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GRUB 2.0 Fixes Security Issue

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  • A New Release Of GRUB 2.0 Fixes Security Issue
  • OpenBSD 4.6: Photo gallery
  • Bangarang Beta
  • Awk vs. Perl
  • Coming Attractions with KGet KDE 4.4
  • New #empathy IRC channel
  • Unreal Engine 3 Free (or Not) for Game Developers
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)
  • Open source software ready for big business
  • More on FatELF from icculus
  • Adobe upped, Red Hat cut by Goldman Sachs

today's odds & ends:

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  • Computerbank installs Ubuntu on recycled PCs
  • Windows 7 the morning after? & Novell has a pulse?
  • Aptlinex – Web browser addon to install Ubuntu packages with a click
  • The Dangers of Gentoo Linux on a Slow System
  • GNOME Marketing Hackfest & Chicago GNOME Meetup
  • MythTV Theming and UI Patch Contest
  • Nonprofit Laptops: A Dream Not Yet Over
  • HTML5 YouTube viewer: close, but not quite there
  • KS2009: How Google uses Linux
  • Pseudoform
  • IP Filtering Program Similar to PeerGuardian for Linux - iplist
  • "Dawn of Ubuntu" Returns
  • The Computer Action Show! Season 1 Episode 7

few leftovers:

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  • MythTV 0.22 Final Now Available
  • Python2.6 Blockers
  • And Then There’s the Community
  • On WorkswithU's nouveau benchmarks
  • The price you pay for full Desktop doodads and whirligigs
  • Book Review: Drupal Multimedia
  • Are MS to blame for "hidden" malware costs and will Windows 7 make any difference?

few leftovers:

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  • Fudge Messaging: A new open source encoding for messaging
  • Celtx – The Ultimate Screenwriting Suite
  • Workflows and Dependency maps
  • 10.4-inch HMI PC runs Linux on Atoms
  • NVIDIA Prepares 195.xx Linux Driver, Carries Fermi Support
  • Open Source You Can Use, November Edition
  • Red Hat Virtualization Manager for Windows Only?
  • AT&T using Drupal
  • Myka announces its latest Linux-based 'net top box'
  • FLOSS Weekly 94: Gnash
  • Linux Basement Episode 45 - Hulu Your DNS

today's leftovers:

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  1. SimplyMEPIS 8.0.12 Maintenance Release Available
  2. And windows shoots itself in the foot, again.
  3. Activation Frustration? Not With Linux!
  4. Mavizen’s Electric Motorcycle Has Built-In Wi-Fi, Linux
  5. Moblin 2.1 released
  6. France 24 migrates to Drupal 6, codebase to be open-sourced
  7. ATI Drivers 9.10 Working with 2.6.30+ Kernels
  8. Top 10 Issues Confronting Users of Open Source
  9. Hugin: Where we are and where we're going
  10. Conversion examples between OOo and MS Office
  11. OpenSUSE Project Transfers Parts of Maintenance to Community
  12. Danish TV 2 Is No Friend Of Linux
  13. Novell & MS file motions in Wordperfect case
  14. Live from ApacheCon: Subversion Joins ASF
  15. Jaspersoft Joins Open Source Software Institute
  16. Red Hat Expands Advanced Mission-Critical Program
  17. Virtualbox for solving a common small business problem
  18. Kubuntu Notification Helper
  19. Google Releases Core Development Tools as Open Source
  20. Wireless Cortex-A8 module supports Linux
  21. Molding a career in Open Source
  22. The Importance of an Open Internet

today's leftovers:

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  • Apache at 10: You Can't Buy Us
  • UOW: The Ubuntu Learning Project
  • Sabayon Linux 5.1 Rolling Along
  • Backup your DVDs on Linux
  • Building A Benchmarking Test Farm With Phoromatic
  • Debian Public Keys Error 2
  • Is open source selling out?
  • Going Linux Nov 05 - Listener Feedback
  • A case of double vision?
  • Some More Gnome Panel Clock Applet Styles
  • Canonical Matching Creative Commons Donations
  • Open source software and the need for speed
  • Murphy's Law: What is Skype Up To?
  • Egoboo is a fun 3D Rogue-like game for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • the state of perl in mandriva 2010
  • Desktop Linux needs salesmen
  • Linux Outlaws 120 - The Brown Mod

few leftovers:

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  • Skype open source? Ain't gonna happen
  • OpenOffice: Go Open Core
  • Quirky Wallpaper Series: KDE Edition
  • Free Open Source Screencasts For Linux System Administrators And Newbies Alike
  • ZFS with data deduplication
  • VIDEO: Open source software battles offer a lesson for business
  • October 2009 browser stats: Firefox finally passes IE6
  • The Industry Standard using Drupal and Mollom
  • The Software Cooprative
  • Michael Moore ignores capitalism's blessings like Open Source

today's leftovers:

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  • Skype Open Source: questions and answers, perhaps
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter: Or How To Achieve Organization Out Of Chaos
  • Konstipated Koala – Bug # 448612
  • Yahoo Open Sources Traffic Server
  • OBS Attribute System (not only for maintenance!)
  • bringing theora to youtube (the hard way)
  • Time to upgrade open source perceptions of Gartner
  • ImageMagick: A certain lack of speed
  • Easier Plasma themes creation
  • RepRap, the replicating machine: The Free and Open Source Factory on the Desktop?
  • Amarok joins the Software Freedom Conservancy
  • rootfstype saves the day
  • Moving to digiKam
  • list of FTP Client and Servers for Linux
  • Open Source is disruptive tech for developers
  • The PIE is not exactly a lie…
  • Best Sites To Download Good High-Res Wallpapers (Part Two)

today's odds & ends:

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  • gnome2-globalmenu – Global Menu Bar for GNOME
  • Scribus for mathematical posters
  • BackTrack Persistent “Press Enter Fix”
  • Scripting Kate
  • Play Tetris in Ubuntu Terminal
  • New OOo Dev Snapshot
  • ext3 logical partition resizing
  • Opera Skin For Firefox
  • Solang Photo Manager
  • Give Me The Dang Button
  • Is An Open-Source Poulsbo Driver Coming?
  • FLOSS Weekly 93: Puppet

today's odds & ends:

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  • My GNOME themes
  • MythTV 0.22 Release Approaches With RC2
  • Maddog: Three-in-one
  • Slackware Package Managers
  • Fedora 12 Beta on Thinkpad T500
  • Fedora 12 features
  • Super Linux Triage fest at Zareason HQ this weekend
  • Fixing Eclipse in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
  • Linux and Windows - one and the same?
  • DRI2 Sync + Swap Extensions Near Reality
  • Skype Open Source « in the near future »
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Leftovers: Gaming

Fedora 21 Alpha to release on Tuesday

Today the Fedora Engineering Steering Commitee held a “Go/No Go” meeting regarding the Fedora 21 alpha, and it was agreed that the current release candidates for Fedora 21 met the release criteria. With this decision, this means that Fedora 21 will be released on Tuesday September 23, 2014. Read more

Teaching open source changed my life

Teaching open source has been a breath of fresh air for myself and for many of our students because with the open source way, there are no official tests. There is no official certification for the majority of open source projects. And, there are no prescribed textbooks. In open source, no employer worth working for will ask for official proof of your abilities. A good employer will look at what you’ve done and ask you to showcase what you can do. Yes, it still helps to have a Computer Science degree, but the lack of one is often no drawback. Read more