announcement was made by Telecomix Canada on pastebin and says that the reveal of the server penetration is in honour of the last week of Stewart's tenure helming the Daily Show on Comedy Central.
  • Macs can be remotely infected with firmware malware that remains after reformatting
    When companies claim their products are unhackable or invulnerable, it must be like waving a red flag in front of bulls as it practically dares security researchers to prove otherwise. Apple previously claimed that Macs were not vulnerable to the same firmware flaws that could backdoor PCs, so researchers proved they could remotely infect Macs with a firmware worm that is so tough to detect and to get rid of that they suggested it presents a toss your Mac in the trash situation.
  • More malware turns up on Macs
    As we head into the middle of the week more news will be coming out surrounding the Black Hat hacker conference which takes places on the 5th and 6th this week. A talk that will be given by Trammell Hudson, Xeno Kovah and Cory Kallenberg is set to show a flaw in the firmware of Mac computers which can be remotely targeted.
  • The World's First Firmware Worm for Mac Is Here, and It Sounds Scary
  • 0-day bug in fully patched OS X comes under active exploit to hijack Macs
    Hackers are exploiting a serious zero-day vulnerability in the latest version of Apple's OS X so they can perform drive-by attacks that install malware without requiring victims to enter system passwords, researchers said.
  • Hackers are exploiting an OS X flaw to install unwanted adware
  • Apple stock implosion shreds $113.4B
    Apple (AAPL) shares are down significantly for the second day Tuesday — bringing investors' paper losses to staggering levels and putting the stock further into correction territory.
  • From Car-Jacking To Car-Hacking: How Vehicles Became Targets For Cybercriminals
    The morning after Laura Capehorn parked her Saab 9-3 estate, all she could find of it was a car-shaped hole in the snow. The interior designer had left the vehicle outside her mother-in-law's house in Shepherd's Bush, London, one evening in January 2014. By the morning it was gone, presumed stolen. Police immediately asked to see the car's key, and weren't surprised to find out it was an electronic fob. They had seen an increase in tech-savvy criminals using a key-cloning system to gain entry to high-value vehicles. Once in, the thieves drive away within seconds.
  • WordPress 4.2.4 Security and Maintenance Release
    WordPress 4.2.4 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.
  • Six Vulnerabilities Patched With Release of WordPress 4.2.4
    The developers of the WordPress content management system (CMS) today announced the release of version 4.2.4. This security release addresses six vulnerabilities and four bugs. According to the release notes, WordPress 4.2.4 patches three cross-site scripting (XSS) flaws and a SQL injection vulnerability that can be exploited to compromise websites. The latest version also protects users against a potential timing side-channel attack, and prevents attackers from locking posts from being edited. Marc-Alexandre Montpas of Sucuri, Helen Hou-Sandí of the WordPress security team, Netanel Rubin of Check Point, Ivan Grigorov, Johannes Schmitt of Scrutinizer, and Mohamed A. Baset have been credited for reporting these vulnerabilities. WordPress has noted that these fixes are also included in WordPress 4.3 RC2. Check Point has published a brief advisory for the SQL injection vulnerability (CVE-2015-2213) patched in the latest version of WordPress. According to the security firm, this is a critical flaw affecting WordPress 4.2.3 and prior.