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NetworkManager 1.0.6 brings metered connections API and more

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Leftovers: Software

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Shotcut – Video Editor Based on MLT Framework and Support for 4K UHD

    Shotcut is an free, open-source video editor app based on the MLT Multimedia Framework which works flawlessly on major operating system (Linux, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows). Dan Dennedy as main developer shotcut video editor was started shotcut project in 2011, it is amature and stable application; both professionals and armatures use this to fulfill their video editing needs.

  • RcppDE 0.1.3

    A pure maintenance release 0.1.3 of the RcppDE package arrived on CRAN yesterday. RcppDE is a "port" of DEoptim, a popular package for derivative-free optimisation using differential optimization, to C++. By using RcppArmadillo, the code becomes a lot shorter and more legible.

  • Opera 33 Dev Adds Window Vibrancy Effect on Mac OS X, Better Windows 10 Support, Based on Chromium 46

    Opera Software, through Tomasz Procków, has informed all users of the Opera web browser that version 33 of the cross-platform software is now in development with lots of new features and numerous bugfixes.

  • Redbooth launches a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux

    Redbooth, a company that sells software with task management, videoconferencing, and messaging features, is announcing today that it has built a new native desktop client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Until now people were only able to use Redbooth in a web browser, or on iOS and Android.

    Redbooth is beginning a four-week beta program for the new desktop client. The company will roll it out for all of its customers later.

    The company chose to develop desktop apps to meet the needs of some of its large enterprise customers.

Leftovers: Software

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Wine 1.7.50 Brings Experimental DirectX 11 Support

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Wine developers have just announced that a new version of the application has been released and is now available for download. This is the version that shows signs of DirectX 11 support, so it's going to be an interesting one.

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Latest APT 1.1 Release Has "Supercow Powers"

    The APT (Advanced Package Tool) is getting ready to receive some pretty important new features and developers are saying that this is probably the best version to be released. It's still under production, but we can only hope that it will arrive much faster than the previous 1.0 branch.

  • MKVToolNix 8.3.0 Now Available for Download with Multiple GUI Enhancements

    Moritz Bunkus announced the release and immediate availability for download of the third point release of his ever popular MKVToolNix 8 open-source software for manipulating Matroska (MKV) files under GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows OSes.

  • Video Editor Shotcut 15.08 Arrives with Ripple All Tracks Option

    Shotcut is an impressive video editor that runs on multiple platforms and which also happens to be open source. Its makers usually push a new update out the door each week and now it's time for another one.

  • APT 1.1 Has Been Released

    APT (Advanced Package Tool) is the default package manager of Debian, Ubuntu and their derivative systems.

  • Rygel Open Source DLNA Media Server Adds PV Subtitle Support to All Resources

    The developers of the open-source Rygel software, a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) media server distributed as part of the GNOME Project, have released a new milestone towards version 0.28 of the application.

  • Ardour 4.2 released

    The Ardour project is pleased to announce the release of 4.2. This is primarily a bug fix release, but the list of fixes is long, and we've also replaced the audio/MIDI IO backend for Windows with completely new code which we think will address some of the issues faced on that platform. This release also sees the return of downloads for Apple PowerPC platforms.

  • Ardour 4.2 Open Source DAW Software Released with Tons of New Features

    The Ardour software has been updated recently to version 4.2, a release that brings a huge number of new features covering almost all of the application's core functionality. Ardour 4.2 has been released for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

  • The problem with Linux text-to-speech (TTS)

    It has never even been a serious contender in the race. In my opinion, most TTS applications in Linux have remained in hobbyist mode since inception. And I'm sure that statement will chap the ass of many, but a simple comparison between all of the Linux programs using TTS vs. Mac, Windows, and even the mobile market will bear me out. Hopefully we can raise enough awareness to at least see some forward movement on TTS in Linux. Hopefully.

  • Qt Music Player `Yarock` 1.1.3 Released, Available In PPA

    Yarock 1.1.3 was released recently with a new radio service: Radionomy (which has replaced Shoutcast), support for importing APE files in the playqueue, MP4 audio tag reading and more.

