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SMARC and Qseven modules run Linux on i.MX8M and QuadMax

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Advantech has released a “ROM-5720” SMARC module with a i.MX8M SoC and a “ROM-7720” Qseven module with an i.MX8 QuadMax plus a new SMARC carrier board. The modules support Linux and Android with Timesys’ Vigilis security service.

Advantech has begun shipping two NXP i.MX8 family compute modules with Timesys’ new Vigilis security service. We covered the Qseven 2.1 form-factor ROM-7720 with its up to hexa-core Cortex-A72 and -A53 i.MX8 QuadMax after Advantech announced it back in at Embedded World in early 2018. There’s also a new SMARC 2.0 form-factor ROM-5720 module equipped with NXP’s mid-range, quad-core Cortex-A53 based i.MX8M.

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Android Leftovers

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Canonical Donates More Ubuntu Phones to UBports and You Can Get One Right Now

Once again, Canonical decided to donate even more Ubuntu Touch devices to UBports, but this time there's even better news for those interested in contributing to the development of Ubuntu Touch, the mobile OS created by Canonical for Ubuntu Phones, which is now entirely maintained by the UBports Foundation. This time, UBports decided to donate the Ubuntu Touch devices, which consists of two dozen BQ Aquaris E4 phones, two BQ Aquaris M10 tablets, one Meizu MX4 phone, and several other we can't identify, to any developer interested in joining the Ubuntu Phone movement and contribute to the development of Ubuntu Touch. Read more

Automation controller switches to Real-time Linux

WAGO has converted to Linux for its second-gen “PFC200” controller. The 1GHz Cortex-A8 device, which has an e!COCKPIT CODESYS V3 runtime in addition to Real-time Linux, offers dual 10/100 Ethernet, a serial port, and connections to the modular WAGO-I/O-System fieldbus modules. WAGO has switched over to Linux for the second-gen version of its PFC200 Controller for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) applications, although it continues to offer its e!COCKPIT CODESYS V3 runtime environment and development environment for traditional CODESYS programming. The system is designed to support its modular WAGO-I/O-System of I/O modules, which we were reporting on as early as 2007 back at the old LinuxDevices site in regard to its integration with Kontron’s ThinkIO-Duo computer. WAGO also announced that a similarly Real-time Linux based PFC200 BACnet/IP Controller will arrive in mid-2020. Read more

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“What Librem 5 batch am I in?”

Previously we’ve indicated that we would contact people as their particular batch is being prepared for shipping. For instance, we have started sending out emails to backers who will receive Birch in the coming days and weeks. As we mentioned in our post Supplying the Demand, we were surprised at the demand for our early batches. We also expect that some customers will change their mind one (or more) times about which batch they’d prefer as each batch comes out and more videos, pictures, and articles are posted. For these and other reasons we’ve been reluctant to notify people which batch they are likely to be in, as it could change as people change their minds and slots open up. Read more