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Desktop GNU/Linux for Beginners

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  • Why Choose Linux Operating System?

    Linux is a free operating system that anyone can download and install on their computers. It's one of the top five platforms used in the world, and yet most people don't understand its benefits. With that in mind, this post will draw your attention towards all the advantages you can expect to encounter. With a bit of luck, you will leave this page with a better understanding of Linux and why you should consider it for your computer network. Whether you’re an individual or business owner, the same rules should apply. The best thing to do is try it out for yourself. However, I’ll try to provide some basic info before you do that.

  • A Window Into the Linux Desktop

    "Desktop environment" is the technical term for a typical, full-featured desktop -- that is, the complete graphical layout of your system. Besides displaying your programs, the desktop environment includes accoutrements such as app launchers, menu panels and widgets.

    In Microsoft Windows, the desktop environment consists of, among other things, the Start menu, the taskbar of open applications and notification center, all the Windows programs that come bundled with the OS, and the frames enclosing open applications (with a dash, square and X in the upper right corner).

    There are many similarities in Linux.

    The Linux Gnome desktop environment, for instance, has a slightly different design, but it shares all of the Microsoft Windows basics -- from an app menu to a panel showing open applications, to a notification bar, to the windows framing programs.

  • Ubuntu 17.04 Desktop Installation Guide with Screenshots

    Good News for Linux Desktop Lovers that Ubuntu 17.04 has been released officially. Code name for Ubuntu 17.04 is Zesty Zapus, as it is not a LTS version so its support will be available for next 9 months only (Jan 2018).

Libreboot May Become GNU Project Again

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  • Proposal for Libreboot: re-join GNU. Community feedback is needed

    I, Leah Rowe, am seeking to submit a proposal to GNU for Libreboot to re-join the GNU project. It was previously a member of GNU between 14 May 2016 to 15 September 2016.

  • Libreboot Is Now Considering Whether To Re-Join The GNU

    After leaving the GNU last year and criticizing the Free Software Foundation and all the drama that ensued after this project was just part of the GNU for months, Libreboot is considering re-joining the GNU.

    Libreboot leader Leah Rowe is retracting her statements against the FSF/GNU, wants to make amends, and wants Libreboot back under the GNU umbrella.

Enlightenment's EFL and Elive

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  • Enlightenment's EFL Wires Up A Focus Manager

    A ton of code hit the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries' (EFL) Git tree yesterday with the latest feature activity.

  • Debian-Based Elive 2.9.0 Beta Finally Brings Persistence, Netsurf Web Browser

    The development cycle of the Debian-based Elive 3.0 GNU/Linux distribution continues, and a new Beta milestone was launched today, April 21, 2017, for early adopters and public beta testers.

    Coming three weeks after the previous Beta release, Elive 2.9.0 Beta is here to finally implement the promised Persistence feature, which lets users save their personal files, extra apps that they might install, login credentials, and various configuration files during a live session.

System76 System76

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  • Entering Phase Three

    Phase three moves product design and manufacturing in house. We’re about to build the Model S of computers. Something so brilliant and beautiful that reviewers will have to add an 11 to their scores. Being that we’re System76 and we do things the System76 way, our design principles are polar opposite of the rest of the industry.

  • System76 To Begin Their Own Product Design & Manufacturing

    In looking to make their Linux-powered systems more appealing and original to the masses, System76 will begin their own product design and manufacturing.

    First beginning with desktop computers and laptops further down the road, this system provider of Ubuntu-powered systems will begin their own original product designs.

  • System76 to design and manufacture their desktop PCs in-house

Pinebook and Precision Workstation With GNU/Linux

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  • What to Expect From The $89 Pinebook Laptop

    It’s the $89 price tag that makes the Pinebook Linux laptop such a tempting purchase

    But few real-world reviews exist for this cheap and cheerful device — until now.

    Well, sort of.

    Pine64, the company behind the 64-bit ARM-based Pinebook laptop, has begun to ship devices on a buy-to-order (BTO) basis.

    And some these early units have landed in the hands of fans and the tech press.

  • Dell have released the 'Precision Workstation 5720' an 'All-in-One' device, Linux options available

    Dell have been pretty good supporters of Linux with some of their systems in recent years and it's set to continue. They have announced their Precision Workstation 5720 All-in-One device that's now available with Ubuntu 16.04 or RHEL 7.3 (as well as Windows).

  • Dell's new high-end all-in-one PC offers Ubuntu Linux or Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    If you know where to look you can find many great Linux-powered laptops. Besides Dell's XPS 13, Dell also offers several other blazing-fast, Ubuntu-Linux powered laptops. System76 specializes in great Ubuntu laptops and ZaReason offers a variety of Linux distributions on laptops and desktops. A top-of-the-line, all-in-one desktop PC? That's much harder to find. Now, Dell is offering a no-compromises all-in-one called the Precision Workstation AIO 5720.

deepin 15.4 Linux Officially Released with Brand New Design, Smarter Installer

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The development team behind the Debian-based deepin Linux distribution announced today, April 19, 2017, the release and immediate availability for download of deepin 15.4.

deepin 15.4 has been in development for the past two months, during which it received several Beta and RC milestone that implemented many of the features users can now finally enjoy on their personal computers if they upgrade from the previous version or reinstall the operating system using the new Live ISO image.

