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RIP Netscape, gOS Complaints, Firefox 3.0

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  • it's about time. r.i.p. netscape browser

  • Dell XPS M1330 && Ubuntu
  • More reasons gOS is nowhere near ready for use by just about anybody
  • Upgrade timing demotes KDE variant of Ubuntu Linux
  • Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 better than Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7
  • IBM to make massive Ubuntu server play?
  • How Microsoft (and Apple) will respond to very-low-cost Linux systems

trying to avoid M$ tax, XO Laptop Accounts

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  • Trying To Dodge The Microsoft Tax

  • Popular Unix and Linux forums
  • My Very Own OLPC XO Laptop
  • Glub, glub: SCO drops off the Nasdaq
  • Hands-on with the OLPC XO laptop -- and loving it

This morning's headlines

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  • BSD and the GPL
  • People of openSUSE: Rajko Matovic
  • Free software in Polish schools
  • Firefox Combines Baidu Search Engine
  • 3Com is setting a US-Asia trend, says CEO
  • Hands on: Change your PC's graphical look
  • How to install Epiphany web browser in Ubuntu
  • Open source’s new commercial strategy
  • Getting around the Gnome network manager
  • Linux is not an Operating System

debian updated, syncing your blackberry, tech cold war

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  • Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 Updated

  • Tech Cold War 2007!
  • Syncing Your BlackBerry On Linux
  • 9 Tips for the aspiring Emacs playboy

Debian Old Laptop, 5 Firefox Add-ons, Asus Eee Tips

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  • KDE 4.0 install on OpenSUSE

  • A cacophony of ASUS Eee Linux PC tips and tricks
  • Debian on my old laptop, keeping it light
  • 5 essential Firefox add-ons for productive web work
  • 2008: Linux’s year on the desktop
  • Tech predictions for 2008 AD

more stuff

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  • Building A Linux Music Studio

  • After torrents? Try Deluge!
  • Angst over Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
  • The Deprecated “Smoke Screen” of MS Office Open XML (OOXML)
  • Ubuntu linux - Gimpshop - Picasa

other odds & ends

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  • A First Look at aMule 2.2.0 CVS

  • checkin out gentoo 2007
  • Ubuntu - Restore wireless / bluetooth / battery icon back to Top Panel
  • OOo: Starting a new database: spreadsheet or native Base database?
  • Vietnam Ministry encourages open source software
  • Some KDE 4 Reminders

odds & ends

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  • Compiz Fusion Community News for December 27th, 2007

  • KDE Commit-Digest for 23rd December 2007
  • Novelty value of new XO laptop comes in loud and clear on eBay
  • 5 Things You'll Love About Firefox 3
  • Will change of CEO hit Red Hat?
  • Winning by not competing at all
  • OpenSUSE 10.3 - Excellent Live Performance
  • HowTo Install Gentoo on a Toshiba Satellite A100-847

today's leftovers

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  • 2007 Roundup: Open source comes of age

  • Gentoo SonyEricsson USB Cable DCU-11 driver
  • Umeebee + OLPC = Safe Place for Internet Kids
  • Will Patent Battles End Free Linux?
  • Richard Stallman - The Santa of Software
  • Nixcraft's Most Emailed Linux FAQ in 2007

some howtos, shorts, and stuff

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  • Make Broadcom Wifi Work With Ndiswrapper on openSUSE 10.3

  • Picasa 3.0 on the way
  • GTK dialog boxes from shell scripts
  • Reduce Firefox 3 location bar autocomplete menu
  • Basilisk Games Announces the availability of Eschalon: Book I for Linux
  • Nokia N810 Internet Tablet overview and demo
  • Four Years of Gentoo

shorts & stuff

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  • GNOME 2.22 One Step Closer To Release

  • Video: Mark Cox, episode 2: Policies
  • A little Linux distro geneology
  • Nouveau Companion 32

today's leftovers

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  • Weekly Wire #3 (video)

