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Remix OS GPL Violations and More Android Leftovers

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Android Leftovers

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Introducing Phoenix OS, an Alternative to Remix OS and Android-x86 Made in China

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing you guys to an alternative computer operating system to the already popular Remix OS that everybody is talking about these days.

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Android Leftovers

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  • Now the Official Xiaomi Number ('over 70M') and apparently only 1M Windows 10 Lumia devices for Xmas

    First off, that Xiaomi number. So this is now the official number (I mistakenly reported on an old news story last time). Xiaomi said their full year 2015 sales were 'more than 70 million'. Not more precise than that. Lets say its about 71 million. Their last official number was 'slightly below 35 million' for first half of 2015, so if we say thats 34 million, then their 'year-halfs' grew from 34 million to 37 million. I would hope the Chinese started to report actual unit sales to one decimal point of millions, in accuracy and every quarter. But still, this is better than nothing. 71 million would be 16% growth vs 2014 and give Xiaomi a rough market share of about 4.7%. For the Christmas quarter, Xiaomi's sales would be roughly flat 18.5 million vs the estimated Q3 (and consistent with Chinese regulator data on new smartphone sales in China being flat QoQ) and the quarterly market share be about 4%. So Xiaomi is there in that crowded mid-field in the race for final rank of 2015 unit sales and market share.

  • My Time at Tox

    Then it came time to set up an F-Droid server to distribute Antox to those users without Google Play. I was first told that the project could set up an F-Droid server, but after a month of asking zero-one about it, it was clear that it was never going to happen. Various excuses were used to justify why it could not be done, something about how there would be no package server until there were other packages to host. This did not sound like a reasonable explanation to me, so I spent the six or so hours required to get F-Droid working that the project could not spare, paying for my own VPS, domain name, and HTTPS certificate. I was not okay with this situation, but if I wanted to continue working on Antox I saw no alternative. This situation worsened as time went on. zero-one flat-out refused to set up a ToxMe instance to replace, asserting that a name resolution service was unnecessary for the project to succeed. I strongly disagreed with this, arguing that convenience and user-friendliness were Tox's primary goals. I went so far as to go on strike in the process (see this commit), which lasted for two days before I, with great disappointment, realised that the leadership would rather see me leave than set up this service for Antox. I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to work on Antox, so I caved in. I went off strike, bought another domain, HTTPS certificate and set up a ToxMe instance on my F-Droid VPS. Nobody had any great issue with promoting this service, in spite of the fact that it was run by someone clearly not capable with managing sensitive user data or competent with security.

  • Hyundai’s 2017 Elantra to start at $17,150, offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Casio Unveils First Android Smartwatch At CES 2016

    While one segment of the smartwatch market prefers the luxurious and the fashion-conscious kinds of wearable technology available, there is another segment that prefers a more rugged and sporty treatment of wearable technology. Casio, the Japanese watchmaker, unveiled the company's first smartwatch called the WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch during CES 2016, which brings to the market another smartwatch for the consumer who likes the outdoors but will not sacrifice functionality.

  • Google Play Store Finally Allows Android App Promo Codes

Android: More Leftovers

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Android Leftovers and Mobile Rising

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  • Android Auto coming to 40 car models this year

    Google is positive about the road ahead for Android Auto, saying it will come to 40 car models and support more apps this year.

    Android Auto brings messaging, mapping, entertainment, media playback and other apps to cars, but via a smartphone. The apps run on an Android smartphone, which plugs into an in-car display via a USB port.

  • 5 ways IT leaders should prep for the mobile future

    As we move into the digital future, we're experiencing a significant shift in what employees and customers expect from their mobile interactions. These days they expect a highly-engaging experience that's immediate and always available. They want a responsive and attractive interface. And they want their mobile experience to be integrated into their work lives smoothly.

  • Smartphones Aren't PC's Only Nemesis

    There are lessons here for companies like Apple, Samsung and Google that have made hay from the smartphone boom. PCs were a great business until the world changed and once-successful companies had to scramble for new money-making ideas. Already some people are urging Apple to shift its business model to sell a collection of software, hardware and services, rather than trying to sell more and more iPhones every year. That is exactly what Microsoft is trying to do now with its Windows franchise. Let the present struggles in PCs be a guide to today's tech winners: No empire is invincible forever, and new business models are inevitable.

  • Expect to See Large Companies Ramp Up Investment in Mobile Development for 2016

    Red Hat recently concluded a mobile development measurement survey which polled the views of IT decision makers from 200 private sector companies with at least 2,500 employees across the U.S. and Western Europe. The survey was completed in October 2015, and was carried out online.

  • Android N: Split screen, merged Chrome OS, RCS adoption and other expected features from Android 7.0

    Even as users remain excited about receiving the latest Android 6 Marshmallow updates on their smartphones and tablets, Google is gearing up for the launch of Android 7.0 or Android N version expected in the latter half of the year. With Google announcing the dates for the Google I/O address — from 18 to 20 May — it is one step closer to the latest Android OS as I/O is normally where the first look or the developer's version is showcased. The full version will only be launched somewhere around September or October.

  • 5 Big Updates We Want From Android in 2016

    CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter this week to announce that Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, will be taking place in Mountain View on May 18-20. The only thing we know for certain is that we’ll get our first look at Android N, the mobile operating system’s next big update.

    Sure, part of the fun of I/O is hearing about all those far flung ideas, but before we get into autonomous cars, drone delivery, and other moonshots, here’s a modest, here-and-now wishlist for Android in 2016.

  • Add a to-do list to your notification shade on Android
  • Shopify brings its point-of-sale system to Android devices
  • Android Malware Hacks One-Time Codes
  • Android banking malware SlemBunk is part of a well-organized campaign

The only small-screened Android phone worth buying is coming to the US

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If you long for the days of 2011, when 5.3-inch smartphones were enormous outliers rather than the norm, Sony has some news that may interest you: its flagship Xperia Z5 smartphone and its smaller-but-still-high-end sibling the Xperia Z5 Compact are coming to the US on February 7, 2016.

As usual, Sony's small footprint in the US smartphone market means that it doesn't have any distribution deals with major carriers. You won't be able to buy these phones on an installment plan from AT&T or T-Mobile—you'll have to get them at Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, or another retailer, and you'll pay the full unlocked price of $599.99 for the Z5 or $499.99 for the Z5 Compact. Both phones support GSM networks, so Verizon and Sprint customers need not apply.

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  • Chakra GNU/Linux Users Get KDE Plasma 5.5.4 and Calligra 2.9.11 Office Suite
    Users of the Chakra GNU/Linux operating system were informed this past weekend by the project's maintainer Neofytos Kolokotronis of the availability of two essential software distributions for the rolling OS.
  • Konqi emoji shipped! and a little preview…
    It will end up in your KDE distribution soon !!! I am really very happy that many of you have appreciated my work.

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