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Linux and Graphics

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  • Kernel 4.6.3 Has Been Released

    Because it is very difficult to compile a Linux kernel, Canonical has packed all the kernel releases as deb packages and made them available for everybody that uses Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based systems, via its repository.

  • X Developer Keith Packard's ChaosKey Hardware RNG Is Almost Here

    Veteran X.Org/X developer Keith Packard along with well known open-source advocate Bdale Garbee have been working on an "inexpensive yet robust" USB-based hardware random number generator.

    After years of work on this USB hardware RNG, they finally have a device they are taking into production: ChaosKey v1.0. There's already the mainline ChaosKey driver for supporting this true random number generator and the device itself is also open-source. ChaosKey 1.0 was presented at this week's DebConf16 Debian conference in Cape Town.

  • Trying The Experimental Radeon RX 480 Overclocking With AMDGPU OverDrive Isn't Going So Well
  • Mesa Is Almost Back Up To 1.9 Million Lines Of Code

    Being half-way through the year now and also given the recent Mesa 12.0 release I decided to run some Git statistics on Mesa to see how this year is panning out for its development.

    As of this morning, Mesa is at 5115 files that together have a total of 1,879,768 lines of code. There have been 83,063 recorded commits from 723 different authors / email addresses.

Leftovers: Gaming and Graphics

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  • Trying The Radeon RX 480 & R9 Fury With The AMDGPU Code For Linux 4.8

    With the main batch of Radeon/AMDGPU driver changes ready for DRM-Next that will in turn land for the Linux 4.8 kernel, I've begun testing this new code with various AMD GPUs. Here are my AMDGPU results when comparing Linux 4.7 Git to this code that's coming for Linux 4.8 with a Radeon R9 Fury and RX 480.

    Yesterday I built a fresh Ubuntu kernel of this new drm-next-4.8 Radeon/AMDGPU material merged back atop its Linux 4.7 drm-fixes code. This was pointed out by Alex in the forums due to not all of the drm-fixes being mainlined yet for the RX 480. If you are interested in trying out this Linux 4.7 drm-fixes + drm-next-4.8 kernel for Radeon/AMDGPU, you can find it on linux-image-4.7.0-rc5-4.8-next-plus-fixes_4.7.0-rc5-4.8-next-plus-fixes-1_amd64.deb.

  • Mesa 12 released, Vulkan for Intel, OpenGL 4.3 and more for open source graphics users

    Wow, Mesa 12 has officially been released and it's a huge release for them! Intel now supports Vulkan, their OpenGL is up to 4.3 and more.

  • Starbound to finally leave Early Access on July 22nd

    After a number of years in development Starbound is finally about to get a full release and I can't wait to play it in full!

    We actually ran a server for it a long while ago, so would you guys be interested if we ran a Linux gamer server again? If enough people are interested I will do it for sure as it will be nice to play it with others.

  • Have you seen Black Ice? A really rather cool hack and shoot FPS with Linux & SteamOS support

    Black Ice is a game I have followed for a long time (and personally purchased a copy) and it just released a rather nice update. If you're an FPS fan and looking for something to sink some time into, this could be what you need.

    It's rather different to any other FPS I've played before, as you go around hacking into different buildings with assorted difficulty levels, and from the hack a bunch of enemies spawn.

Kernel Space Graphics

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  • Radeon/AMDGPU Updates For The Linux 4.8 Kernel

    Alex Deucher has submitted the main feature pull request for DRM-Next of the Radeon and AMDGPU DRM driver changes for the next kernel cycle, Linux 4.8.

    Some will be sad though, the AMDGPU material for Linux 4.8 doesn't contain the huge DAL display abstraction layer code that's needed for bringing the open-source AMDGPU driver display capabilities more on par with the former closed-source driver stack and also necessary for supporting new features like FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync.

  • Wayland Founder Kristian Høgsberg Is The Latest Open-Source Developer Leaving Intel

    Sadly, another blow to report on with regard to Intel's open-source efforts... Just days after reporting on Intel losing its chief Linux/open-source technologist, Dirk Hohndel, there's another high profile departure in the open-source world.

  • Mesa 12.0 Released With OpenGL 4.3 Support, Intel Vulkan & Many Other Features

    While it's coming late, the huge Mesa 12.0 release is now official! Mesa 12.0 is easily one of the biggest updates to this important open-source user-space OpenGL driver stack in quite some time and will offer much better support and features especially for Intel, Radeon, and NVIDIA open-source Linux desktop users/gamers.

  • Mesa 12.0.0 3D Graphics Library Released with Vulkan Driver for Intel Hardware

    Today, July 8, 2016, Collabora's Emil Velikov has had the honor of announcing the release of the final Mesa 12.0.0 3D Graphics Library for all GNU/Linux operating systems.

Debian 8.5 vs. Debian Testing Benchmarks - July 2016

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Here is the latest look at the performance of Debian GNU/Linux 8.5 vs. Debian Testing on the same system for showing how the performance is looking for Debian 9 "Stretch" ahead of its release next year.

Originally I was planning to do a Debian GNU/Linux vs. GNU/kFreeBSD comparison too, but the Debian Testing GNU/kFreeBSD installer was yielding problems... So for this article is just a fun look at clean installs of Debian 8.5 versus the current Debian GNU/Linux testing on the same hardware and using each OS release out-of-the-box.

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Phoronix on Graphics

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AMD Linux News

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  • AMD's Linux Driver Will Likely See A Power Change For The Radeon RX 480 Too

    By now you may have heard that there is the potential for the Radeon RX 480 to draw more power from the PCI-E bus than it's rated to provide. In rare situations, this could potentially cause problems for the system. AMD/RTG is preparing to release a Windows driver fix while I checked in with AMD about addressing this situation under Linux.

  • AMD improves its Linux drivers

    It looks like AMD has finally got the memo when it comes to Linux machines. Its new AMDGPU-PRO 16.30 driver offers day-one support for its new Radeon RX 480 from day one.

    The new driver is currently available for download from AMD’s website. It is officially supported on 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It’s very similar to the earlier beta release and AMD still calls it a beta, but apparently it is stable and there are installation instructions on the website.

AMD has you covered: Its new Linux graphics driver already supports the Radeon RX 480

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AMD’s efforts to catch up with Nvidia on Linux are bearing fruit. AMD has historically lagged on Linux support for new graphics hardware, but its new AMDGPU-PRO 16.30 driver offers day-one support for the impressive AMD Radeon RX 480.

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The OpenGL Speed & Performance-Per-Watt From The Radeon RX 480 To Radeon HD 4850/4870

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With the Radeon RX 480 Linux review now being out of the way and our various other RX 480 Linux benchmarks, the latest results I have to share with being a benchmarking fanatic are RX 480 results with high-end AMD GPU tests of each generation going back to the Radeon HD 4850/4870 (RV770) days. This article has high-end GPUs from the RX 480 to RX 200, HD 7900, HD 6900, HD 6800, HD 5800, and HD 4800 series compared side-by-side with the latest open-source Radeon Linux graphics driver code. Not only is the raw performance being looked at but the system power consumption was also being polled in real-time for looking at the performance-per-Watt too. For any other benchmarking fanatics curious about the Radeon GPU evolution over the past eight years (RV770 launch in 2008), here are the numbers to enjoy.

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