  • People of openSUSE: Marcus Meissner
  • Build a DIY Digg Clone with Drupal
  • Review: Linutop (video)
  • OLPC struggles to realise ambitious vision
  • Everything you know about networking just changed
  • Max, Matthew, Fedora and Red Hat: what's next?
  • Top 5 Ubuntu Applications
  • Samba's Big Step
  • Snort Report 11 Posted
  • OLPC and the Kindle
  • Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Review
  • Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion becomes free
  • PlayOnLinux, new design and new language
  • Uncover Firefox secret add-ons install button
  • New players enliven open source
  • Sanity prevails on DistroWatch
  • KDE Office Suite for Os2008
  • OggConvert makes Ogg converts (and converts to Oggs)
  • Compiz Fusion and a WiiMote!
  • Making KDE dialogue boxes appear from shell scripts

today's leftovers

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  • Review: The Official Damn Small Linux Book

  • Linux Wireless Woes Overheat Notebook Computers
  • A comparison of Linux and Windows
  • Running Hundreds Of Evolution Users
  • 10 Technologies to Watch in 2008 - SLE Resolves 3
  • Gaël Duval: Two coffees with Ladislav
  • How much OS is just enough?
  • Zenmap, official nmap GUI

today's leftovers

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  • Why Larry loves Linux (and he’s not alone)

  • Seattle XO User Group Forming
  • Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands For Ubuntu And Debian Power Users Available Now
  • OpenSUSE install and some luck
  • Review: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year Part 2
  • XO Laptop Specs.. for those interested
  • Aaron Seigo: Dear Glyn Moody
  • Changing your hostname in Linux (PCLinuxOS)
  • Songbird: An Open Source Music Mashup System
  • Book review: Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response

today's leftovers

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  • Differences between European and US adoption of open source

  • Ubuntu Releases Alpha Version of Server 8.04
  • Embracing PCLinuxOS and Open Source
  • Linux defector says RHEL zero, Sun Solaris hero
  • Liferea: an RSS reader for GNOME
  • Tour of the Ubuntu Applications (2007)
  • Review: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year Part 1
  • Tech charities to consider this giving season
  • Video: Alan Cox and the state of free software
  • Klik2 RC to be around in February 2008
  • Suing Over Open Source
  • AGEIA Responds, Talks PhysX On Linux

Today's Leftovers

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  • Forrester: Open source apps lag behind Linux in the enterprise

  • Liberation fonts: still "non-distributable" for Debian!
  • Firefox 3 Linux Preview
  • What’re you listening to?
  • Jeff Jaffe: OpenSUSE
  • Penguins demand Linux for Antarctic datacenter
  • Open source telephony gives customers control, consultant says

today's leftovers

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  • People of openSUSE: James Ogley

  • An interview with Mike
  • Microsoft Fights VMware As it Flirts With Linux
  • Kubuntu gears up for KDE 4
  • Fedora Project Leader successor planning
  • Text-to-Speech and Other KWord Tips
  • Rise or fall for Red Hat?
  • Is the Linux/Windows interoperability deal paying off for Novell?
  • What Kind of Geek Are You?
  • Eschalon: Book I Demo for Linux
  • Still No UT3 For Linux...
  • KDE 4 uses less memory

Managing with Net-SNMP and IPython in UNIX and Linux systems

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The Net-SNMP library now has Python bindings, and it is an excellent choice to write custom code to manage a data center or supplement full-blown Network Management Systems. In this article, learn how to use Net-SNMP, Python, and the IPython shell to interactively explore and manage a network.

early leftovers

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  • new opensuse installer?

  • answer to my problem: PCLinuxOS Gnome
  • Penguins in space: NASA picks open source for lunar mission
  • 'Census' planned to help firms track open-source software
  • Netherlands Adopts Open-Source Software
  • what’s to come of the Wal-Mart PC
  • Ubuntu switch: If you ever want to sleep at night...
  • Edulos - Education the PCLinuxOS way
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