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Summary: Recent changes and plans for the future

No Changes in Tux Machines

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To longtime readers of Tux Machines there will be no substantial change.

some odds & ends:

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  • KDE 4.11.3 Officially Released with Over 120 Bug Fixes
  • Open source engine Docker teams up with the Fedora Project
  • Floral innuendo: ‘Luxuria Superbia’ turns plants and sex into a game
  • Compact box-PCs take Linux to extremes
  • Official: Red Hat's fix is working (Red Hat picked to fix

some leftovers:

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  • KDE and Canonical Conflict over Mir Finally Bursts into the Open
  • Major KDE Developer Says Goodbye to Ubuntu
  • KDE Developers Continue To Be Frustrated With Canonical
  • Linux OS on the rise: Steam Hardware Survey
  • Outreach Program for Women Seeks New Linux Kernel Interns
  • Upgrading on a budget: Running Linux on a refurbished laptop and docking station
  • Ode to Project Ara
  • Red Hat Fedora 20 Linux: New Networking, ARM Features
  • Make sense of a lot of messy text with TreeLine

some leftovers:

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  • Hinkle: Linux Can Change the World Beyond Technology
  • Chromebooks and Chromium OS Experience
  • GNOME Settings Daemon 3.10.1 Fixes Memory Leaks
  • PCLinuxOS KDE MiniMe and LXDE 2013.10 Review
  • US Navy’s most advanced warship is powered by Linux
  • Happy Birthday, Ubuntu 4.10
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Opens For Development
  • Debian 6.0.8 Officially Released
  • In Depth Look at Linux’s Archiving and Compression Commands
  • Writing a GNOME thumbnailer
  • Believe in openSUSE
  • Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is coming to Linux with new content
  • openSUSE Summit Schedule Ready
  • Red Hat is Now Oversold

some leftovers:

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  • Installing and Configuring CentOS
  • Dark Matter brings survival horror to PC, Mac and Linux
  • Windows 8.1, Linux, Android, and "The Next Big Thing"
  • Why system76 always ships the newest ubuntu
  • Rogue Legacy out now on Mac, Linux
  • S06E34 – Gone With The Ubuntu
  • Create custom Linux-based systems regardless of the hardware
  • Fully Bugged Little Cells Unveiled
  • Fedora Outreach Program for Women Internships
  • Bacon: Reflections On Ubuntu 13.10
  • SCALE is a first-person puzzler that has you re-sizing the world
  • Open hardware and why it is revolutionary
  • Microsoft Office fends off open source OpenOffice and LibreOffice
  • October 18, 2013 Indie Game Bundle Update

some leftovers:

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  • Ubuntu 13.10 Finally Released, Big Yawner
  • Special laptop keys with Linux
  • GRUB2 Editor 0.6.4 Is the Perfect Tool for Your GRUB Needs
  • GNOME Control Center 3.10.1 Released with Multiple Improvements
  • GNOME CAKE 3.10 - Fully Baked, No Bugs
  • "New Installer" Details Have Been Published
  • The Linux Setup - Tynan, SETT Developer
  • Ubuntu races toward convergence
  • Arma Tactics is now available on Steam
  • SteamOS to have NVIDIA developer tools from day one
  • Red Hat CEO Whitehurst talks about 'Team Jim'
  • How the end of XP support helped France's gendarmes embrace Ubuntu
  • AbiWord: The little word processor that could
  • Open Source Pundits Sound Off on Surveillance

some odds & ends:

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  • September 2013 Linux Kernel News
  • Ubuntu Phone 13.10: The Runway Is Clear For Mir
  • Rust Survival Game From Garrys Mod Creator Coming To Linux
  • SteamOS: Worth the hype?
  • Ubuntu Spotted on Merc's Driverless Research Car [Video]
  • First Week of November 16th Options Trading For Red Hat (RHT)
  • Linux Outlaws 320 – A Little Bit Rusty
  • Linux Outlaws 321 – You Just Turned This into a Bloodbath
  • Unvanquished FPS/RTS Alpha 20 Is Out
  • Wayland-Based Hawaii Desktop Is Still Active
  • Why Linux Sucks 2009-2013
  • WebRTC Game Changer | LAS s29e01

some leftovers:

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  • First Look at GNOME 3.10 on Arch Linux
  • First Wayland Benchmarks From Fedora 20 Show Great Promise
  • Help promote openSUSE 13.1!
  • Baked in Britain, the millionth Raspberry Pi
  • The Re-Opened X.Org Server 1.15 Pushes Ahead
  • Upcoming Test Days, and Fedora 20 status
  • Valve Talks More About Nvidia GPUs Inside Steam Machines
  • Disable "Trusted Computing" Chip in Linux
  • Troubleshooting common Steam problems
  • Use your linux netbook as a charging station
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 337
  • Burning Circle Episode 134
  • Ubuntu, Knee-Deep in the Big Muddy
  • Shell Scripting vs Programming

some odds & ends:

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  • Intel Core i7 4960X "Ivy Bridge-E" Is A Beauty On Linux
  • A Variety of NVIDIA GPUs Power Valve’s First Prototype Steam Machines
  • Karma Machine: An Example of Ubuntu App Convergence
  • How Things Work: Open-source software
  • VIDEO: "Shovel Knight" Trailer Wears Its Influences on Its Sleeve
  • Arduino boards to run full Linux thanks to TI’s new ARM-based chip
  • Mozilla's HTML5-Powered Flash Player Is Slowly Making Its Way Into Firefox
  • I Didn’t Know They Use Open Source! – Part 3
  • Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore Gets Gloomy First Screenshots
  • Who is the Ubuntu Community Council?
  • Scholarship Winner Sarah Kiden Will Use Linux Training to Help Others
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