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Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for March

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  • Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for March 2012
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Still Trying For 64-bit By Default
  • Code of Conduct Update
  • Ubuntu Powers Small-Business Desktops in Marseille

Canonical is not interested in the Linux kernel

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Ubuntu LINUX VENDOR Canonical said it has "no interest" in Linux kernel development.

Also: Ubuntu Phone OS Takes A Step Closer?
And: Reading Between the Linux Contributor List's Lines

Speed up your computer with Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Windows is great, but after a while, it can get cluttered up with too many programs and become intolerably sluggish. Backing up your files and reinstalling it can help, but an alternative is to try the free Ubuntu operating system.

20-million new Ubuntu Linux PCs in 2012?

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Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04 will be arriving shortly and Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth expects big things from it: 20-million new PCs sold with Ubuntu in the next twelve months.

Top Paid Apps For Ubuntu That Are Worth Your Every Penny

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Ubuntu Slowly and steadily, Ubuntu is catching up with its competitors by offering some great paid applications that many users have started appreciating. Here’s a list that will help you choose the best.

Canonical's Quest for Greatness

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  • Canonical's Quest for Greatness
  • Ubuntu Linux Comes Preloaded on Two New Laptops
  • Interview with lovinglinux
  • New Ubuntu release on its way
  • 5 problems with Ubuntu 12.04 part 2
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 260
  • How Canonical's next moves could repaint the Linux landscape

Kubuntu Linux Gets New Sugar Daddy

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Ubuntu Kubuntu — the version of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE desktop interface rather than the standard Unity desktop — has a new sponsor.

Wild Visionary Wants To Turn His Linux Company Into The Next Apple

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Ubuntu Sure Red Hat just crested the $1 billion-revenue mark with almost $150 million in profit while Canonical, maker of Ubuntu Linux, still isn't profitable after seven years in business. Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth says ... so what?

Should you be worried about Ubuntu Desktop’s privacy settings?

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Ubuntu You will find one of those new features in System Settings, the hub for most graphical administrative tools in Ubuntu and GNOME 3 desktops in general. The tool or application is called Privacy. What it does is not new per se, but new in the manner it executes them.

15 new wallpapers have landed in ubuntu 12.04

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  • 15 new wallpapers have landed in ubuntu 12.04
  • Ordering your 12.04 CDs for LoCos now available
  • The Countdown is on
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