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GTK 3 Software: Screenkey and Sunflower

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Minase – SIXEL-based terminal file manager

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A file manager is software which provides a user interface to assist in the organization of files. It helps users with their daily work in managing their files on a hard drive or other storage device. With multiple terabyte hard disks becoming prevalent, file managers represent an essential tool in managing file systems.

Every file manager provides basic operations such as to create, open, view, edit, search, rename, move copy, and delete files. However, file managers typically come supplied with sophisticated functionality including network connectivity, directory synchronizing, archive handling, advanced searching, shortcuts, file/folder comparisons, checksums, plugins, and more, making them an incredibly powerful tool.

In the field of system administration, Linux has bags of graphical file managers. However, some users prefer managing files from the shell, finding it the quickest way to navigate the file system and perform file operations. This is, in part, because terminal file managers are more keyboard friendly, enabling users to perform file operations without using a mouse, and make it quicker to navigate the filesystem and issue commands in the console at the same time.

There’s lots of terminal file managers available for Linux. One that we’ve not covered previously is Minase. It’s written in C++, published under an open source license, and relatively unknown. Let’s change that!

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Transmission BitTorrent Client 3.0 is here with Major Updates

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The lightweight and popular BitTorrent client Transmission 3.0 is released after more than two years of development.
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TeleIRC 2.0.0 Released

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  • TeleIRC v2.0.0 is officially here!

    After almost eight months of work, the TeleIRC Team is happy to announce General Availability of TeleIRC v2.0.0 today. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer community, we are celebrating an on-time release of a major undertaking to make a more sustainable future for TeleIRC.

  • What’s new in TeleIRC v2.0.0

    TeleIRC v2.0.0 is the latest major release of our open source Telegram <=> IRC bridge. Download the latest release and read the release announcement for the full story.

    There are several new and noteworthy changes in TeleIRC v2.0.0. This post walks you through the major changes and differences for TeleIRC v2.0.0. Read on for the highlight reel of this release.

Ardour 6.0 is released

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Ardour 6.0 is now released. Sorry for the wait!

You can download it from

See what’s new at

We hope to return to bi-monthly releases going forward, and there’s a lot of stuff to do!

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Also: Ardour 6.0 Digital Audio Workstation Released

Wine 5.9 Release

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  • Wine Announcement

    The Wine development release 5.9 is now available.

    What's new in this release (see below for details):
    - Major progress on the WineD3D Vulkan backend.
    - Initial support for splitting dlls into PE and Unix parts.
    - Support for generating PDB files when building PE dlls.
    - Timestamp updates in the Kernel User Shared Data.
    - Various bug fixes.

  • Wine 5.9 Released With Latest WineD3D Vulkan Capabilities, DLL Improvements

    Wine 5.9 is out as the latest bi-weekly development release for this software allowing Windows games and applications to generally run quite gracefully on Linux.

    As outlined yesterday, Wine 5.9 comes with big improvements to the WineD3D Vulkan back-end for allowing Direct3D 9/10/11 over Vulkan as an alternative to their OpenGL code path (and yes, similar in nature to DXVK). This WineD3D Vulkan work is still underway but given the rapid progress it likely won't be too long before it becomes quite usable.

  • Wine 5.9 is out with major WineD3D Vulkan work

    Alexandre Julliard of CodeWeavers today announced the Wine 5.9 development release, which sounds quite an exciting one. With the Wine team keeping up their regular biweekly release schedule, the amount that goes in is pretty damn impressive for this open source compatibility layer.

    While we already have the external DXVK project for translating Direct3D 9/10/11 to Vulkan, which is working out really well so far, the main Wine team are pursuing their own way and this release has "major" progress on that for the WineD3D backend. No need for sour grapes about it though, perhaps the rivalry between the competing methods will be good for both and we as users end up with a tastier drink.

  • Wine's Direct3D Vulkan Back-End Continues Seeing An Uptick In Activity

    Henri Verbeet and other CodeWeavers developers have been focusing more on this WineD3D Vulkan back-end in recent weeks with many improvements due out tomorrow as part of the routine bi-weekly development cycle with Wine 5.9. This is for the Direct3D 9/10/11 over Vulkan back-end rather than OpenGL, not to be confused with VKD3D for Direct3D 12 over Vulkan. Wine developers have been working on this Vulkan back-end to WineD3D for a while now due to differing views/philosophies compared to DXVK that already does a thorough job implementing D3D 9/10/11 on Vulkan.

Audacity Fixes the Major Bug and Releases a Fresh Version 2.4.1

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Audacity recently released a major version 2.4.0. However, just after release, a critical bug is reported which caused the audio data corruption. The bug causes your audio to corrupt if you have two projects open and trying to copy-paste a snippet from one to another. The bug is fixed now with 2.4.1 release and you can install and use Audacity now.
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Welcome PDF Quirk

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How often have you scanned a letter, a certificate or whatever and looked for the right way to call $UTILITY to convert it to a PDF that can be shared via internet?

For this very common use case I could not find a tool to make that really easy for the Linux desktop. Given my mission to help making the Linux desktop more common in the small business world (do you know Kraft?) I spent some time starting this little project.

Please welcome PDF Quirk, the desktop app to easily create PDFs out of images from storage or directly from the scanner!

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Denemo Sheet Music Notation Program Brings Latest Release

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Denemo – a sheet music creation program that brings the latest release with bug fixes and improvements.
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