  • Accusoft adds Linux support

    Accusoft has added Linux support in its release of Barcode Xpress. The company says that Linux support provides even greater versatility to Barcode Xpress and equips developers with a fast, accurate and easy-to-use SDK that simplifies adding barcode reading and writing into Web and mobile applications. Besides Linux, Barcode Xpress currently supports Windows, Android or iOS operating systems and .NET, JAVA and C/C++.

  • Opera 32 Beta (32.0.1948.4) Has Been Released
  • Vivaldi Web Browser Brings Better Speed, Web Panels, and Much More

    Vivaldi, a new web browser built by one of the Opera founders and his team, has brought a number of new features including a web panel and lots of other improvements.

Leftovers: Software

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today's howtos and software

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Leftovers: Software

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  • Atom 1.0.7 Released, Text Editor Made For Developers

    A text editor is always the best friend of any developer. Every developer passes most of his/her time programming with text editor. So that text editor has to be unique and friendly at the same time. Then I remember Atom, one of the most handy text editors. The latest version Atom 1.0.7 released recently with some tweaks into find & replace.

  • Obnam 1.14 released (backup software)

    I have just released version 1.14 of Obnam, my backup program. See the website at for details on what the program does. The new version is available from git (see and as Debian packages from, and uploaded to Debian, and soon in unstable.

  • Rblpapi: Connecting R to Bloomberg

    Whit, John and I are thrilled to announce Rblapi, a new CRAN package which connects R to the Bloomberg backends.

  • shellinabox – A Web based AJAX Terminal Emulator

Leftovers: Software

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  • QEMU 2.4 Released With VirtIO GPU Support
  • Calibre 2.35 eBook Editor and Convertor Gets Supports for Latest Kobo Firmware

    Version 2.35 of eBook reader and management software Calibre has been released and is now available for download. It's not a big update, but it does bring important support for Kobo devices.

  • QMapShack – GPS and Maps on Linux

    In one of the comments on my last post on Windows 10, a friendly reader from my home country pointed me at QMapShack as a replacement for QuoVadis. I have been using QuoVadis now for many many years, and it contains my mountaineering history all the way back. All the guiding work, all the track. QuoVadis is a great program, able to work with various commercial digital maps as well as GPS receivers. It only has one disadvantage, it doesn’t work on Linux. QMapShack is very similar in the target audience, but very different in usage. The one big difference is of course the set of maps one can use with QMapShack. Fortunately, Garmin Maps are supported, and since all my maps regarding Japan are Garmin maps, I am now in the process to converting to QMapShack at least for my Japan GPS data.

  • Wine-Staging 1.7.49 Makes Wine Apps Look Like GTK3 Programs
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  • ocs-client GSoC
    So my GSoC is coming to its end. I have no cool screenshots to upload this time and I have no new great features to talk about, in fact Caludio and I manly focused on bugfixing and testing. We have spent time also discussing about possible changes and improvements to the current OCS protocol. So is the client ready do be lunched? In short I would say that no, not yet.. although most of its features are implemented and it is usable, it is still an “under construction” project, we both still have to make some important decisions to make it usable to everyone.
  • The Fiber Engine Poll, Updates, and Breeze
  • Bringing Akonadi Next up to speed
    and refactoring it again, to make sure the codebase remains as clean as possible. The result of that is that an implementation of a simple resource only takes a couple of template instantiations, apart from code that interacts with the datasource (e.g. your IMAP Server) which I obviously can’t do for the resource.
  • New linter integration plugins for KDevelop
  • Artikulate Plans for Randa
    Language learning is often considered as the task of memorizing new vocabulary and understanding the new grammar rules. Yet for most, the most challenging part is to actually get used to speak the new language. This is a problem that Artikulate approaches with a simple idea: to learn the correct pronunciation of a word or even a longer phrase, the learner listens to a native speaker recording, repeats and recordings it, and finally compares both recordings to improve herself/himself with the next try.

Tails 1.5.1 is out

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.5.1, is out. This is an emergency release, triggered by an unscheduled Firefox release meant to fix critical security issues. Read more