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some leftovers:

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  • Debian LXDE with LXLE Added Features
  • Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS Review
  • S06E28 – Raiders of the Lost Ubuntu
  • Hubs vs Switches vs Routers – The Fundamentals
  • Canonical – Dell launching Ubuntu in China in 1,000+ stores
  • Booting Fedora 20 TC4 on Wandboard Quad
  • Don't Plan On Introducing Linux Support In The Foreseeable Future
  • Debian Virtualization: LXC Desktop Virtualization
  • Microsoft Resembles Novell, Circa 1995
  • Korora - The little blue penguin shows off it's happy feet
  • A Look Inside the 2013 Red Hat North American Summer Intern Program

some odds & ends:

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  • Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander), Beta 1 preview: Mir, Unity 7, kernel 3.11
  • Back to school with open source: Five tools
  • Full Bore: The First Dig unearths a release date of Sept. 10
  • Red Hat U.S. Public Sector Chief Technology Strategist to Speak at NC Datapolooza
  • Winter is Coming, Get Your (openSUSE) Code Inside!
  • Linux Kernel 3.11 Release Boosts Performance, Efficiency
  • Are Linux Users Cheap? | LINUX Unplugged 4

some leftovers:

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  • Richard Stallman: e-tolls are evil
  • GNOME Photos 3.10 Beta 2 Fixes Five Bugs
  • Unix: Flexibly moving files with lftp
  • LUV not to merge with Linux Australia
  • GNOME Developers Re-Implement Middle-Click Paste
  • PAX Prime 2013: Become the Legend of Dungeon, or die trying
  • Open source is always an option
  • My AC100 travel laptop
  • Fedora 20 Will Be Named After A Software Bug
  • Minecraft has been sold 12 million times on PC, Mac and Linux
  • Oh My Vim!
  • A New Log-Structured Linux Caching Software Driver
  • IVI Shell Proposed For Wayland's Weston
  • Amnesia A Machine For Pigs GOL Teaser
  • Steam Linux Usage Drops During August
  • 4 favourite C's in Ubuntu setup
  • My OpenELEC Media Center - Is this Paradise?

some leftovers:

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  • Use Google+ Hangouts in Linux Distributions
  • Sync local calendar with Google Calendar in Debian XFCE
  • A little hard disk nostalgia
  • PGP encrypt, decrypt or digitally sign files via GnuPG GUI
  • Doing is Doing – my 10 open source principles
  • py3status v1.0
  • Linux Kernel 3.4.60 LTS Officially Released
  • Full Circle Magazine #76
  • Linux 3.12 To Support AMD "Berlin" HSA APU
  • KDE 4.12 Release Schedule Announced
  • The Demographics Behind DuckDuckGo

today's leftovers:

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  • Composite Bypass Support Sharply Bumps XMir's Performance
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Arrives on April 17
  • A Keyboard To Love
  • GNOME’s Web Browser Ditches Google For DuckDuckGo
  • 6 Useful find Command Options In Linux
  • Get a Masters in Open Source technology
  • LightDM Session Locker Reaches 1.0
  • Ubuntu Is Close To Recommending 64-Bit By Default
  • abcm2ps and abcmidi: Coolness I didn’t know existed
  • ImageMagick: batch resize and DPI change
  • Call for Papers: The 10th International Conference on Open Source Systems
  • Open source highlights July
  • Easily Download and Create a USB Linux Distro in Windows
  • Vote, baby, vote! Lubuntu Wallpaper Contest
  • 16 Power Tools For Linux Users
  • Gentoo Hardened progress report
  • Linux Bootloaders
  • Ubuntu Is Going After A New Linux Kernel API
  • What is COPR
  • Software Freedom Day - Cambridge

some leftovers:

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  • What is your favorite config file format?
  • Zorin OS 6.4 Ultimate Has Been Released
  • Help Wanted: openSUSE Review Team
  • Interview: Karen Sandler (part 1)
  • Last Steam for Linux Beta Released by Valve
  • rawhide notes for 2013-08-27
  • Can Hewlett-Packard Capitalize on Microsoft's Missteps?
  • Ubuntu joins Windows and CentOS—but not Red Hat—on VMware public cloud
  • Expectations vs. Experience: Reflections on an Open Source Certification
  • GNU 30th Anniversary Hackathon next month
  • VsVim
  • NVIDIA/AMD Still Reportedly Working On Mir Drivers
  • Advanced Copy: Sorely needed, for a long time
  • Linux Without Microsoft
  • send mails from command line
  • A Red Hat intern's experience
  • How To Enable Core Dumps In RHEL6
  • NVIDIA Publishes Vendor-Neutral GL Dispatch Library
  • OpenMandriva Web Server Migration

today's leftovers:

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  • Linux Can Work On The 2013 MacBook Air
  • Do you sudo? Learn the basics
  • RHT Crosses Below Key Moving Average Level
  • TuxRadar: Open Ballot: Que sera sera
  • openSUSE 13.1 to be Next Evergreen Release
  • Go Dock Yourself | LINUX Unplugged 3
  • Ubuntu Fun with $PS1
  • How to back up and restore Gmail account on Linux
  • The University of Regensburg Picks Novell Filr
  • Plasma Media Center 1.1
  • Future development of kdesvn
  • Working with Third Party Repositories on CentOS 6.4
  • HP Deskjet 3050 j610 on Debian Wheezy XFCE
  • Linux mail command examples – send mails from command line

more leftovers:

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  • Gentoo: Why our policies don’t like emerge –config
  • Calibre reaches 1.0 after nearly 7 years of development
  • kde frameworks 5: plugin factory guts
  • Ubuntu Touch successfully ported to the Sony Xperia Z tablet
  • Slideshow: Best LinuxCon Goose Chase Contest Photos (So Far)
  • 2.4GHz Haswell COM takes Fedora to extremes
  • Enlightenment E19 Can Act As A Wayland Compositor
  • The One-Watt Server
  • In their own words: Unix pioneers remember the good times
  • Linux Foundation throws its weight behind open science
  • Make Password Asterisks Visible In Your Mac Or Linux Terminal
  • Ubuntu Beyond the Edge | LAS s28e05
  • Keep system clock up to date in XFCE
  • awk: Not so much an application, as a language
  • Imagination Technologies donates MIPS64 build systems to Gentoo
  • Install a Portable Linux On a USB Drive And Bring It Wherever You Go
  • KDE Plasma Media Center 1.1 Integrates YouTube & More
  • Exploring Linux Shell (Terminal) Remotely Using PHP Shell
  • atc: White-knuckle ascii drama
  • Artha – simple but powerful offline dictionary
  • Change Process Priority using Linux Nice and Renice Examples

some leftovers:

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  • Manjaro 0.8.7 Has New Pacman Front-End
  • More on Statistics (openSUSE)
  • Richard Stallman on Control by Users
  • manage multiple passwords on Linux
  • Power Of Linux Sort Command
  • Lack of referrers on github is an annoyance
  • Burning Circle Episode 128
  • How to convince apt-get NOT to use IPv6
  • REMnux, A Linux Distro For Malware Analysis
  • Metro: Last Light Round Up
  • Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS Screenshot Tour
  • What open source means for the Average Joe or Jodi
  • Fast rsync
  • Wayland Gets Hardware-Accelerated Screen Capturing
  • Claws Mail: An Email Client And News Reader
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