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VirtualBox 5.0

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Sbackup: A Simple Backup Solution For Linux Desktop

    Sbackup, Simple Backup, is an Open Source, easy to use backup solution intended for desktop use. It can backup any subset of files and folders. All configuration is accessible via Gnome interface. File and paths can be included and excluded directly or by regex, It supports local and as well as remote backups. Though it looks simple in use and configuration, it has many features like an advanced backup utility.

  • SmartSynchronize 3.4.3 Brings A Lot Of Fixes And Changes
  • Sysdig 0.1.101 (strace + tcpdump + lsof Exploration Tool) Has Been Released
  • Sylpheed 3.5.0 Beta 3 Brings Fixes Only
  • PyCharm 4.5.2 Brings Interesting New Features
  • OpenLDAP Gains Time-Based One Time Password Support

    There's been various one-time password features in the works for OpenLDAP -- the popular open-source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol -- in various code-bases while now within their mainline Git tree they have time-based one-time password (TOTP) support.

  • INN 2.6.0 release candidate

    In more INN-related news (and catching up on my substantial backlog), a second release candidate for the INN 2.6.0 release is now available. (The first one was only circulated on the inn-workers mailing list.)

  • INN 2.5.5

    This is the first new release of INN in about a year, and hopefully the last in the 2.5.x series. A beta release of INN 2.6.0 will be announced shortly (probably tomorrow).

  • ownCloud 8.1 – Raising the Bar on Security and Performance
  • OwnCloud 8.1 Focuses On Greater Performance & Scalability

    Today's release of ownCloud 8.1 focuses on greater scalability and performance of file operations and syncing. There are also security improvements, integrated documentation links, admin improvements, and other mostly minor improvements throughout this open-source file hosting cloud stack.

  • ownCloud 8.1 arrives with end user and admin improvements

    ownCloud has made it’s 8.1 release available. This release contains significant under the hood improvements, increasing scalability and performance of syncing and file operations while making ownCloud a better platform for developers to build upon.

  • ISL Light 4 Remote Support Software Brings Turbo Desktop Sharing to Linux

    ISL Online, a pioneer in the secure remote desktop industry, has released ISL Light 4.0.3, which expands the support to Linux platform and completes the series of releases of the fourth generation of state-of-the-art remote support software.

  • Why Are People Still Waiting for Proprietary Linux Apps?

    You often hear that Linux will only become mainstream when more proprietary software is ported to Linux. Like the two characters waiting for Godot, thousands of people are apparently waiting for the day Microsoft Office or Photoshop releases a Linux version and demolishes its free-licensed rivals. Against all reason, the expectation persists.

    The truth is, proprietary ports are unlikely to happen. Commercial software developers have never figured out how to profit from Linux ports. Meanwhile, in their hesitation, countless free software equivalents have matured into serious competition, providing another reason the commercial shops to avoid the market. The only exceptions are high-end products like Maya, which can be written off as a business expense.

Leftovers: Software

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Audio-Video Production On Linux: Best Software

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Over the years, I've heard both Windows users and Linux enthusiasts make the claim that professional media production on Linux is impossible. While there may be some workflows so over-engineered that legacy software is a must, I firmly believe that, with effort, using Linux for media production is doable.

In this article, I'll share application titles that can help make media production with Linux possible. The key thing to remember is that in order to be successful you will have to put forth some effort. Because some of the applications are quite complicated and require an education all their own.

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Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

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Free Professional Creation Suite Blender 2.75 Arrives with AMD GPU Support

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The Blender Foundation, the developer of Blender, an integrated 3D creation software suite, has just announced that a new version of the suite, 2.75, has been released and is now available for download.

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Leftovers: Software

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  • PhotoFlow 0.1.4 Brings Only Bug-Fixes
  • QMPlay2 15.06.26 Includes Small Fixes Only
  • Backup with these DeDuplicating Encryption Tools

    Data is growing both in volume and value. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to back up and restore this information quickly and reliably. As society has adapted to technology and learned how to depend on computers and mobile devices, there are few that can deal with the reality of losing important data. Of firms that suffer the loss of data, 30% fold within a year, 70% cease trading within five years. This highlights the value of data.

  • Atop, when you need to know exactly what's happening at the system-resource level

    A much more powerful took is "Atop", a powerful monitor program that allows you to see system-level counters concerning utilization of CPU and memory/swap, as well as see disk I/O and network utilization counters at the system level -- in real time or historically. It also allows you to store raw counters in a file for long-term analysis on system levels and process levels, as well as seeing resource consumption for each thread within a process of a multi-processor program.

  • Forward into the land of Emacs

    A few months ago I reported about my advancement in my use of Emacs. This post will be a report of my further progress. Quick reminder: I started using emacs for project management and working on web sites. I still do that today, even though I spent much less time editing websites and these are very much side projects I do for and with friends.

  • Jdrivesync: your Google Drive synchronisation client for Linux

    Google Drive is an instrument that is used by many. Of course, there are many alternatives to it like Dropbox or Yandex.Drive, but nevertheless many prefer a Google-backed solution. One of the reasons for me was an ability to have several services under one "roof", one account.

  • Wine-Staging 1.7.46 Improves The OS X Experience

    Building on Friday's Wine 1.7.46 release, Wine-Staging 1.7.46 was released today.

  • DirectX11: Coming soon to a Linux box near you

    At present Wine – the open-source compatibility layer software that runs Windows applications on other operating systems – supports DirectX9, allowing many older Windows games to run on Linux, but software has moved on and developers are no longer using that older version of DirectX.

Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

  • Kafka and syslog-ng
    First of all, let me introduce Kafka, a high-throughput distributed messaging system. It was originally developed by LinkedIn as a backbone of a website activity tracking infrastructure. Once open source, it was developed further under the umbrella of the Apache Foundation. In 2014 Confluent was founded to provide enterprise level support to Kafka users. Kafka is now used by major companies, including Netflix, Twitter and PayPal. There are now many more uses for Kafka: message queuing, log aggregation, stream processing or as a commit log.
  • Nmap 7.00 Has Been Released
    As you may know, Nmap is a command-line network exploration tool that supports ping scanning to determine the online hosts, port scanning techniques and TCP/IP fingerprinting for remote device identification.
  • Atom 1.2.4 Has Been Released
  • Vuze 5.7 (Open-Source BitTorrent Client) Has Been Released
  • Aptik 1.6.6 (Backup Software) Has Been Released
    As you may know, Aptik is an open-source application that enables the users to easily perform and restore backups of PPAs, aplications and packages in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and other Ubuntu derivates.
  • Linphone 3.9.1 Brings Only Bug-Fixes
    As you may know, Linphone is an open-source VoIP service that allows the users to perform voice calls, video calls and text conversations with friends and other Linphone users.
  • Install QGifer 0.2.3 RC2 on Ubuntu
    Up to date packages are available via some third party PPA, so installing the software on Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, Linux Mint 17.x, Elementary OS 0.3 Freya and other Ubuntu derivative systems is easy.
  • Wireshark 2.0 Has Been Released
    As you already know, Wireshark is an open-source protocol analyzer software, very used for monitoring the network traffic.
  • Kodi 16.0 Beta 2 “Jarvis” Brings Changes

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