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today's leftovers:

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  1. The Future of Linux is Google
  2. Q&A: How a blogger found GPL code in a Windows 7 Tool
  3. Don't Count Linux Netbooks Out
  4. Nokia Finally Releases N900, ‘Tis Exciting But A Bit Late
  5. ChromeOS with Ubuntu Karmic base? – Leaked Sources.List
  6. Let Password Gorilla store all of your passwords
  7. Ubuntu Netbook Remix To Be Renamed
  8. Netbooks are dead. Long live the notebook.
  9. Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2010 dates confirmed
  10. Russian Linux plans are foiled
  11. Open source to the rescue?
  12. Red Hat Named Large Technology Company of the Year by NCTA
  13. It's a Free Country ...So why can't I pick the technology I use in the office?
  14. Dell Linux Engineering to participate in UDS-L
  15. Microsoft open sources .NET Micro Framework
  16. The convenient fiction that Microsoft is evil
  17. Leaning Toward Linux: What SMBs Need To Know
  18. EU finds Oracle-Sun deal anti-competitive
  19. PS3, Linux Used to Catch Child Pornographers
  20. Virtual Appliances as Debian Packages on Ubuntu

today's howtos & leftovers:

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  • Create your own customized Ubuntu Live CD
  • chroot : Enter in a new environment
  • Annoying things I had to do to get Debian + XFCE working
  • reiser4 for openSuSE-11.2
  • Sync your Android phone with Kubuntu 9.10
  • Mount Your iPhone in Ubuntu
  • Fun with Date Arithmetic
  • Sort -u vs. uniq
  • Howto: Radeon + R700 + 3D / openGL
  • Free Software for All Russian Schools in Jeopardy
  • How to Start/Stop & Disable Services in Ubuntu
  • Just cuz the O'Reilly examples were crap...
  • openSUSE 11.2 + Ubuntu Karmic Launch party report
  • Wally – An Incredible Cross-Platform Wallpaper Rotation App
  • Eclipse with GTK+ 2.18

some odds & ends:

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  • Eva's Useful Guide to Ubuntu 9.10
  • Installing KDE 4.3.2 on Ubuntu
  • Linux: Minimizing Memory Usage
  • Upgrading Ubuntu Linux is Risky
  • 'Laptop per child can end learning by rote'
  • Wine, Cedega, and CXGames Benchmark Comparision
  • LiveUSB OpenBSD project at sourceforge
  • Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala better than ever
  • On-Line Banking and Linux
  • bsc (BeeSoft Commander) – Graphical file manager with two panels
  • RHEL 6: Is Anything Brewing Up?
  • Compiz-Fusion in Gentoo
  • Linux Terminal Control Sequences
  • One hour with the XO laptop in a Nepali school
  • Distro Review: Mandriva One 2010

today's leftovers:

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  1. Mandriva 2010 Spring development has begun
  2. Fedora 12 One-Page Release Notes PDF
  3. Hands-On: Chumby Classic vs Chumby One
  4. Commercial Editor UltraEdit Now Also for Linux
  5. Fedora 12 Linux Tackles Virtualization
  6. MPlayer Now Supports Most HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Codecs
  7. Netbook OS news roundup: Chrome, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Jolicloud
  8. Wally is a kick-ass, connected wallpaper changer
  9. Flicking Around with KDE 4.4
  10. Communities Vs. Teams: Open Source Needs Both
  11. Heard it through the Foresight grapevine...
  12. Eric Clapton using Drupal
  13. Windows 7 sure looks a lot like KDE 4...
  14. The OOM Killer and How to Make it Less Annoying
  15. The MySQL question - free or free-market?
  16. refresh goes live
  17. Great Documentation Is Key to Open Source Success
  18. Learning Python, fourth edition
  19. Did the Economic Meltdown set the perfect launch time for LINUX desktops?
  20. Icculus on Aquaria
  21. My Debian Black-out – the price of bleeding edge
  22. Boxee Box hardware announced for open source Media Center
  23. Linux means liberty
  24. CAOS Theory Podcast 2009.11.13
  25. FLOSS Weekly 95: The Open Rights Group

today's leftovers:

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  • lbzip2: parallel bzip2 utility
  • Getting Ready for F12: Media Sleeves and Labels
  • Python 3 moratorium now official
  • opensuse 11.2 rocks
  • List of Audio/Video players available for GNOME/KDE Users
  • BitTorrent in Silverlight
  • New Microsoft patent may put Linux security components at risk
  • They Know our Weakness
  • Great collection of mouse themes
  • 10 Firefox extensions that enhance security
  • Mandriva and Me….perfect match
  • Apache: 'No jerks allowed'
  • Ettrich: Thank You! and on KDE
  • New Dino species discovered in South Africa
  • Boot Windows XP in 20 secs
  • Did Microsoft just sneakily patent an open-source tool?
  • Red Hat to work with MySQL regardless of EU
  • Linux Outlaws 121 - See Popey for Details

today's leftovers:

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  • Android: Linux--Only Different
  • Cox, Gleixner, Ts'o Elected to LF Technical Advisory Board
  • Smile - a great photo show software for Linux
  • Krita has got a new website!
  • S&P ups Red Hat to BB+ on steady revenue
  • PHP founder takes flight from Yahoo!
  • Mandriva 2010 adds Moblin, rolls in full set of Eee PC drivers
  • Economy Size Geek - A Pico-Sized Platform with Potential
  • Sidux 2009-03 - Review and Commentary
  • eWeek's OpenSUSE 11.2 Slideshow
  • Linux desktop is Pretty Limited
  • TV Mythos Renewed: MythTV 0.22 with Many Improvements
  • Thoughts on Mythbuntu 9.10 (MythTV 0.22)
  • Apache Foundation Draws Support & Recognition
  • Cloud to suck money out of market, report says
  • Red Hat Tech Supporting Toronto Hydro Smart Metering Program
  • TuxRadar: Podcast Season 1 Episode 21

today's leftovers:

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  • Reiser4 May Go For Mainline Inclusion In 2010
  • Is MySQL an "albatross" around the neck of Larry Ellison?
  • Fedora 13 Could Be Segovia Or Commodus
  • MSU BCA students' Install Fest' a treat for IT savvy
  • Karmic Art, What the Paintbrush is Saying
  • Rødovre municipality: OpenOffice will be cheaper to maintain
  • Don’t install Ubuntu 9.10 if you want a stable KDevelop
  • Myka’s New Media Player Now Available
  • ATI R300 Gallium3D DRI Support Is "Done"
  • When open source isn't (open enough)
  • Musings on Moblin 2.1 Final Release
  • On taking FreeBSD seriously
  • NASA debunks 2012 Mayan disaster scenario
  • openSUSE KDE wins top spot
  • Can Firefox Last Five More Years? Forecast: Cloudy
  • Drupal wins best open source PHP CMS for third year in a row
  • Free Software: Minitube
  • Windows 7 on netbooks: Maybe it's not a Linux killer

GRUB 2.0 Fixes Security Issue

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  • A New Release Of GRUB 2.0 Fixes Security Issue
  • OpenBSD 4.6: Photo gallery
  • Bangarang Beta
  • Awk vs. Perl
  • Coming Attractions with KGet KDE 4.4
  • New #empathy IRC channel
  • Unreal Engine 3 Free (or Not) for Game Developers
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)
  • Open source software ready for big business
  • More on FatELF from icculus
  • Adobe upped, Red Hat cut by Goldman Sachs

today's odds & ends:

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  • Computerbank installs Ubuntu on recycled PCs
  • Windows 7 the morning after? & Novell has a pulse?
  • Aptlinex – Web browser addon to install Ubuntu packages with a click
  • The Dangers of Gentoo Linux on a Slow System
  • GNOME Marketing Hackfest & Chicago GNOME Meetup
  • MythTV Theming and UI Patch Contest
  • Nonprofit Laptops: A Dream Not Yet Over
  • HTML5 YouTube viewer: close, but not quite there
  • KS2009: How Google uses Linux
  • Pseudoform
  • IP Filtering Program Similar to PeerGuardian for Linux - iplist
  • "Dawn of Ubuntu" Returns
  • The Computer Action Show! Season 1 Episode 7

few leftovers:

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  • MythTV 0.22 Final Now Available
  • Python2.6 Blockers
  • And Then There’s the Community
  • On WorkswithU's nouveau benchmarks
  • The price you pay for full Desktop doodads and whirligigs
  • Book Review: Drupal Multimedia
  • Are MS to blame for "hidden" malware costs and will Windows 7 make any difference?
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