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Dell Launches Precision 5720 All-in-One Workstation Powered by Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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Dell's Barton George is pleased to announce today the general availability of the last Ubuntu-based system for the company's all-new Precision line-up of computers, the Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One.

Back in January, Dell launched the first of three mobile workstations of its new Precision line-up, the Dell Precision 3520, an affordable and fully customizable 15-inch laptop, along with Dell Precision 5520, which the company dubbed as world’s thinnest and lightest 15-inch notebook powered by Ubuntu Linux.

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ExTiX 17.4 – “The Ultimate Linux System” – with LXQt 0.11.1, Nvidia 381.09 and kernel 4.10.0-19-exton – Build 170418

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I have made a new version of ExTiX – The Ultimate Linux System. I call it ExTiX 17.4 LXQt Live DVD. (The previous version was 17.2 from 170320).

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Also new: Solus 2017.04.18 Brings Updates, Bulletproof Boot Management

Linux distribution 'Solus' has a new snapshot available with 'Bulletproof Boot Management'

Announcing a new fun venture for me: Our sister site LifeOnLinux

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I've debated for quite some time setting up my own more generalised Linux and technology site, so screw it, I did it. Announcing as a new experiment!

To be clear: GamingOnLinux will stay exactly the same and keep improving as it always does. LifeOnLinux costs nothing extra to run and it's mainly an experiment right now.

It will have the same basic principles as GOL itself: No bullshit, no adverts, no clickbait, SSL for everyone for free and it will keep things simple and to the point as much as possible. It will accept user contributed articles too, just like GOL does.

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Also: A Linux story, why I got into Linux and what it means to me

Desktop GNU/Linux:

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  • I reverse engineered a motherboard

    Re­cently, feel­ing re­stric­ted by the hard­ware on my laptop, I built my­self a desktop com­puter based on a re­cently re­leased Ryzen CPUs by AMD. These CPUs are built on a new ar­chi­tec­ture, plug into a new sort of socket and have a whole new eco­sys­tem around them.

  • Apple vs Google vs Microsoft: who will get to the future of PCs first?

    This time it's happening in one specific place: cheap computers. And the fight for it is going to be as brutal and fascinating as the ones we've seen before. The players aren't surprising at all: Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

  • Will Razer Ever Wake Up and Smell the Roses?

    You may consider Linux gamers have many reasons to smile. And to an extent you’re right. Gaming on Linux has come on leaps and bounds from the days of tinkering in Wine and exploiting unorthodox workarounds. When Valve Corporation launched Steam for the open source operating system, the gaming scene transmogrified. Gaming became big business. With a slew of native AAA ports, Linux is blessed with bags of stonking games. Native ports of Dying Light, Civilization 6, XCOM 2 are just a handful of thousands of Linux games available on Steam.

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Leftovers: Software

  • GNU Guile 2.2.1 released
    We are happy to announce GNU Guile release 2.2.1, the first bug-fix release in the new 2.2 stable release series.
  • Announcing Nylas Mail 2.0 [Ed: just Electron]
  • Cerebro Is An Amazing Open Source OS X Spotlight Alternative For Linux [Ed: also just Electron]
    You may be fed up with traditional way of searching/opening applications on your system. Cerebro is an amazing utility built using Electron and available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is open-source and released under MIT license.
  • Flowblade Another Video Editor for Linux? Give It A Try!
    You may have favorite video editor to edit your videos but there is no harm to try something new, its initial release was not that long, with time it made some great improvements. It can be bit hard to master this video editor but if you are not new in this field you can make it easily and will be total worth of time.
  • Get System Info from CLI Using `NeoFetch` Tool in Ubuntu/Linux Mint
  • Ukuu Kernel Manager Utility lets You Upgrade or Install Kernels in Ubuntu/Linux Mint
    There are many ways to upgrade your Linux Kernel using Synaptics, command line and so. The Ukuu utility is the simply solution to manager your Ubuntu/Linux Mint kernels. If you want to test new fixes in the Linux Kernel then you can install Mainline Kernels released by Ubuntu team but mainline Kernels are intended to use for testing purposes only (so be careful).
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Vi/Vim Text Editor in Linux
    While working with Linux systems, there are several areas where you’ll need to use a text editor including programming/scripting, editing configuration/text files, to mention but a few. There are several remarkable text editors you’ll find out there for Linux-based operating systems.
  • OpenShot 2.3 Linux Video Editor New Features
    It’s been quite some time since we last talked about OpenShot, and more specifically when it had its second major release. Recently, the team behind the popular open source video editor has made its third point release available which happens to come with a couple of exciting new features and tools, so here is a quick guide on where to find them and how to use them.
  • Boostnote: Another Great Note Taking App for Developers? Find Out By Yourself
    Boostnote is an open-source note-taking application especially made for programmers and developers, it is build up with Electron framework and cross-platform available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Being programmers, we take lots of notes which includes commands, code snippets, bug information and so on. It all comes in handy when you have organized them all in one place, Boostnote does this job very well. It lets you organize your notes in folders with tags, so you can find anything you are looking for very quickly.
  • Collabora Office 5.3 Released
    Today we released Collabora Office 5.3 and Collabora GovOffice 5.3, which contain great new features and enhancements. They also contains all fixes from the upstream libreoffice-5-3 branch and several backported features.

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