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today's leftovers:

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  • Why switch to Linux or a Mac?
  • X.Org Server 1.8.1 Gets Ready For May Release
  • Microsoft welcomes the pirates and then sinks them? + Linux usage may be wrong?
  • OverREACTing: Dissecting the Gizmodo Warrant
  • What is new in Fedora 13?
  • Eschalon: Book II Release Date Announced!
  • OpenSSH 5.5 brings minor improvements
  • Open source licenses explained: caveats and comparisons
  • Why Should I use Unity Linux?
  • A Digital Forensics Student's Linux Workspace
  • Firefox Steps Up to Challenge Facebook's Claim to Identity
  • Can Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" lure the social crowd?
  • Scorched 3D is one hot battle game
  • Windowpane Docky Theme Adds Sunlight to Desktops
  • What Oracle's ODF Plug-in Pricing Means for
  • Nokia launches first open source Symbian phone
  • The Financial Physics of Free Software
  • The Linux-Vendor Factors- Part of the FOSS adoption problems in Africa
  • Frederik Himpe Might Leave Mandriva - No more Cooker update blog
  • DtO: Preferred Nomenclature
  • SFLS Episode 0x26: How Evil is Evil?

today's leftovers:

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  • Docky + Zeitgeist = Puppy Love
  • Five Essential Firefox Add-ons for Internet Ninjas
  • Alien Arena 2010 Coming "In A Few Weeks"
  • NVIDIA 195.36.24 Linux Driver Released
  • Typing Tutor for ubuntu / Debian Linux : Klavaro
  • Yes, More Steam & Source Engine Linux Details
  • Free NVIDIA Fermi Cards To Open-Source Developers
  • Open vs. Closed: What Does Open Really Mean?
  • From Novice to Adept: Perldoc
  • Just because it's free doesn't make it open source
  • Poulsbo on Mandriva with X server 1.7
  • The adoption and use of Linux in Africa- A detailed African perspective
  • Japanese Consortium Looking To New Mobile Platform For Symbian And Linux Smartphones
  • Interview With Kip Warner About Avaneya
  • Meet the GIMP Episode 139: Flight Cancelled!
  • Why Desktop Linux (Still) Sucks. And What We Can Do To Fix It.
  • LinuxFest Northwest 2010 | The Linux Action Show! s11e09

today's leftovers:

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  • Speak to us, oh great and wise computer
  • Some GNU mistakes
  • GNU Screen: a free virtual terminal multiplexer
  • Happy World Penguin Day!
  • Stephen Hawking: aliens "almost certain to exist," could invade Earth
  • Leonard Nimoy in 'no more Spock' shock
  • Enchance launchbar menu with cairo-dock, Docky
  • Getting Friendly with GCC 4.5
  • Browse Internet faster with Ziproxy
  • DtO: Drafted

today's leftovers:

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  • Desperately Seeking Winamp-ish
  • Apple and Linux do it differently
  • DoomRL: Hurt me plenty, in textmode
  • Ubuntu 10.04 Review
  • Running Linux applications on WebOS
  • Easily Test Driving Gallium3D In Ubuntu 10.04
  • Make Linux easier to use: Ailurus 10.04.2 is released
  • Linux Consulting: Seeing the Bigger Picture
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo) features
  • Cross Compiling Options
  • O’Reilly MySQL Conference Awards 2010
  • State and the Syntax of Encapsulation

today's leftovers:

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  • New Download Manager for Linux
  • CrossOver 9.0 Linux Review A finely packaged Wine
  • German appeal court upholds Microsoft FAT patent
  • FreeBSD/CLANG compiler ready for testing
  • Kernel Review with openSUSE Flavor (Week 16)
  • Kaudiocreator Returns in KDE4
  • VLC media player version 1.0.6 release
  • What scares people away from Linux
  • Fedora elections coming up
  • Valve Updates Its Unreleased Steam Linux Client
  • IPv4's Last Day: What Will Happen When There Is Only IPv6?
  • BSDTalk interview with Dru Lavigne
  • VMware’s Database Play: Will Red Hat Follow?
  • A Walk On The Stupid Side: How Does The Other Half Live?
  • Appliances and Linux
  • Linux Outlaws 147 - Where's the 'kin Phone?

