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some leftovers:

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  • Xen comes back to CentOS with Xen4CentOS
  • Why the IRS is Targeting Open Source Software Groups
  • Grsync: An Easy Rsync Front-End GUI Backup Tool
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 322
  • Initial LibO Triage Bug Count Numbers
  • LibO QA Bug Squash Contest Banner
  • Red Hat aiming for 25% growth this year in Argentina
  • Tuxradar Open Ballot: Desktop Wars
  • Bacon: Ubuntu Weekly Update Videocast
  • Have you any experience with MariaDB?
  • Desperate times call for Tux Paint
  • Puzzling Case of Google Chromebook Packaged Apps
  • NVIDIA Releases 319.32 Linux GPU Driver
  • Linux Deepin 12.12 Overview - Linux for Dummies (video)
  • GIMP 2.8.6 Released
  • Time to Take Advantage of Microsoft’s Vulnerabilities
  • Monty Says: Business Source (A software license with some Open Source aspects)
  • Firefox Delivers 3D Gaming, Video Calls and File Sharing to Web
  • Xfce, LXDE, & GNOME Are Running On Ubuntu XMir
  • GTK+ 3.9.6 and GLib 2.37.3 released

some leftovers:

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  • Debian Project News - June 24th
  • The most popular end-user Linux distributions are... not what you think
  • 4 Text Editor for Linux
  • Mr. Cranky Pants takes the soapbox
  • Getting the pretty grub screen back in Fedora 19
  • 5 Commands to get Host info
  • Running With Rifles releases 0.89 with a new map
  • xkcd: Screensaver
  • Microsoft's Brilliant Idea: A Bug Bounty Program
  • Media Streaming on Linux | LAS s27e06
  • GNOME 3.9.3 Arrives with New Features
  • What Microsoft's Secure Boot means for the future of Linux
  • Nihilumbra coming to PC, Mac & Linux
  • Stats-Quake!
  • Mageia 3 ::: User Friendly Linux (video)
  • RMS' "selling exceptions", Harmony, et al.
  • Blog from the Command Line with bashblog
  • conconky: A conky for your console
  • Pimp My Shell: Quítale lo feo a Gnome 3
  • Mount Your Pogoplug on Linux Automatically
  • Linux Process And Directory Structure Tree Commands
  • Inspect CentOS yum exclude policy

some leftovers:

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  • The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.3 The case + plans
  • Planetary Annihilation starting alpha testing
  • D-Ptr, the modern way
  • The value of a good distro wide test suite...
  • Zorin OS 7 Review (video)
  • How Can Any Company Ever Trust Microsoft Again?
  • SSH tunnelling on insecure networks
  • sc: Old as the hills
  • How to get a virtual keyboard in Linux Mint MATE
  • Finding changes in a sorted list: a trick
  • iLinux icons for *buntu family
  • Linux Lite 1.0.6 Final released
  • Psychocat Ubuntu Tutorials Are Now CC Licensed
  • OpenMandriva Association (OMA) will be at FISL 14

some odds & ends:

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  • Cool Indicator Sticky Notes For Ubuntu
  • Our week with Soylent: don't chuck out your vintage food quite yet
  • The Perfect Operating System
  • Install Gentoo using Ubuntu
  • Mac OS X vs Windows 8 vs Chrome OS vs Linux OS

today's leftovers:

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  • Slides on Home Automation with Raspberry Pi
  • LibreOffice 4.1.0 Gets Closer with RC1
  • Uruguay Fights For GNU/Linux
  • LibreOffice Community Gets Free @Libreoffice.Org
  • Linux Foundation sees broadening role for developers
  • Linux Basement - Episode 81 - They Are Listening In

some leftovers:

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  • What it Takes to be an Open Source Expert
  • LibreOffice 4.1 RC Triage Contest Has Begun
  • Setup The Raspberry Pi As A NAS
  • Mozilla again postpones Firefox third-party cookie-blocking
  • New developer getting started on KDEPIM
  • How to take screenshot of the login screen of Linux Mint 15
  • Build your own custom modules for Drupal 7, part 2
  • NVIDIA Driver Soon Likely To Support EGL, Mir
  • Free Software alternatives to help you outwit PRISM
  • Is that really the source code for this software?
  • Gnome Shell 3.9.3 Release
  • The openSUSE TSP application
  • BASH Decision Constructs

some leftovers:

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  • ztrack: A primitive 3D racing game
  • Keyboard Art
  • Opening Pandora’s Box
  • New JabirOS sources
  • Steam for Linux Finally Receives 64-Bit Gaming Support
  • Linux Caixa Mágica 20 Is Based on GNOME 3.6.3
  • Cumulus launches a Linux distro for data-center bare metal
  • Today's Highlights: LibreOffice 4.0.4, OpenMandriva VMs, and GNOME Music
  • GoD Factory: Wingmen Linux Version Unveiled
  • Overgrowth a199 video changelog

some leftovers:

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  • OpenMandriva Releases Public Alpha
  • Reality Check: Success of GNU/Linux
  • Open Source Initiative seeks first manager
  • Linux Potpourri: KDE, Debian, & Pisi
  • Root 101 Open Source Tablet Alternative
  • History And Guide To Linux Touch
  • Dim any website you visit in Firefox
  • "Close tabs to the right" comes to Firefox
  • Keep PRISM and NSA Off Your Back with Bauer-Puntu Linux
  • Alternatives to Macs : WeAreTheMusicMakers
  • BSD Magazine (June 2013): FreeBSD on Rails
  • Incredipede goes free for Linux users
  • The Humble Bundle with Android 6
  • Install Great Little Radio Player On Debian and Red Hat Derivatives

other leftovers:

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  • 10 Popular Free First Person Shooter Linux Games
  • Linux Community Distro Poll
  • Do-over for Linux Community Distro Poll
  • Peppermint OS Four Review: Linux Mint of Web apps
  • synapse indicator for elementary OS
  • Build your own custom modules for Drupal 7
  • Forbes Earnings Preview: Red Hat (RHT)
  • Help Heavy Gear Assault to become reality
  • Pisi Linux 1.0 Is about to Release its Beta!
  • RHEL 7 software stack still under wraps
  • Netflix outside the USA - in Linux & with Tunlr
  • Debian Edu interview: Victor Nițu
  • openSUSE Conference - Chameleon Ad
  • Fixing lack of output in AWstats after Debian Linux upgrade
  • Is MariaDB replacing MySQL?
  • Joeffice, an open source office suite one developer built in 30 days
  • tbclock: Probably the best binary clock
  • GNOME Accessibility bid selected
  • Linux Outlaws 314 – Particular Hate
  • Easy As Pi Tor Proxy | LAS s27e05
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