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today's leftovers & howtos:

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  • Getting Comfortable With The Fish Shell
  • Debian Developers Get User Input on Systemd
  • BrickPi Kit Marries the Raspberry Pi and LEGO for Robots
  • Dear Esther Linux Port Available for Download
  • Linux Gets Mentioned in "13 Things that Seem Like Scams But Are Actually Really Great"
  • IBM unveils two new power systems linux centers
  • Linux: GRUB Bootloader
  • What speech recognition application are you most looking forward to?
  • How to change the overview transitions in GNOME Shell
  • 16 students to work on Debian during GSoC
  • Vim and Elixir
  • US Navy ends century and a half of ALL-CAPS messages
  • Choqok will back soon
  • Firefox Rolls Out Web Audio API Support
  • FLOSS Weekly 255
  • Variety Wallpaper Changer now with Cinnamon and Mate Support
  • Ezame: new menu editor for unity
  • install intel graphics driver in ubuntu
  • myman: Still a magnificent achievement
  • Ubuntu Steam App Chart for May
  • Back on track for Sound Menu
  • How to use a Playstation 2 joypad with Linux

some odds & ends:

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  • Mozilla launches massive campaign on digital surveillance
  • Got a PRISM and Boundless Informant problem? Whisper and Tor can help
  • Berlin rejects open source plan, looks to open standards instead
  • TuxRadar Open Ballot: Big Brother

some leftovers:

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  • GNOME 3.9.2 Is Now Ready for Testing
  • Korora 19 (Bruce) beta is out
  • Red Hat announces ceremony date surrounding office tower
  • New videos for Mandriva Pulse 2
  • How to Force Install a Perl Module using CPAN
  • MariaDB in Red Hat Software Collections
  • Unbundling the OS From PCs
  • Telling GNOME’s Story
  • How-To: Make Xfce Like Unity
  • One Tail Just Isn't Enough
  • ROSA Presents ROSA Desktop R1
  • Weekly Fedora kernel bug statistics – June 07
  • Lifehackers Linux Desktop of the Week
  • snownews: Simple and straightforward
  • Intro to RAID
  • openQA in openSUSE

today's leftovers:

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  • Fedora's DNF May Have App Store
  • The Linux Standard Base: Order From Chaos
  • A bit more about Artikulate
  • 4 Non-Root Linux Exploits
  • Compiler Design - Terror in the classroom
  • Announcing the newest fully free GNU/Linux distribution: LibreWRT
  • Ubuntu 13.04 Unity Desktop Privacy Settings
  • KDE Ships June Updates: 4.10.4
  • Nuclear Dawn is still coming to Linux oh yes!
  • How to try GNOME OS ..yes GNOME OS ;)
  • Howto T50 on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS
  • Raspberry Pi gets new installation system
  • CAVEZ of PHEAR: Flashbacks to the 80s
  • Raspberry Pi’s Father Speaks: Eben Upton On The Future
  • Art Of Graphix: Software On A Dime
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles – Open Source Remake Of Golden Age Mario
  • BSDTalk Interviews: Netflix and ZFS
  • Lilblue: A security enhanced, full featured XFCE4, amd64 Gentoo Desktop, built on uClibc
  • fix for slow graphics after update Sabayon
  • The Cost of “Free”: A Look at Open Source
  • New KWin Scripting Feature in 4.11
  • New Plasma scripting features in 4.11
  • The Luminosity of Free Software Episode 14
  • TLLTS Episode 508 Released June 05

some leftovers:

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  • Raspberry PI, the 25$ Desktop ..Not!
  • Linux shell: Introduction to Flock
  • Linux shell:lsblk
  • Could open source experience land you a job?
  • Forking and Standards: Why The Right to Fork Can Be Pro-Social
  • A Pi lab in rural Ghana
  • how to automagically mute music when receiving voip calls (pulseaudio)
  • How to install Skype in Ubuntu 13.04
  • Connecting to the Raspberry PI from the outside world
  • FLOSS Weekly 254

some odds & ends:

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  • Kubuntu 13.10 Quick Look (video)
  • Fedora - Games for the Kids
  • rawhide for 2013-06-04
  • My Own Linux Lite, modify and high perfomance (video)
  • Gateways coming to Mac and Linux
  • My application base: geekie
  • Firefox OS tablet quietly unveiled by Foxconn

some leftovers:

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  • Whatever happened to Google?
  • Setting up a personal web server on the Raspberry PI
  • Starting a shell with sudo works different in openSUSE?
  • aide: Security through meticulous checking
  • Install Cool Reader 3 on Ubuntu
  • Snowlinux 4 arrives with frosty MATE and Cinnamon flavours
  • Red Hat Tools Span RHEL Plus OpenShift
  • Humble Indie Bundle Ate 4 More Games
  • Processing goes 2.0 with an OpenGL core
  • a peculiar development setup
  • znake: Déjà vu, and yet not
  • Give this free, LibreOffice-integrated bookkeeping package a try
  • MagPi issue 13: out now
  • Fedora Photography
  • OpenOffice and LibreOffice and hybrid PDFs
  • bareos an interesting replacement to bacula
  • Going Linux: #s 210 & 209

some odds & ends:

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  • Waveryder Linux and Mac Demos Released
  • Rosegarden Music Editor Version 13.04 Released
  • Open source evangelist Atul Chitnis passes away
  • PCMan File Manager for the win!
  • How To Remove Linux While Keeping Windows On Your PC

some leftovers:

