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today's leftovers:

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  • Apache at 10: You Can't Buy Us
  • UOW: The Ubuntu Learning Project
  • Sabayon Linux 5.1 Rolling Along
  • Backup your DVDs on Linux
  • Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic
  • Debian Public Keys Error 2
  • Is open source selling out?
  • Going Linux Nov 05 - Listener Feedback
  • A case of double vision?
  • Some More Gnome Panel Clock Applet Styles
  • Canonical Matching Creative Commons Donations
  • Open source software and the need for speed
  • Murphy's Law: What is Skype Up To?
  • Egoboo is a fun 3D Rogue-like game for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • the state of perl in mandriva 2010
  • Desktop Linux needs salesmen
  • Linux Outlaws 120 - The Brown Mod

few leftovers:

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  • Skype open source? Ain't gonna happen
  • OpenOffice: Go Open Core
  • Quirky Wallpaper Series: KDE Edition
  • Free Open Source Screencasts For Linux System Administrators And Newbies Alike
  • ZFS with data deduplication
  • VIDEO: Open source software battles offer a lesson for business
  • October 2009 browser stats: Firefox finally passes IE6
  • The Industry Standard using Drupal and Mollom
  • The Software Cooprative
  • Michael Moore ignores capitalism's blessings like Open Source

today's leftovers:

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  • Skype Open Source: questions and answers, perhaps
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter: Or How To Achieve Organization Out Of Chaos
  • Konstipated Koala – Bug # 448612
  • Yahoo Open Sources Traffic Server
  • OBS Attribute System (not only for maintenance!)
  • bringing theora to youtube (the hard way)
  • Time to upgrade open source perceptions of Gartner
  • ImageMagick: A certain lack of speed
  • Easier Plasma themes creation
  • RepRap, the replicating machine: The Free and Open Source Factory on the Desktop?
  • Amarok joins the Software Freedom Conservancy
  • rootfstype saves the day
  • Moving to digiKam
  • list of FTP Client and Servers for Linux
  • Open Source is disruptive tech for developers
  • The PIE is not exactly a lie…
  • Best Sites To Download Good High-Res Wallpapers (Part Two)

today's odds & ends:

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  • gnome2-globalmenu – Global Menu Bar for GNOME
  • Scribus for mathematical posters
  • BackTrack Persistent “Press Enter Fix”
  • Scripting Kate
  • Play Tetris in Ubuntu Terminal
  • New OOo Dev Snapshot
  • ext3 logical partition resizing
  • Opera Skin For Firefox
  • Solang Photo Manager
  • Give Me The Dang Button
  • Is An Open-Source Poulsbo Driver Coming?
  • FLOSS Weekly 93: Puppet

today's odds & ends:

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  • My GNOME themes
  • MythTV 0.22 Release Approaches With RC2
  • Maddog: Three-in-one
  • Slackware Package Managers
  • Fedora 12 Beta on Thinkpad T500
  • Fedora 12 features
  • Super Linux Triage fest at Zareason HQ this weekend
  • Fixing Eclipse in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
  • Linux and Windows - one and the same?
  • DRI2 Sync + Swap Extensions Near Reality
  • Skype Open Source « in the near future »

today's leftovers:

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  • Just the Facts - Exporting Encryption Algorithms
  • GNOME and KDE development course
  • MythTV: Turning Linux Into a Digital Video Recorder: The Front End
  • Host it Your Way with OpenGoo Web Office
  • tour of firefox
  • Open source: Big value, not big money
  • Pimp Your Nautilus: NScripts 3.6
  • SAP committed to Apache projects
  • AutoZone Update
  • Monty's Almost Certainly Looking For Investment
  • Giving computers the boot
  • hoz: Take it apart, put it together
  • What Does Half of the Fortune 100 do when their Proprietary Software Dies?
  • Rwanda: Balton Eyes One Laptop Per Child Project
  • Linux an alternative for those who tinker
  • CAOS Theory Podcast 2009.10.30
  • Linux Outlaws 119 - OggCamp Live Show (Uncut)

today's leftovers:

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  • Updating from Factory to openSUSE 11.2
  • Buntfu says buy or sell your Linux PC here and you'll earn free ad space
  • ‘Bill Gates of Belgium’ Fights SAP as Free Software Use Expands
  • GNOME 2.29.1 released
  • Ubuntu 9.10 'Karmic Koala' release gives KDE a boost
  • Ubuntu "Stick" Blues - or USB for short
  • Rule the Web with Four Firefox Add-ons
  • Migrating from Grip to RipperX
  • BASH Script – Blank Out CC Details
  • Oracle unveils plans for MySQL, GlassFish, NetBeans, and OpenOffice
  • Kickoff for KDE on Maemo
  • I've Seen the Data: Economy Goes Down, Open Source Goes Up
  • Set up a Linux media server
  • Why Free Software?
  • F-Spot Considered Harmful
  • How to recover deleted pictures and Video files
  • Gnome Color Manager is born
  • Red Hat Executives to Present Live Technology Webcast on November 3
  • Some nice things happened on the way through life.....
  • Disabling console login for a linux box
  • Linux Crazy Podcast - Bashed in the Head

today's leftovers:

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  • X11R7.5 released - but what is it?
  • Community Conferences Win Hands Down
  • Virtualization 101
  • F/OSS and the Public Sector
  • Interviews: Juliet Kemp
  • On Linux and random numbers
  • SeaMonkey 2.0 - The Modern Internet Suite is Here
  • Google Sued Over Patents On Open Source Code
  • PCLinuxOS 2009 Review
  • Making money with FLOSS, really?
  • Uncle Sam open source fair shake makes it official
  • Should the White House Contribute to the Open Source Community?
  • Linux Journal 2010 Wall Calendars Now Available
  • The Final OOXML Update: Part III
  • Novell Product Quality
  • Many open-sourcers back an Oracle takeover of MySQL
  • Post Amarok 2.2.1: Adding some color to your life!
  • Two new open source data warehousing launches
  • New: OOo-DEV 3.x Developer Snapshot (build DEV300_m63) available
  • Hands On with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

today's leftovers:

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  • Everybody Loves Windows 7 - Part 2 (RMS Error)
  • Blog posts are no replacement for documentation
  • Novell Will File Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in the US Supreme Court
  • Phonon backends
  • Psystar's $50 hackintosh tool not all it's cracked up to be
  • The quest for a truly open smartphone: can it be done?
  • AbiWord 2.8 Brings Notable Changes
  • GNOME Marketing Hackfest
  • KDE 4.3.2 now official in Slackware
  • Accessing Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) from Mandriva
  • Intel graphics and gaming, Abiword 2.8.0

today's leftovers:

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  • Trio of Audio Related Reviews
  • Everybody Loves Windows 7
  • Kate’s Vi Input Mode — What will KDE 4.4 bring?
  • I Can Haz Virus
  • Geocities Shuts Down - XKCD Remembers
  • playing with x264
  • GRUB 2.0 Moves Closer With GRUB 1.97 Release
  • EU Strategist Claims an Oracle-owned MySQL Cannot Be Competitive
  • A Hackfest To Improve Linux Video Playback
  • Interviews: Red Hat's Mel Chua
  • Qualcomm Invests in Open Source
  • Open vs. open vs. open: a model for public collaboration
  • Machinarium- A point-and-click adventure game
  • UMPC ref design runs Linux
  • Harish Pillay and Brian Aker debate with Richard Stallman (Part 2)
  • File Synchronization With Free File Sync
  • Native C port of Tor for Android
  • Announcing the Second openSUSE Board Election
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