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some odds & ends:

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  • Intel Core i7 4960X "Ivy Bridge-E" Is A Beauty On Linux
  • A Variety of NVIDIA GPUs Power Valve’s First Prototype Steam Machines
  • Karma Machine: An Example of Ubuntu App Convergence
  • How Things Work: Open-source software
  • VIDEO: "Shovel Knight" Trailer Wears Its Influences on Its Sleeve
  • Arduino boards to run full Linux thanks to TI’s new ARM-based chip
  • Mozilla's HTML5-Powered Flash Player Is Slowly Making Its Way Into Firefox
  • I Didn’t Know They Use Open Source! – Part 3
  • Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore Gets Gloomy First Screenshots
  • Who is the Ubuntu Community Council?
  • Scholarship Winner Sarah Kiden Will Use Linux Training to Help Others

some leftovers:

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  • PixelJunk Shooter is coming to PC, Mac and Linux next month
  • Mageia update advisories web site
  • Jobs Demand Rising for Linux and Open Source Skills
  • Rename - For Batch Renaming Of Files
  • Linux 3.12 Kernel To Bring Faster File-Systems
  • Open-Source Systems You May Have Taken for Granted: 10 Examples
  • Put a Talking Cow in Your Linux Message of the Day
  • Plasma Active Handbook released
  • Who takes free software to new heights?
  • NVIDIA Releases Major Linux Driver With New Features, EGL
  • Why and how to set up your own wiki with Dokuwiki
  • Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII
  • How Port Knocking Can Add Extra Layer of Server Security
  • About 20% Of New Titles On Steam Support Linux
  • Firefox bug: "Pledge never to implement HTML5 DRM"
  • curl: Your tool for accessing the great beyond
  • Raphaël Hertzog: My Free Software Activities in September 2013
  • Global Git Ignore
  • Fistful Of Frags Will Come To Linux If Greenlit
  • Canonical Says It's Not Ignoring Ubuntu Desktop Because of Ubuntu Touch

some odds & ends:

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  • Raspberry Pi Wireless Inventors Kit Review
  • Richard Stallman on the Painful Birth of GNU
  • Struggling With Some Linux Terminologies? Here's Help
  • Working BMO made out of Lego and Raspberry Pi
  • Call me GNU: The GNU/Linux naming debate, revisited
  • Utilite Linux Mini PC Launches With Prices Starting From Just $99
  • LibreOffice 4.1.2 Released
  • Q&A: To Use Or Not To Use Open Source Software?
  • Mastering rsync and Bash to Backup Your Linux Desktop or Server
  • PixelJunk Shooter is coming to PC, Mac and Linux next month

some leftovers:

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  • NVIDIA Drops Linux Driver Feature Not Found On Windows
  • A bug please…
  • Copyright in AppData files
  • cron: The chronological daemon
  • Use the Scan to PC function on a Samsung Multifunction
  • How To Delete Your Personal Data From The Internet
  • Writing a Book with Linux
  • csplit: split, but with a little more control
  • 16-Way Graphics Card Comparison On Open-Source Linux
  • We are not who we are
  • Imitation – A Gedit Plugin To Edit A Document Simultaneously At Multiple Places
  • How to diff and merge files or directories on Linux
  • Open Source Is Good And All, But Proprietary Is Still Winning
  • FLOSS Weekly 267
  • Video: The CentOS Project
  • Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Released For Linux
  • 4 weeks until KDE SC 4.12 Feature Freeze

some leftovers:

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 Update Arrives
  • Giving an exposure to young professionals
  • Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before
  • G+ and RAW photos from the eyes of a FOSS photographer
  • NOOBS 1.3, new Rasbian and NOOBS Lite comes to Raspberry Pi
  • ZoneMinder Review | LAS s28e10
  • October 2013 Issue of Linux Journal: Embedded
  • GNOME 3.10 Updates Linux Desktop
  • Fidgety USB
  • Coverity's Zack Samocha: Software Quality and the Open Source Advantage
  • Happy 30th birthday GNU
  • Open source software - embrace it or be swamped

some leftovers:

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  • Videos about the Freedombox project
  • Turning points and cornerstones 2013
  • Teskeing the Possibilities | BSD Now 4
  • Being on the napkin
  • IBM Releases FusedOS Operating System
  • Temper Pi
  • Open Source Software is Only the Beginning
  • install HPLIP rivers on debian 7.0/7.1
  • Mark My Words, Linux Will Win (w/ steamos)
  • Complex setup with Nvidia Optimus / Nouveau Prime on Fedora 19
  • How to access ssh terminal in web browser on Linux
  • /bin/rm: cannot execute [Argument list too long]
  • TuxRadar: Podcast Season 5 Episode 17

today's highlights:

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  • The X.Org Server's GLX Is Being Rewritten
  • Fedora 20 Is Now Ready For Testing, Screenshot Tour
  • GNOME 3.10 Updates, GNU 30th Anniversary
  • Best Journaling Tools for Linux
  • Valve's Linux push: What do game developers think?
  • Home automation device runs Linux on BeagleBone
  • Neverending Nightmares Offers A Personal Approach To Horror
  • Mir Was Briefly Talked About This Week At XDC2013
  • cpat: The solitaire collection for the console
  • Karen Sandler: full interview
  • Switching to Kubuntu
  • Kwheezy 1.2 Review
  • Half-Life: Source Officially Exits Beta
  • Catfish: A Graphical Front-End For ‘Find’ And ‘Locate’
  • Valve, Nvidia, and AMD Drive the Final Nail into the Windows Coffin
  • VLC 2.1.0 Update Released With New Audio Core
  • Check mobo specifics in linux
  • Steam OS, Steam Machines and Valve Software’s “multiple partners”
  • Valve Beta Boosts Linux Gaming Full Steam Ahead
  • Heavy Bullets FPS Dungeon Crawler With Video
  • Improve Boot-up Times in Manjaro Linux with ‘readahead’
  • The Maxthon Web Browser Gets Linux Support

few headlines:

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  • Red Hat’s Sell Rating Reaffirmed at JPMorgan
  • Red Hat PT Raised to $61.00 at Credit Agricole
  • What’s happening with Red Hat?
  • How to install GNOME 3.10 in Ubuntu 13.10
  • Patrick d'Emmabuntüs: Emmabuntüs is more than a Linux distribution
  • LinuxCon Luncheon Connects Women in Technology
  • Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1

some odds & ends:

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  • openSUSE Beta Pizza Hackaton Starting Friday!
  • Guns of Icarus Online Announces Price Drop and Updates
  • Underestimated or underused: Portage (e)logging
  • Communication around Frameworks 5
  • Citrix's Mark Hinkle: Users Will Drive Innovation in Linux, Tech
  • What is Linux Live CD and Why You Should Use One
  • Ken Levine: SteamOS is “a brave and powerful idea”
  • The Dukepad is the Raspberry Pi based Linux tablet you build yourself
  • Goodbye Steam Boxes, hello Steam Machines
  • Linux scholar skips California opportunity

some odds & ends:

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  • ZevenOS's Neptune Distro: Linux the Way You Want It
  • Fedora's 10 Years, Joerg has the Pictures
  • The pros and cons of SteamOS
  • ‘Jazzpunk’ now available for pre-order, coming to PC/Mac/Linux January 2014
  • Introduction To Gentoo Linux
  • Who owns an open source brand—the company or the community?
  • Red Hat: Stock Sells Off As The Company Is No Longer Red Hot
  • LMDE Update Pack 7
  • Nvidia pledge to help Linux’s open source driver community
  • Mozilla: plugins are now a legacy technology
  • The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief Releases Third Chapter 'A Murder of Ravens'
  • Here’s how SteamOS destroys Microsoft
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More in Tux Machines

Kernel 3.18 development – the kernel column

Linus Torvalds announced Linux 3.17, the Shuffling Zombie Juror, saying, “The past week was fairly calm, and so I have no qualms about releasing 3.17 on the normal schedule”. The latest kernel includes a number of nice headline features, such as the new getrandom() system call and sealed files APIs that we covered in previous issues of LU&D. Linux 3.17 also includes support for less highlighted new features, such as new signature checking of kexec()’d kernel images and sparse files on Samba file systems (which is significant for those mounting Windows and Mac shares). Read more

Qt 5.4 Release Candidate Available

I am happy to announce that Qt 5.4 Release Candidate is now available. After the Qt5.4 Beta release we have done some build & packaging related updates in addition to large number of error fixes based on feedback from Beta release. Read more

Weston's IVI Shell Sees New Version

There hasn't been much in the way of exciting Wayland/Weston developments to report on this month, but its development is continuing in its usual manner. Out today is another version of the Weston IVI Shell as it still works to being accepted upstream. The weston-ivi-shell is a reference shell for Wayland's Weston compositor running on In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. The Weston-IVI work dates back many months and today's revision to the shell marks its eighth public version as it still seeks to be accepted into mainline Weston. Read more

Python 3 Support Added To The GNOME Shell

The GNOME Shell 3.15.2 release fixes some visual glitching, improves the layout of the extension installation dialog, supports the CSS margin property, and offers other bug fixes and minor enhancements. Most notable to GNOME Shell 3.15.2 though is there's finally Python 3 support. Many GNOME components have long ported their Python 2 code to Python 3 while GNOME Shell's Python support has just received the Py3 treatment. Details on GNOME's overall Python 3 porting work can be found via this Wiki page. Read more