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  • 4 Astounding Linux Mouse Hacks
  • Valve Updates Steam Hardware Survey For May
  • I am a Mage!
  • Unvanquished Alpha 16 Improves Renderer, Minimaps
  • Debian Stable to track Firefox ESR
  • What Linux OS Is On Your Web Server?
  • Gtypist – Command Line Typing Tutor
  • Changing modes and capabilities in ModemManager
  • Firefox OS: Go away fanbois, fandroids - you wouldn't understand
  • Firefox Redesign: What Is Australis?
  • Dealing with UEFI non-volatile memory quirks
  • Fedora for short-lifespan server instances
  • Real-time friendly Linux for communications uses Yocto
  • US University Leverages Linux for High Performance Computing
  • Linux Boot Process Chart (init)
  • The Value of Free Software
  • Uptime
  • Cinnamon 2.0 in Linux Mint 16, no GNOME back-end
  • Read This Before Updating Your Arch Linux
  • One Week With GNOME Classic: Day Four (Settling In)
  • Fedora is the Best FOSS Community-Driven Linux Distribution

some leftovers:

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  • 3D printer software in Fedora 19
  • Use Raspberry Pi to stream to any device with SqueezePlug
  • Thank You, Bitcoin Community
  • And It Came To Pass That */Linux Attacked The Monopoly
  • Secret of the Magic Crystals
  • Get an app on the Raspberry Pi Store – Tutorial
  • FOSS Talks UEFI, Shuttleworth On M$ & More…
  • The Linux Setup - David Burke, IT Consultant
  • This month (May) in Redhat KDE
  • Easy ISO booting with Qemu
  • Linux Mint 15 video review
  • New PDF Book for Beaglebone Black : Bad to the Bone
  • Google: A new inbox that puts you back in control
  • Use Terminal As A Web Browser
  • Full Circle Magazine #73 is OUT! (page appears hacked).. oh wait, it's fixed
  • Tizen Linux running on the Google Nexus 7 (video)
  • Ditch Your Windows OS and Replace It with ReactOS
  • Sourceforge June PoM: ReactOS
  • 100 Scopes Is Not Ready for Ubuntu 13.10 Yet
  • Hello, My Name is (Ubuntu)
  • tboot in Fedora 19: Don’t worry, it’s just a bug
  • Delete millions of files faster
  • Pleasant Open document format surprise
  • WattOS : A Lightweight Alternative To Lubuntu
  • Linux Lite 1.0.6 Beta Released
  • Linux Basement: Episode 80 - A Ride to a Galaxy
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More in Tux Machines

Debian: pk4, Freexian and More

Kernel and Graphics: ZenStates, AMDGPU, RADV, Vulkan, NVIDIA

  • ZenStates Allows Adjusting Zen P-States, Other Tweaking Under Linux
    ZenStates is an independent effort to offer P-States-based overclocking from the Linux desktop of AMD Ryzen processors and other tuning. ZenStates-Linux is an open-source Python script inspired by some available Windows programs for offering Ryzen/Zen CPU overclocking from the desktop by manipulating the performance states of the processor.
  • AMDGPU DC Gets A Final Batch Of Changes Before Linux 4.15
    The AMDGPU DC display code has a final batch of feature updates that were sent in this weekend for DRM-Next staging and is the last set besides fixes for the "DC" code for the 4.15 target.
  • Valve Developer Lands VK_EXT_global_priority For RADV Vulkan Driver
  • Vulkan 1.0.64 Adds In Another AMD-Developed Extension
    Vulkan 1.0.64 is out this weekend as the newest specification refinement to this high-performance graphics/compute API. As usual, most of the changes for this minor Vulkan revision are just documentation clarifications and corrections. This week's update brings just under a dozen fixes.
  • NVIDIA TX2 / Tegra186 Display Support Isn't Ready For Linux 4.15
    While the Jetson TX2 has been out since this past March and it's a phenomenal ARM development board, sadly the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver support for it still isn't ready with the mainline Linux kernel. Thierry Reding of NVIDIA sent in the Tegra DRM driver changes for DRM-Next that in turn is staged for Linux 4.15. Reding commented that there is prepatory work for the TX2 (Tegra186) but it's not all ready for upstream yet.

Ubuntu: Mir running on Fedora and Ubuntu 17.10 Guidance

  • Mir running on Fedora
    Last week we released Mir 0.28 and this week we settled down to tidy up a few bugs fixes and feature requests that didn’t make the release. I’ve started collecting these for a Mir 0.28.1 release to come in the next few weeks. The most interesting of these comes from conversations at the Ubuntu Rally: there were several requests from community members around getting Mir working (or even building!) on other distributions.
  • Ubuntu Developer Gets Mir Running On Fedora
    Lead Mir developer Alan Griffiths has spent the time getting the Mir display server running on Fedora. This is part of a broader feature request of getting Mir running on more Linux distributions than just Ubuntu. The changes to get Mir running on at least Fedora should be merged for the upcoming Mir 0.28.1 point release. Mir 0.28.1 will also incorporate other bug fixes.
  • How To Remove the Unity Desktop from Ubuntu 17.10
  • 9 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu 17.10
  • How To Install Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Purism Librem 5 Linux Smartphone Campaign Set To End At Around $2 Million

Tomorrow marks the end of the crowdfunding campaign for Purism's Librem 5 smartphone campaign. The campaign is looking like it will close at around two million dollars with the current tally as of this morning being at $1,962,517 in funds raised for this effort to build an original GNU/Linux smartphone stack with either GNOME Shell or KDE Plasma Mobile comprising the UI/UX elements. Read more