today's leftovers:

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  • Fedora 13 Goddard set to launch with Amazing Features
  • Kakai preps dual-screen Linux tablet for students
  • System message logger with pattern database
  • Adobe Should Open Source Flash
  • Linux powerful environment for vision-impaired
  • Red Hat Near Key Support Area
  • DVswitch interactive live mixing of video streams
  • regional differences in attitudes to open source adoption
  • Ubuntu 10.04 dark theme and Skype
  • Mandriva.Ru has released Linux for schools and universities
  • What Being Sexy Means for Linux
  • Better test data generation with Benerator
  • FLOSS Weekly 118: Gerrit
  • The Linux Link Tech Show #350 4/21/10
  • Going Linux #99 - Computer America
  • Going Linux #100 - Synaptics' TouchPads Support MultiTouch on Linux

today's leftovers:

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  • Intel's Meego OS to Reach Mainstream Laptops
  • Why I like Oracle’s $90 ODF Plugin
  • Ubuntu power users community
  • Making your open source software releases more secure
  • The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration
  • New mailing list : mandriva-kde
  • Some Panasonic TVs running FreeBSD
  • Linux Computer Systems in Law Enforcement
  • Google Chrome OS Not On System Builders' Radar
  • Palm Handhelds Pre, Pixi Dropped from RadioShack
  • Italy to begin an open source competence centre
  • open vs. standard
  • Ubuntu ditching notification area, awesome things to come
  • IT: Children hospitals saving money by using open source
  • Nigeria: Open Source Software As Business Solution

today's leftovers:

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  • openSUSE 11.3 and SELinux
  • Linux KVM virtualization gains steam in cloud computing market
  • MuleSoft Helps Canonical Compete in the Linux Enterprise Server Space
  • Wil Wheaton Prime uses Linux where mac fails
  • Testing Wine 1.1.43 on Fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.04
  • Jive Software retreats from "dumb mistake" on open source
  • mjpeg programs for recording of videos and playback
  • What will the browser look like in five years?
  • Gluon Prepares for First Release
  • Whitehurst to Deliver Keynote at CED Venture 2010
  • A Music Lover's Fedora Linux Workstation
  • NoSQL - Apache Cassandra Release 0.6
  • FLOSS Weekly 117: Bob Jacobsen
  • Linux Basement - Episode 53 - A New LB and Amahi

today's odds & ends:

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  • The Planet Joins Linux Foundation
  • 75 Open Source Tools to Replace Apps You Use Every Day
  • Future on Ubuntu and Desktop Linux
  • System76 Starling EduBook: Classmate PC with Ubuntu
  • IOGraph maps your mouse movements on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Tell me what the future is aptdaemon
  • Always have an exit strategy when looking at cloud
  • 10 Tools To Add Some Spice To Your UNIX Shell Scripts
  • Extcalc: An easy-to-use scientific graphing calculator
  • Updated Ubuntu server OS set for April 29 release
  • KDE time travel
  • Will Wall Street require Python?
  • Python support in GNOME gets a boost from hackfest
  • Plasma Water Animation
  • ubuntuone music store no longer accepts Click&Buy
  • Red Hat's Fedora taps Zafara open source groupware for 13
  • The Horse Race For Video in HTML5 Continues
  • Little things: ubuntu print page
  • The Linux Action Show! s11e08: Btrfs the ZFS Killer?

few odds & ends:

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  • Migrating your Claws Mail to a new installation
  • Wolvix 2.0.0 beta Build 56
  • Desktop Couch View Editor
  • Improve KVM performance
  • Writing Terminator plugins
  • Fedora On The OLPC At LFNW 2010
  • Alsa Domain Scare, missing alsa git or website
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